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This is the official blog for Maria Lima, author of the Blood Lines series, unrepentant fangrrl and writing geek. The blog is a work in progress, as is pretty much everything else in my life.

My role models include Tanya Huff, Joss Whedon, Christopher Golden and Russell T. Davies amongst many, many others.

I love to read, write and watch genre TV. I'm very lucky that people actually pay me to do one of these three things. My series is published by Juno Books, an imprint of Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

You can also find a mirror of this journal at Dreamwidth.

Other places to find me:

My Web site

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In celebration of the rebirth of my BLOOD LINES series and the continued success of all our Juno authors, several of us have banded together to offer free books.

The catch? 

The contest is the Juno version of Jeopardy!(TM) - We'll give you the answer, you give us the questions. All the answers can be found either on the
Juno Books site, Juno Books twitter account or Juno editor Paula Guran's Facebook account...or, within our books. :)

Persons with the most correct answers will win FREE BOOKS!!!! (In case of ties, we'll use the random number generator)

The contest will be open until August 30, 2009, after which we'll count up the winners and notify you via email.


1. In Maria Lima's Blood Lines universe, the town of Rio Seco was so small, it not only didn't have a Dairy Queen, it didn't have this.

2. In a quote from Lori Devoti's Amazon Ink, "She will not hurt the little bunny. Just give him what?"

3. In Linda Robertson's Vicious Circle, the damn wærewolves dumped these kind of boxes on the lawn.

4. Stacia Kane's protagonist in Personal Demons and Demon Inside is named:

A: Mary Chase

B: Mary Pacey

C: Megan Chase

D: Elaine Robinson

5. Carole Nelson Douglas' basic recipe for the cocktail Brimstone Kiss, contains:

-- 2 jiggers Inferno Pepper Pot vodka

-- 1 jigger DeKuyper "Hot Damn!" Hot Cinnamon Schnapps

-- 2 jiggers Alize Red Passion

The added ingredient for version 2 of the drink is this bubbly favorite.

6. Juno Books, originally an imprint of  independent press Prime Books/Wildside Press, is now an imprint of this company, a division of Simon & Schuster.

7. Juno Books publishes fantasies featuring a strong female protagonist set in a contemporary (or a very few years in the future) world quite like ours except for the intersection/transgression of the numinous (that which is "wholly other") with/upon the mundane. This type of books is commonly called this type of fantasy.

Good luck!!!

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Thanks to all of you who participated in the Free Book Friday haiku contest! Linda & I had a blast reading the haiku entries.

Thanks to the random number generator, the following folks won prizes. Please contact me directly at mylima AT gmail DOT com with your snail mail address and we'll get your prize to you.


fanger99: A rare first printing of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
MK: An author-made advance copy of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
darryl_b: An author-made advance copy of Blood Bargain
brigidsblest: A paperback edition of Matters of the Blood
isiscolo: A paperback edition of Blood Bargain
Jane Focht-Hansen: A signed copy of Vicious Circle
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 Okay, all, so here it is.....drumroll, please...
Free Book Friday begins today!
The Details:
When: Friday, 7/24 through Friday, 7/30
What: In the comments to this journal, write a Haiku with the theme of any of the following (choose one or more):
-- vampires
-- Texas
-- werewolves
-- shapeshifters
-- summer
I've combined forces with fellow Juno author, Linda Robertson, author of Vicious Circle. We'll be rolling that random generator come August 1 and giving out a slew of prizes to several lucky winners!
Prizes include:
    * A rare first printing of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
    * An author-made advance copy of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
    * An author-made advance copy of Blood Bargain
    * A paperback edition of Matters of the Blood
    * A paperback edition of Blood Bargain
    * A signed copy of Vicious Circle
Spread the word!
The rules:
-- all entries *must* be original work and written specifically for this contest (no fair using someone else's haiku!)
-- you may enter only once
-- winners will be contacted after the contest
Any questions? Please e-mail me at mylima AT gmail DOT com
Let the poetry begin!!

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If you're on Facebook, come fan me for chance to win books, inc. rare copy of the first ever edition of Matters of the Blood,  or just watch this journal (on LJ or Dreamwidth) for a chance to win.

There will be a contest and random winner(s) will be chosen to win one of the following:
  • A rare first printing of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
  • An author-made advance copy of the original edition of Matters of the Blood
  • An author-made advance copy of Blood Bargain
  • A paperback edition of Matters of the Blood
  • A paperback edition of Blood Bargain

...but wait, there may be more!!

Stay tuned!
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Everything I'm about to post is a spoiler and my personal reaction.

DO NOT click unless you've watched CHILDREN OF THE EARTH )

I am going to post this to my fannish blog, as soon as the account is unlocked. Seems I did a stupid thing - set up KeePass today, changed a bunch of passwords, but in trying to log in, I was copying the WRONG password, so locked my account. Sighs. Technology. When it works, it's great. When it doesn' can truly fuck you over.
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 And let us know you're ok.

Especially if you ride Red Line. I'd like to know you made it home okay before/after crash.
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 In a comment to a post about fanfic in Justing Larbalastier's blog:
"Fanfic is the equivalent of what musicians and visual artists are often encouraged to do, which is imitate the style of others on the way to developing their own. And no one thinks it’s weird or a waste of talent for someone who plays the saxophone or sings or plays the piano, to sit down at a party and play a song that someone else wrote, not for money but just to entertain the people around them or maybe just to please themselves."

This is awesome and succinctly captures exactly what I believe.  Go forth and read. All the comments are pretty decent (only one or two idjits).
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 Happy solstice to you all and hope the sun brings you brilliance in your life!! I'm hoping the sun finds its way to this soggy, moldy Mid-Atlantic area. :)

For all you dads out there, especially my own amazing stepdad, hope your Father's Day is fantastic!!!

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Over at [ profile] fangs_fur_fey , the topic of the month is Research. I posted my take on this over here.

Book 4 (BLOOD HEAT) is in progress, a steady drip of words, shaping into the story that will become a book. I had a wonderful epiphany yesterday while at our local Barnes & Noble, having lunch with a colleague. I'd gone there to buy maps--one of Texas and one of Wales. I've got a ton of online resources, but I wanted the visual of a road map that I could open up, scribble on and perhaps even cut up.

The Texas map is for BLOOD HEAT, which will take place back at the ranch (to steal a cliche) and in nearby Guadalupe County, at Canyon Lake.  The map of Wales is dual purpose: a future trip being planned by me, [profile] birki_lib  and my BIL and for a future book (assuming I sell more of this series).

As J and I were eating, I was discussing if/how I could have a particular scene happen on screen. Did it belong in the book? Should it have already happened? We were also discussing Texas high school football (which had come to mind, as my car audio book is currently Living Dead in Dallas, and I'd just gotten to the scene where Sookie goes to the local football game and sees Bill with Portia. That in turn, led me to think about Friday Night Lights, and how I could incorporate this icon of Texas tradition into one of my books. Even though Keira and the gang live in a small town whose school is too small to support a football team, it's highly unlikely they're not exposed to the insanity.

Then it struck me. I could set the character interaction I needed at a nearby HS football game, with added bonus of introducing a crucial plot point. SCORE! (or, I suppose I should say TOUCHDOWN!) I promptly grabbed the paper tray liner, borrowed J's pen, and scribbled down the essentials. Cracked me up, because this is the first time I've written down something like this on the proverbial nearby napkin (or equivalent). I *always* carry at least 2 notebooks and several my backpack. But, since we were just going to grab a quick lunch and do a map run, I only had my mini-bag with me, not wanting to haul around the backpack. ::g::

Now, I only have to figure out why there'd be a football game held in June (exhibition game? fundraiser for uniforms/band equipment?)...and I suppose that I'll have to do some more research. Despite my long-term Texanity, and my somewhat unwilling partitipation in pep squad at one of my schools, my knowledge of football is extremely limited. Thank goodness I have friends that are more interested in sports than I am. Thanks to J's help, I know that one of the characters I'm going to introduce in this scene will need to be a running back (based on his size/build).

Words scribbled for the day, so I'm going to watch a movie then take a nap. Damned rain came back so I'm totally lethargic and feeling lazy. SUN, PLEASE!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Jun. 15th, 2009 09:16 am
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Woke up to the news that [ profile] minotaurs had passed away. I never knew him well, but he was a familiar face at every fan con I attended. His humor and smiling face will be missed by many.
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Hola kids, fangrrls, fans and general public types.

My wonderful editor, Ms. Paula Guran, has updated the Juno Books site and posted a page about Blood Kin and an excerpt from the book. Go. See. Read!

In other news, work continues to be busy. Book 4, working title Blood Heat, is in progress. Been keeping a fairly low profile overall. Just darned tired. Sleep is a good thing.

Currently reading: Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge ([ profile] blackaire). My only real reading time is before work in the morning. I'm loving this book so much, I've practically had to set a timer to make me stop reading so I can leave for the office. Get it. Read it.

Just bought a ton of new books, but sadly, won't have a heck of a lot of time to read them until after Blood Heat is finished. Oh well. Life of a writing chick. ::g::

Happy Thursday, all!
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Here it is, folks - the brand spanking new cover for Blood Kin. *

behind the cut )

If you care to see the full thing (front & back) - go here.

*Courtesy of fab editor, Jennifer Heddle @ Pocket Books, who sent me cover flats, along with the copy edited ms.
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I just posted over at [ profile] fangs_fur_fey - some thoughts and questions about identity on the Web.

Come on over and discuss with us.


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