Day 3

Sep. 1st, 2008 06:04 pm
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A lovely drive up Cypress Mountain - loads of pics. I even walked up the nature trail a ways to experience the sights, sounds, scents. A *great* place for shapeshifters and other magickal creatures to hang out.

Odd thing: no real scents in the air. V. weird.

Lunch at Splitz Grill (Yummy burgers and pseudo poutine for me); then off to Museum of Anthropology. Last day open for a year as they get ready for their renovation. Loads and loads of people there. We spent a little time, then went to Aberdeen Mall. Contrary to its name, it's primarily Asian. Found VooDoo babies there!

Back to hotel for rest and a quiet dinner later at Gyoza King. Early day tomorrow as we head over to Victoria for the day.

Random observations:
-- the food here has been brilliant, whether a fancy restaurant or a laid back hang out.
-- the people here are truly polite and go out of their way to help (the housekeeping maid assigned to my room leaves me a note each day, thanking me for my tip and wishing me a great day--that's NEVER happened in a US hotel, even though I tip the same amount there - $5/day)
-- the city is CLEAN. No diesel fumes (electric buses); very little trash; even the roadsides are clean
-- traffic is crazy, but evidently Labour Day weekend is known for that
-- the panhandlers are polite, too (a guy walked up to me last night as I made my way back to the hotel. "Miss, would you buy me a coffee?" I declined and he just kept walking down the sidewalk).
-- Most houses (at least in the nicer neighborhoods) seem to have hedges, instead of fences.
-- Many high rise apartment buildings and office buildings have trees/gardens on top
-- There is a fascinating ethnic diversity, so many different cultures
-- Starbucks stores are *every*where. I truly believe the chain is owned by wizards. ::g::

I'm so lucky to be on this trip, seeing this beautiful city and spending time with my family.
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Wednesday: work

Thursday: work

Friday: work

-- get up before the crack o'dawn and hie self off to National Airport. Board Air Canada flight to Toronto. Takeoff: 6:00 a.m.
-- arrive Toronto 7:30 a.m. Go through customs, hopefully have time to get Canadian cash from ATM, buy brekkie (or at least a coffee). Board 2nd Air Canada flight, this time to Vancouver. Take off: 9:30ish a.m.
-- arrive Vancouver, BC 11:39 a.m.; get bags, cab to The Historic Ramada on Pender. Collapse for 2 hours. ~ 1:30 family lands @ Vancouver airport. Late lunch? Early dinner? something or another. Embark on [ profile] birki_lib's extensive 5 day itinerary of doing, seeing, eating in Vancouver.

Mon-Weds: more fun in Vancouver & Victoria

Thursday: MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Turning 50 in Vancouver. Fun during the day; then a special dinner out to celebrate. (I want birthday wishes on LJ, people! One only reaches the half-century mark once!) ::g::

Friday: Vacation ends too soon. Up way early to catch 10:00 Air Canada flight back to D.C. (via Toronto again). Arrive home: past 10:00 p.m. Grab bags, get cab, collapse.
Saturday/Sunday: sleep

OMFG. I can't believe it's almost here! All of a sudden, it's vacation/birthday time. How'd that happen?

On a side note, SGA episode The Shrine - best episode ever. Brilliant performances by the Hewlett sibs, Joe F, the gang. Loved the storyline.

::loads to iPod to rewatch on the plane::

Side note 2: I absolutely, positively do *not* feel my age...whatever that is supposed to feel like.


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