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It's not totally because of money (well, yes, in a sense, because I do have to pay rent, bills, etc.) but, why I choose to work at the Matrix Group is because well, check out this post from my boss on our official blog site and then this Washington Post article.

We don't always get to help out in this fashion, but it's so great when we do.

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Hai, internets!! I'm still here, although I'm waaaaay behind on reading for fun. And by reading I mean all values of reading including LJ, blogs, new books, etc.

Work has entered an extremely crazy, yet quite challenging (in a good way) period, requiring me to put in some pretty long days. It's definitely all for the better as we've combined 4 teams into 2 and I (along with the other long-term project manager) have been promoted to Director. We've hired a new project manager to be on my team, so once she starts and gets up to speed, things should slow down to normal for me. In the meantime, I'm juggling twice the client load. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and I can assure you, it's not a train. ::g::

Got hooked on Grey's Anatomy sometime over the last few weeks and have, as of last night, watched through the end of season 4. (yay for iTunes and DVDs). It's made up for not having any new TV. At least SGA will start back up in July. :)

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you all at Con.txt in a few weeks. It will be the only con I attend this summer, until I go to Bouchercon in the fall. (World Mystery Con). I was hoping to do World Fantasy again, but alas, it's in Calgary this year and I don't think I can do two trips to Western Canada in 2 months. (My Vancouver trip is the first week of September).

Spent Memorial Day weekend just lazing about and watching Grey's Anatomy. Had plans for Sunday, but alas, the sinus headache won, so I ended up just napping a lot. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend (for those that observe it) and I hope to get caught up on LJ at some point in the near future. :)

Westward Ho

Oct. 4th, 2007 06:48 pm
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No, NOT that kind of 'ho....sheesh!

Off to San Francisco in the wee hours of the a.m. for a work trip and back on Tuesday.

I've watched the Supernatural episode, because it's highly unlikely I'll still be awake, since I have to get up at 4:00 a.m. There was lots of squee involved.

casting spoilers below cut )

Finally got to see Pushing Daisies on the ABC streaming player. It was as charming, quirky and enjoyable as I expected. Looking forward to more of the same.

Going to spend the rest of what's left of the early evening reading and looking forward to reading your SPN squee tomorrow after I arrive. (Nameless, the laptop, is coming with me so I can do some writing while I'm out).

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Thing one:
I've survived the first part of this week, which was no mean feat. Hormone hell plus work overtaxed stress =/= happy chickwriter. Today wrapped up with a delayed staff meeting, but hey, there was beer. I had a Yeungling lager, because I could. (Was at work at 7:15...srsly not my fun hour.) ETA: 7:15 *a.m.*

Thing two:
Wil Wheaton, how are you so awesome? This should be required reading for ALL con attendees, including guests.

Thing three:
Home is a VERY good place.

Thing four:
I <3 LUCK IN THE SHADOWS. Got an urge to re-read and am back immersed in one of my favorite places.

Thing five:
OMFG, summer + hot flashes = lots of sweaty clothes.

Thing six:
There is no thing six.

Thing seven:
Neat article about new vampire detective show. Too bad Dresden Files didn't make it. :(

Thing the last:
I'm going to be at World Fantasy in November. Anyone else? Want to meet up?
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So, end of fiscal year and work and all be of the crazy as we attempt to close out projects and complete work so it can be billed in the right fiscal year.

What this means for me is long days (late nights for the past couple of weeks) and a marathon 12 hour day today.


We did it. We achieved the year end goal and even surpassed it.

What this means to me: BONUS!!!

I don't know how much yet, but it will be on this next paycheck.

This is a VERY good thing, even though I'm just beat.

I got home and made Lean Cuisine mac & cheese because it's easy.

Also of the good: my cleaners came today so I have a clean home and clean laundry. Of ALL the things I spend money on, this is my favorite indulgence. It's good to not stress about housework and laundry. I am not now, nor have I ever been domestically inclined.

I so need a wife. ::g::

Because I SUCK at birthday reminders - happy belated to [ profile] the_star_fish and happy day to [ profile] the_shoshanna. I *know* I've missed some folks these past couple of weeks. Just know I really was thinking of you!
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All - thank you to everyone who send comments and emails and such re: my dad. You guys are wonderful.

He's doing great! I talked to him a couple of times yesterday - he was up and walking around first thing in the a.m. - and by up, I mean, he gets disconnected from all the tubes and gets a nurse to help him. ::g::

He sounds fabulous and is recuperating well, per docs. If things continue to go well, he'll be home sooner than later.

::keeps fingers crossed::

My mom is tired, but happy that he's doing so well.

On another and really cool note: I got another fan email today, which is just teh best thing evah! ::g:: It's just so awesome to get a reader's reaction to your work, especially when it comes from out of the blue.

Still crazy @ work, but hey, what the heck.

Happy Solstice to all!
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Patsy Cline as in Crazy, that is...and more of the "I'm going insane" kind than the "I'm falling in love kind".

Of the very, very, VERY good: My author copies of Matters of the Blood arrived!! Yippee!! When L sends me the photos she took of the newly opened box, I will post.

Also of the good: Olsson's has scheduled a book signing for the 4 of us that were at the Alexandria Public Library last week.

Olsson's Crystal City
7:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 26, 2007

If you're in the DC are, please come! I promise there will be books. :)

Of the crazy-making: Work...that is all. (Consider that I'm still here at 6:46 p.m., which is early for this week. I'm thinking that's a really big clue).

I succumbed to my other hare o'wildness (this time not a hair) and when I did the online check in for my flight tomorrow, I upgraded to first class. I need the pampering. (Yes, yes, I know it's only a 1 hour flight, but damn it, I deserve it).

I arrive in Boston at 7:10 p.m. on United Airways. If any of you are around Logan at the time, I'm willing to share a cab to the hotel. Otherwise, I'll fend for myself. ::g::

I am not yet finished packing.
I am not yet decided if I shall bring Blanche (my laptop).
I have no idea if I'll be of any help to Nan as co-mod of our SPN panel, since I have been doing nothing but working horrific hours this weekend.
I will, however, bring at least one copy of my book for show & tell.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends I've already met in person, meeting old LJ friends that I've never yet met in person and making new friends.

FYI, I want giant hugs from those of you that do the big hug thing. Otherwise, I am perfectly content to sit and chat with those of you that don't. :)

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After a pretty tense night, I've decided to cancel my participation in the fangrrl squee weekend at [ profile] starrcat's. At this point, I just want to sleep. It's been a tough, busy week, capped off by yesterday's incredibly stressful insanity. I'm praying we don't have to work this weekend. At any rate, I will be *so* ready to see you all at MJ next weekend!

Woke up very very early this a.m. and filled the first hour of the morning with Supernatural.

My thoughts (spoilery) )

In conclusion (and ganked from [ profile] suricattus):

Your Brain is Purple

Of all the brain types, yours is the most idealistic.
You tend to think wild, amazing thoughts. Your dreams and fantasies are intense.
Your thoughts are creative, inventive, and without boundaries.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking of fictional people and places - or a very different life for yourself.
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On behalf of [ profile] bheerfan and myself, and the people that worked overnight on Friday ([ profile] bheerfan) and part of the weekend, which included getting up before dawn on Saturday, (me, M & R, T and [ profile] bheerfan) to rebuild a server and test after it was rebuiilt, my icon is to the aslfkjlkajflkajdf script kiddies who think rootkits are amusing.

That said, I spent most of Sunday vegging, and damn it all, buying the season pass of Friday Night Lights from iTunes and watching several episodes. OMG, I caved. I caved massively. I am weak. And for those of you who've never lived in Texas and experienced the religion that is Friday Night High School Football: it's ALL true. All of it. In fact, so very true that there were parts of the pilot that eerily resembled a horror movie as I cringed with the memories. (I was never a fan, nor am I a football fan now, but the creators of this show have captured the people so very well).

OMFG, It's Monday. Today I have all-day client meeting. This week I have a couple of projects due and TGIF and all that: I'm taking Friday off, my team has Monday off and I'm taking a 4-day weekend. I'm praying the weather doesn't go all snow/ice b/c I plan to go out of town with a couple of fellow authors/fangrrls for a writing and fannish weekend. AND NOT BE AT WORK.

Woefully behind on everything, but indeed skimming LJ.

Oh, and get this. My newly minted librarian sister, who got her dream job recently has been invited to librarian day at RWA. She's going to the con, but I'm not. Go figure.

GIP: new icon by [ profile] apple_pi as part of [ profile] 14valentines.
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Back from the biz trip to Boston.

Never did get a chance to hook up with any of my Boston peeps - too many work-related obligations.

Skipped the Pops last night, but my buddy B and I went to Turner Fisheries - one of the hotel restaurants and indulged. Cocktails, lobster, dessert and a cognac.

Got back to my room by 8:30. By 9:30 I was packed and snoozing.

Plane arrived at DCA at noon. Got home to find my clean, yet wet laundry folded in the basket and on my bed. Seems the laundry card didn't have enough $$ to dry the clothes.

Also came home to the heat on in the apartment (WTF!) and a blast of hot air. Opened the one window and am now cooling off.

Checked work email, yay - nothing major. My team is fantastic!

Am about to pass out from the jet lag. Who'd'a'thunk that a puddlejumper trip could wear a person out?

Plan to catch up on shows sometime later. Still haven't seen the latest Eureka, Heroes, Studio 60, nor the 2 Veronica Mars. Thank goodness for iTunes and the EyeTV Tuner that recorded what I needed.


Oct. 7th, 2006 11:08 pm
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Arrived about 4:00 p.m. after an uneventful flight.

Got to the Westin, checked in and located my clients at the Hynes convention center. They'd already pretty much packed up for the day, so JP and I cruised some of the mall shops. Stopped in at Teavana and got a lovely tall cup of lapsang souchong.

Ogled the big gorgeous Bravias at the SonyStyle store.

I was pooped, so never made it to Pandemonium and Chris G's signing. Instead, I went to dinner at Ginza (great sushi!) with JP and KD (her Boston-based friend). Then saw K's new townhouse. K drove us around a bit - went through Brookline - waved in the general direction of the town in honor of BLG. Crossed the Charles twice, b/c K forgot we were having dinner first instead of going to his place. Can't remember where he said his place was. In any case, it's about 15-20 mins from the Westin.

Back at the hotel now and trying to figure out just where they figure people should plug in their laptops.

There's one outlet at the little desk - but both those are take - one by the coffeepot, one by the oh-so-necessary lamp. I unplugged the lamp and plugged in my Airport, so I can sit on the luxurious king bed whilst surfing. (no WIFI here - WTF?)

Blanche is at 56% power, so I'm going to have to juice her up during the day tomorrow while I'm on the trade show floor.

Tomorrow is the first day of the trade show - goes until 5, then we're invited to a special dinner. Not sure where it's being held, but I bet it's somewhere fancy.

I bought more clothes the other day. The Avenue was having a massive sale. Got a lovely dark green/gray suit (maybe moss?); a long black blazer and a dark brick red blazer. Also, a pair of black slacks, 4 Henleys and a handful of other things. I ended up saving nearly $100 after all the discounts were taken. I now have a very nice set of grown-up business clothes that are also comfy. (they are pants, not skirts).

I wish that this event wasn't this weekend, b/c I could be at the fangrrl weekend with the rest of the gang. Alas, 'twas not to be.

Watched BSG last night - no brain left to comment, but enjoyed seeing CKR's Leoben. He's just the right mix of creepy and teh hawt.

Shay, Regina - hope your b'day bash is going well! Been thinking of you all today. :)

ETA: oh SQUEEE - my publisher's updated the Web site. Scroll down to March 2007 - my book is listed.
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Off in the a.m. to Omaha, NE for Mayhem in the Midlands.

Am I ready? Not so much.

Not quite packed. Not quite mentally ready.

Spent all of today in a work-related meeting, then went into my office to read email, etc. only to find that my work laptop had gone kerblooey. (That's a technical term. ::g::) Basically, won't boot up anymore. Rich, one of the network admins happened to walk by (on his way home) and I snagged him to take a look.

He's pretty sure it's the boot sector, so he's going to try to backup my email and rebuild the 'puter while I'm out of town. I guess if it had to happen, this is the best timing ever.

In any case, I'll be offline for several days. Not taking Blanche with me, because I probably won't get much writing done while I'm gone. Am taking the 400+ page printout with me to edit so I can work later.

Ta for now.
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Often, it's little things that make my day, make me do the happy dance.

  • This morning, I read this lovely write up of Mountie and Soul, by [ profile] bethbethbeth. A wonderful way to start my day and utterly rekindled my love for the goofy/brilliant/amazing wonder that is Due South.

  • Traffic was nearly non-existent and it's not raining.

  • I got to work to find that I have a reserved parking space! w00t! Not that it's all that much of a big deal, but I'd asked the previous Director of Admin for more than a year if she could check with the building folks about this. It's a little extra each month and I'm willing to do this. Mostly because there's a whole new crop of asshats that tend to either take up 2 spaces, or park so much on the line, that, effectively, it's the same thing. Yeah, I could go park on Level 2, but it's the principle of the thing. I've been parking in the same 1 or 2 spaces for 4 years now and get PO'd when new office tenants hog the best spaces. /rant In any case, I mentioned the reserved space thing Tuesday evening to a certain person, and by this a.m. - voila - my very own space.

  • Today is my Friday as I'll be at BEA all weekend, working the MWA booth. I get to spend quality (and quantity) time with one of my closest friends, who lives in NYC and I rarely get to see. Plus a lot of time with fellow authors, including Carla, Donna Andrews and the rest of the gang. Oddly enough, or maybe not "odd" per se, for years, I've wanted to attend a BEA, but because it was never close by, nor could I really afford the fees, I never went. This year, I not only get to go, but because I'm working the entire weekend, have a free exhibitor pass. Yay, me!

  • I'm also truly psyched that my shows have evidently been renewed by the [stupidname] CW network: Veronica Mars, Supernatural and Smallville will be returning in the fall. I've not yet seen the final official announcements, but enough reputable sources have reported this. As my friend F says, "Is this the sign of the apocalypse?". I mostly have shite for luck when it comes to good TV (can you say Firefly? Wonderfalls?, The Book of Daniel?) Maybe things are changing at the networks....Nah. That would be too much to ask.

  • I'm off work Monday, post BEA weekend for decompression.

  • I work only two days next week (Tues/Weds) then it's off to Omaha, NE for Mayhem in the Midlands, my absolute favorite small mystery con. It's held at the Sheraton in downtown Omaha, a small historic hotel. Limited to 200 people (I think the most so far has been 170) and run by the Omaha Public Library Foundation, there are always lots of fun to be had. It's kind of a low-key con for me - plenty of time to hang out with friends, meet new fans and just relax.

  • Con.txt is SOON!!!

I'll probably be AFK for the better part of the next 10 days or so, but hope to get computer access at some point. You all be good, and if you can't be good, be better. ::g::
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a.k.a. random musings from [ profile] chickwriter

WWBD? Start a church, evidently!

We loves Friday, my precious, we do. Especially when I get to leave work early and go to see Great Big Sea! I'm still kvelling over the fact that I'm in the THIRD ROW!!

There's nothing like watching TV when you can't sleep...especially Smallville and Supernatural. Uhm, maybe that last wasn't such a good idea, but at 2:00 a.m., it was the only idea. My thoughts on either/both - mostly yay to the SPN and the set up for next week's season finale. Some Jossing going on, but this has been discussed elsewhere and with more coherence. (the links are interchangeable for "elsewhere" and "coherence" - b/c I'm certainly not that today.)

My SV Thoughts - a bit of meta and some spoilery )

Work is bringing in Five Guys burgers for all - yippee!!

I'll be AFK for the weekend, as I'll be hanging with D - still no clue as to what to do tomorrow. Planning dinner at Lebanese Taverna later in the early evening, but nothing so far for daytime. Museum strolling may work, but depends on her knee situation - recent surgery may not allow much walking. Weather should be good, so maybe just a drive around town? I dunno - DC area folks - any ideas?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

ETA - d'oh - I almost forgot - I'm wearing my new t-shirt today - designed by my co-worker and fellow geek. Check it out on CafePress I got the black one.
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Because my sister is insane in that fun kind of way - the countdown to graduation.

She'll be exiting TWU with an MLS, a feat that needs much applause, as she will be turning 40 on July 11. (yes, Nan, that is Michael Rosenbaum's birthday ::g::)

She's hoping to get a Real Job (tm) at a nearby public library, at which she's been volunteering for a couple of years.

Yay, her!

In my world, work is of the sucktastic kind - nothing like coming in on Monday to "we need to have a conversation" email from a client. Sigh. The worst part - they were right, we had screwed up.

The rest of the day was sucked up with phone calls and stuff I really didn't want to deal with.

Some day, things may get better...or not.

The Asshat(tm), formerly known as my publisher, still hasn't removed my book from "in print" status at Ingram. So, people can still *buy* my book online and I *still* won't get any money. I'm talking to my attorney at the end of the week (we'll both be at the convention) and find out what I can do. I have my full waiver of release (full rights, the whole shebang), so technically, I believe this is totally illegal. I sent him email to the effect of "hey, when are you going to do this and dude, where's my money" - no reply for more than a week. His Web site seems to have vanished, too. Now what?

I have a feeling there will be dead publishers appearing as victims in some upcoming books.

Have mostly caught up on the 9th Doctor - only 2 eps to watch until I can watch the new series premiere ep. Did a marathon this weekend. Really way darker than I expected - and that's a good thing. I like dark.

Here's hoping the week improves in a work-type way.
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For those of you who knew who this was, Gene Pitney died while on tour in GB. (In case the subject line wasn't hint enough, he was a singer/songwriter, most well known for that song).

Work has been a roller coaster of insanity, but I'm trying to remain zen about all of it. Today, that's working better than it was yesterday.

My DVD of Brokeback Mountain arrived today, so w00t! I've spent the majority of today listening to Rufus on the iPod - hooked up to my speakers and just chilling while I work on catching up on daily stuff. I could get used to this. Have scheduled Friday as "work from home" day, so I'm very happy about that. Nothing like rolling out of bed at the last minute to start working. ::g::

On the TSTL* list for the day, because, yah, live ordnance as paperweight is really smart. Sigh. (snurched from [ profile] scott_lynch)

Didn't watch House last night, but am looking forward to more roommate fun with the boys. hee!

Current issue of Sci-Fi magazine has a lovely article and some photos from the upcoming Dresden Files, a series pilot based on Jim Butcher's books. I'm looking forward to this. I first met Jim a few years ago, just as the first audio was released (Storm Front) , he was and is a fabulous writer and interview subject. I've loved the Harry Dresden books from the start and have hooked at least 8 or 9 people in my office to the series. My book pimping is an awesome thing. ::g:: (but I learned from the best, right, [ profile] allaboutm_e?

On the writing front - I'm working on the query/synopsis of Matters to get that back out in the world, plus I have an idea for another book/series that I'm toying with. I do want to eventually get the 2nd book of the Blood Lines universe finished, too. I wish there was more time in the day/week/month and more energy. With work being as soulsucking as it's been, it's really really tough to make my brain work for fiction writing. I'm hoping that the energy from the upcoming cons (Malice and Mayhem) will help. I usually come back from those with a renewed sense of purpose.

*TSTL: Too Stupid To Live
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Ran to B&N at lunch for my semi-regular dose of Sci-Fi mag and other genre mags, and spotted [ profile] naominovik's Her Majesty's Dragon on the "new releases" dump at the front of the store. I got my copy already, what are you waiting for? ;-)

Still pimping Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell and Covenants by Lorna Freeman. I'm halfway through Lorna's 2nd book (The King's Own) and am not wanting to finish it because then I'll be done and there are no more yet!! EEEEE!!! /bookpanic

The weather is awesomely beautiful - high 60s and not a cloud in the sky. I was tempted to not return to work after the lunch outing. But alas, I'm still here. Saturday is our staff retreat, which means working, but it should be productive.

Watched House last night - my reaction? Pretty much the same as all of you - OMGWTFGAYERTHANAGAYTHING! 'Nuff said.

Did not watch Lost or Veronica Mars, those will be tonight. Thank goodness for the DVR.

Tomorrow I go to a new doc for the sinusy stuff. If I like this clinic, I plan to transfer all my gyn records over to them. These folks are a women's clinic that does primary care work and gyn. I like the idea of a one-stop shop.

Trying to plan out my nearly!midnight panel for Malice Domestic - the title: Things That Go Bump In The Night - not sure of who's accepted the invite to be on the panel, but we've invited any of the attendees that have written paranormal/supernatural elements into their mysteries. I'm wracking my brain for ideas for what we'll actually do - maybe readings? I'm drawing blanks. Discuss the seductive aspects of horror? Why is the supernatural sexy?

My "official" panel is the following morning at 10:00 a.m. - Crossing Genre: Is there a bridge that allows passage from one genre to another? - My co-panelists include Carole Nelson Douglas, Barbara Hambly, Lillian Stewart Carl and Lois Greiman. I'm not running this show, but I did offer up some ideas to our moderator, who is a good friend. I did a similar panel at ConDor a few weeks ago and shamelessly stole some of the questions we discussed. ::g::

May brings BEA - and I'm an official exhibitor - working the MWA/Sisters in Crime booth. I'm psyched, as I've never attended this event. So if any of you author types are there - stop by the MWA booth and say "Hi".

Just after BEA, I'm off to Mayhem in the Midlands - my favorite small con (<200 people). This years GOH is Laura Lippman.
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At least, that's how I feel when it gets this crazy.

Work is insane. Life is insane.

I totally missed a metric TONNE of birthdays!

Happy belated to [ profile] imkalena, [ profile] cesperanza, [ profile] strange_selkie and whomever the heck else I missed!! I'm blaming the general life insanity.

I stayed home yesterday due to a migraine, dragged myself into work with migraine-1 headache (a.k.a. sinus pressure). It's better now, but the morning was shite.

Saturday was fab - spent the day at the VA Festival of the book with [ profile] beledibabe and other writerly types. Sunday was quiet day - stayed offline and rested a bit. Watched A History of Violence and Jarhead. Think I should have spaced out the angst a bit. Yesterday evening was TV Show Catchup, wherein chickwriter indulged in Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives and Big Love.

Big Love is a Veronica Mars adjunct - at least in casting. Eldest daughter played by Amanda Seyfried, a.k.a. Lily Kane. Her co-worker at the Burger Place is played by Tina Majorino (a.k.a. Mac); and eldest son's friend Jason is none other than Kyle Gallner (otherwise known as Beaver...and the Flash on Smallville, but that's a whole other topic ::g::).

Tonight, I'm hoping to catch up on LJ and get some plotting done - plotting of the good kind - as in - where do I concentrate my writing efforts next?
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Welcome to the first day of March, which is nothing like the eleventh of March, but we'll leave that day to Leslie Nielsen.

Things that have amused me today:
Sarah Weinman's post about some other post re: author's dress codes

Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine put in his .02

Me, I'm all atwitter, I must now unpack and repack my suitcase for ConDor, because, horrors! I forgot the pantyhose...Uhm. No.

As I replied to Jon's post, I'm of the SJ Rozan school of dress. Black on black, with blue jeans as an accent. I do, however, tend to skew my dress to the audience. At a mystery con banquet, I dress in my nice black slacks and/or my fab black velvet pants/jacket. If I'm presenting at a panel, I go for the black jeans and some sort of jacket, usually over a plain black tee. At an SF/F con, I pull out the fannish t's to wear under the overshirt. At a fannish con, it's all about the comfort, dude, because I'm so not the fashion maven. I fail at dress-up, always have. There was a brief, if insane moment in the late 70s, while in college that I went for the hair/makeup thing. It didn't last long AT all. I was into sensible shoes before the Robin Williams/Billy Crystal riff.

Seriously, trying to standardize what writers should wear just makes me want to laugh. Because slaves to corporate "business casual" type wear: not so much. Part of what makes us tick is creativity and individuality - whether it's feather boas and glittery shoes or my Joss Whedon is My Master Now t-shirt. It all goes.

In other news:

  • Work is still beyond busy. I've not made it home earlier than 8:00 any night this week or last. It's a good kind of busy, mostly, but still.

  • I'm off to San Diego on Friday a.m. at the unbelievable hour of half-past not!dawn (e.g., 6:27 a.m.) - of the good, I get into SD at 12:45 and then it's party, paneling and hanging with my SF/F homies. My return flight on Monday is at the same ungodly hour, but I'm back home at a reasonable time and can nap.

  • I'm not taking Blanche to SD, so I'll be offline for four days. This is almost inconceivable, but I'm trying to travel light.

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Today, it's still grey and looking like rain-ish, although according to local weather reports, we're not expecting any, nor are we expecting snow. This is a good thing. I can deal with grey skies, after all, it's only ONE WEEK until I leave for ConDor and San Diego. ::ignores tales of Escapade bound f'list::

The week's been busy with work stuff, some great (a project that's gone well); some not-so-great - we're losing our Director of IT and our tester.

Last night, I joined TKL and some other co-workers for T's hubby's b-day dinner at Lebanese Taverna, one of my favorite restaurants. A bottle of wine, a bunch of mezze later, I was one happy camper. S (T's hubby) invited me to join them in Thursday night gaming. Tempting as that may be, I'm passing, but reserving the ability to change my mind. I'm just afraid if I get caught up in this, it will be too easy to avoid writing. Plus, for me, Thursday is not the new Friday, because dudes, I'm too old to maintain at work the next day after a night of drunken debauchery and gaming. ::g::

Finished reading Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal , by Christopher Moore and am just over halfway through The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. My first exposure to Chris was via Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story. If you haven't guessed already, he's a brilliant writer who combines wit, cleverness and humor with a rocking good story. I have all of his books, purchased at Creatures'n'Crooks in Richmond during one of my own book signings. That's the drawback to signings, you often end up spending way more than you should.

I had to buy a new cell phone yesterday - the freebie I got with my service crapped out on me. The salesperson was fabulous and helpful(!) - amazing thing that. I ended up with a Nokia model. Too many bells/whistles for me, as I don't really need all those extras, but it's impossible to buy just a plain phone anymore.

This weekend, I plan to pack for ConDor, because I'm anal that way. Other than that, I've got a couple of ideas floating in my head, not sure if they'll be short stories or novels or what, but I'll give them some room to grow and see what transpires.

If you're going to Escapade, enjoy, post often and make us hate you jealous live vicariously. If you're not going to Escapade, have a fabulous weekend.

ETA: oh yeah, I'm operating on little to no sleep today - due to the idjit neighbor man (whom I've never seen) who's wife/SO/sister/mother/whomever he so fondly addressed as "Bitch" in the wee hours of the a.m. while pounding/kicking the door, locked him out. I know security came up several times and he finally stopped, but SHEESH!


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