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There is no joy in Limaville today. Although I have fantastic seats for the Great Big Sea concert and 5 great friends to share the seats, I also have a not-so-fantastic migraine. You know, the kind that make you feel vaguely nauseated all day and light makes you cringe?

Yeah, that.

Had it since I got up. Took meds and am at the office doing an all day call instead of all day in-person meeting.

Am very sad about missing the concert.

That is all.

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OMFG what a FABULOUS concert!!

It's the last concert of the tour and they were smokin' hot in all ways. They played two extremely full sets, plus a wee bit extra because they could. As Alan kept saying: it's Friday and we're not working tomorrow. (Plus their plane doesn't leave until 3:45 p.m. - so they can sleep in).

I'm exhausted and exhilarated so wound up that I can't wind down. Totally had to take a couple of pain pills as pre-emptive medication, as my hands are buzzing from the non-stop clapping; my legs are numb from the standing and dancing in place throughout the show.

I am still so very much in love with these guys.

Thanks so much to [ profile] starrcat for introducing me to their music.

I need to sleep, but I can't. I think I'll troll LJ. ::g::

ETA: OMG, almost forgot. I totally did the fangrrl thing and wore my "Canada Which I Dig" jersey to the concert
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The weather is FABULOUS, finally! Although, I'm working and not exactly able to enjoy it. Still, there is sunshine and it's not cold. :)

I created a Web site for my professional self - via Google Page Creator. Not because I don't know how to code, but because I don't want to have to deal. Google uses a simple interface that makes it easy to make page updates.

I'm working on pointing my domain name there.

I decided to link to my LJ, simply because this is where the more frequent updates and info happen. The site is primarily for static content and info on my appearance schedule.

Unlike many of you, I've not yet seen last night's Supernatural, I'm saving that for Saturday. Still trying to catch up on all my other shows. :)

Why am I not watching tonight, you may ask?

Tonight, dear friends, is one of my most favorite nights of the year: GREAT BIG SEA concert!!!

I'm going with the darling [ profile] beledibabe, my co-worker J and her hubby (a former co-worker). We have BRILLIANT seats - 2nd row (or 5th if they use the orchestra pit seating). I'm also wearing my Canada, Which I Dig jersey.

In conclusion.
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(1) I got my notice from Great Big Sea - tickets soon to be mailed for the DC performance - SECOND ROW!!!! (eeeeeeEEEEeeee)

(2) My Serenity ornament is here and gracing my desk.

(3) I had a fabulous time at the beach and am even working on a story for [ profile] ds_flashfiction.

(4) Life on Mars is HOT. (I managed to watch the first episode of Series 2 and have the next 2 to watch later this week).

(5) I'm obsessed with Friday Night Lights. Now I need fic recs, PLEASE!!

On the other's nearly March and I'm going crazy from teh work. Oh well.

Trying to keep caught up on LJ, but have been teh suck at comments.

The weather has gone from insanely cold with bouts of snow/ice to nearly springlike. My body is confuzzled.

In conclusion: Holy crap, I need to get home!


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