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Birthdate:Sep 4
Location:Alexandria, United States of America
Website:Maria Lima
I write. Books. Articles. Analyses. It's a thing.

Born in Matanzas, Cuba. Emigrated to U.S. at age almost three. Too long ago to remember, but after Castro took power--a transplanted Cuban by way of Texas and now Virginia. Go figure.

I've always written. Always read. Always been obsessed with books: Mysteries, Fantasy, SF, you name it. About the only genre that doesn't flip my switch is "literary novels" - you know, the kind they make you read in school and have little to no plot and/or characterization.

That said, I can probably find a few I like.

I love well-written genre fiction, whether fan fiction or pro. My own work also encompasses both those worlds. I write fan fiction (less now that I have deadlines) and am a professionally published writer.

Blood Lines Series:
#3 Blood Kin, ISBN 9781439156766, October 2009, Pocket Books
#2 Blood Bargain, ISBN 9781439156759, September 2009 (reissue), Pocket Books
#1 Matters of the Blood, ISBN 9781439156742, August 2009 (reissue), Pocket Books

Other books:
Chesapeake Crimes II, ISBN 978-0-87033-582-2, Tidewater Press (co-edited with Donna Andrews)

Other published works:
"Another Roadside Attraction", essay in In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural, ISBN 978-1933771632, March, 2009, BenBella Books (Smart Pop series)
"The Butler Didn't Do It", Agatha nominated short story in Chesapeake Crimes I (2004)

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