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At least, that's how I feel when it gets this crazy.

Work is insane. Life is insane.

I totally missed a metric TONNE of birthdays!

Happy belated to [ profile] imkalena, [ profile] cesperanza, [ profile] strange_selkie and whomever the heck else I missed!! I'm blaming the general life insanity.

I stayed home yesterday due to a migraine, dragged myself into work with migraine-1 headache (a.k.a. sinus pressure). It's better now, but the morning was shite.

Saturday was fab - spent the day at the VA Festival of the book with [ profile] beledibabe and other writerly types. Sunday was quiet day - stayed offline and rested a bit. Watched A History of Violence and Jarhead. Think I should have spaced out the angst a bit. Yesterday evening was TV Show Catchup, wherein chickwriter indulged in Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives and Big Love.

Big Love is a Veronica Mars adjunct - at least in casting. Eldest daughter played by Amanda Seyfried, a.k.a. Lily Kane. Her co-worker at the Burger Place is played by Tina Majorino (a.k.a. Mac); and eldest son's friend Jason is none other than Kyle Gallner (otherwise known as Beaver...and the Flash on Smallville, but that's a whole other topic ::g::).

Tonight, I'm hoping to catch up on LJ and get some plotting done - plotting of the good kind - as in - where do I concentrate my writing efforts next?
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...but I sure am sick like she is.

No, not in the whole "I'm twisted" way, just in the sneezing, hacking, OMG how can one human cough so much kind of way.

I thought it was just a cold, but after 6 days of this, I went to the doc this a.m.

I'm just going to say: you piss me off once, I'll write it off as you having a bad day.

Do it twice, (and I've ONLY ever been there twice), you LOSE.

This doc, whom I call Doogie, b/c he's way younger than me, proceeds to get all pissy because I never came back to see him after my 1st visit 2 years ago, when I had flu. He wanted to do a physical, because hey, guess what, I'm a big woman, and god forbid I might actually be healthy (except for the flu).

He mentioned this today, when doing the thumping of the chest thing. I told him I'd had a full workup in October by my gyn. He's all, I didn't mean a female checkup. I kindly corrected him, explaining I had a full physical/blood workup, etc. prior to my day surgery. He then grumbled that it takes an internist to interpret that, not a gyn. So - WTF? He's implying that my gyn (who is in his early 60s) is less of a doctor? And dude, interpret what? All my bloodwork is NORMAL - as in, I'm not diabetic. I have normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol and am not at risk for heart disease because I'm NORMAL. Yes, I fall in the obese category in modern (and IMHO incorrect tables), but that alone doesn't mean I'm a candidate for death.

And since when do docs get grumpy at a patient for this kind of thing? My take is a good doctor is a good doctor, and if gyn saw something funky, he'd have told me to see a primary care doc. (which he did not, because I saw the test results and he explained them quite carefully)

So today, I got a cursory exam and scrips for amoxicillin and codeine cough syrup because I have a sinus infection (which I'd figured). Just a few minutes ago, I went to take a dose of the syrup, because codeine puts me out like a light. The dosage on the label: 5 ccs every 12 hours - which is what in teaspoons - because although I may agree the metric system is much more logical, I don't have a handy-dandy metric measuring item around. ARRGH.

I managed to look it up online (after some false starts) and figured out it's about 1 teaspoon. Why the hell didn't he just write the scrip that way?

Why yes, I'm grumpy. And yes, a new goal for me is to find a new primary care doc - one that respects his patients.

ETA: OMG - In my foggy haze of coughing/congestion, I *totally* forgot to thank all of you that posted such nice things about my recent book review. Mea culpa!! Thanks so much - I'm still kvelling.
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Well, not really, but it sounds better than my insides are rebelling and you really don't want to know the details" day.

Am missing company holiday party on top of it all. Was all Grinchy about it yesterday, then got excited again. Now, I'm just resigned to the fact that I wasn't meant to go.

The snow really does look pretty out there.


Oct. 12th, 2005 07:14 pm
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...of me, more's the pity. I've been slammed by the cold from hell. Was halfway okay this a.m. - sniffly and a bit congested, but not bad.

Somewhere around 1:00 it slammed me against the wall and not in a good way. I went home freom work early and crashed. Just woke up.

Had my blood drawn first thing this a.m. for pre-surgery. First nurse was nice enough but OMG, if she ever comes near me with a needle again, I'm running. I have two giganto bruises because of her. Second nurse was wonderful and stuck me with no problems.

My EKG was normal and all is copacetic, except for the ColdMonster.

Last night was awesome. We did the Spy Museum thing for our monthly MWA function. [ profile] beledibabe and I especially enjoyed the Hollywood spies exhibit. Emma Peel's leather trousers! Sean Connery's shoes from one of the Bond movies! Badges and other props from Man from U.N.C.L.E.!

Afterwards, a group of us went for dinner at Zola, a rather posh place next door. It was utterly decadently yummy. I started with a lovely crab/corn chowder, followed by scallops and ended with homemade hazelnut ice cream.

Tonight will be rather plebeian. I think I'll make some soup and pamper myself until I feel better.


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