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Everything I'm about to post is a spoiler and my personal reaction.

DO NOT click unless you've watched CHILDREN OF THE EARTH )

I am going to post this to my fannish blog, as soon as the account is unlocked. Seems I did a stupid thing - set up KeePass today, changed a bunch of passwords, but in trying to log in, I was copying the WRONG password, so locked my account. Sighs. Technology. When it works, it's great. When it doesn' can truly fuck you over.
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Seriously, this show can't get any better this series.

I went back to work today, still recuperating from the Office Death Plague. One good thing about being sick: I totally missed the ice nastiness last night. One bad thing (other than feeling like warmed-over death: I totally spaced that yesterday was Tuesday...and primary Tuesday. Damn. :(

ETA: And a happy happy birthday to the wonderful [profile] ardent_muses! Hope it's been wonderful, sweetie!
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OMFG. Wants screencap of THAT scene. NOW.

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Fascinating thread going on right now at [ profile] fangs_fur_fey. Melissa Marr ([ profile] melissa_writing) asked if we'd post 3-6 song titles that give readers a taste/tone of one of our works. I found it to be a fascinating exercise and posted re: my upcoming book, Blood Bargain

Take a look at the various contributions.

In other news: as [ profile] nestra said, I'm loving me some Ianto Jones v2.0. I now need a good Ianto icon with the slogan: "not just the tea boy".

Time for this writer to get to bed.
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On the occasion of their mutual birthdays.

A short piece of fiction, spoilery for Torchwood 1x12...oh yes, there is also a photo.

behind the cut )

The happiest of natal days [ profile] misspamela and [ profile] beledibabe!!!!

Screencaps courtesy of The Institute
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...missing work to watch Torchwood would be a bad idea, right?


I thought so.


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