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WWBD? Start a church, evidently!

We loves Friday, my precious, we do. Especially when I get to leave work early and go to see Great Big Sea! I'm still kvelling over the fact that I'm in the THIRD ROW!!

There's nothing like watching TV when you can't sleep...especially Smallville and Supernatural. Uhm, maybe that last wasn't such a good idea, but at 2:00 a.m., it was the only idea. My thoughts on either/both - mostly yay to the SPN and the set up for next week's season finale. Some Jossing going on, but this has been discussed elsewhere and with more coherence. (the links are interchangeable for "elsewhere" and "coherence" - b/c I'm certainly not that today.)

My SV Thoughts - a bit of meta and some spoilery )

Work is bringing in Five Guys burgers for all - yippee!!

I'll be AFK for the weekend, as I'll be hanging with D - still no clue as to what to do tomorrow. Planning dinner at Lebanese Taverna later in the early evening, but nothing so far for daytime. Museum strolling may work, but depends on her knee situation - recent surgery may not allow much walking. Weather should be good, so maybe just a drive around town? I dunno - DC area folks - any ideas?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

ETA - d'oh - I almost forgot - I'm wearing my new t-shirt today - designed by my co-worker and fellow geek. Check it out on CafePress I got the black one.
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Good looking, in that psycho killer sort of way...

So I knew that Callum was on this week's episode of Smallville.

I knew that Tom Welling was directing.

I'd read all of your comments, re: the Callum, the episode, etc.

But DUDES, did none of you notice who played Naomi?

-- the uncredited Anne Marie Loder, better known as ASA Stella Kowalski.

It was a bit of a "when fandoms collide" moment for me. ::g::


I'd planned to go see C's hubby play music at the cafe in Olney last night, but after my work day, I skedaddled home for peace & quiet. Sometimes, I just need to chill and be by myself, last night was one of those nights.

In fact, this weekend is going to be one of those weekends. Today is overwarm and the A/C won't be turned on in the building for at least another week or two. I'm spending the day watching Doctor Who episodes, catching up on last week's TV and reading and trying to keep cool. My pitiful little fan is doing its best, but it's not helping much. :(

Oh well, I'll survive.

Next week: Malice Domestic!

(which is actually one of the reasons I'm cocooning this weekend - because starting Thursday night of next week, I'm going to be amongst a great many people and will be "on" - a fun thing, yes, but for those of us who recharge best when alone, this involves a need to prepare by spending some time at home)
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This is what I said after the teaser:

It's all a dream.

spoiler cut )

I may be wrong.


Aug. 16th, 2005 11:03 pm
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Because Nan made me do it.


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