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...I can be found on Twitter or Facebook. But since (hopefully!) this outage will occur during my regular work hours, there won't be much to miss.

::crosses fingers for a smooth transition::

Now, if only I could figure out this whole CName stuff...
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It's no secret to those of you who know me that I am a technophile. If it's a gadget, electronic and falls into whatever I value as "cool", it's likely that I'll want one. It's also no secret that I am a pop culture-holic and love TV, movies, books, etc.

One of the brilliant things about current technology is the fact that I can get TV shows via iTunes and other legitimate sources online and watch on my nifty iMac.

The caveat to that is that these files are BIG, as in 1 file is umpteen times larger than the first hard drive I ever had (20 MB...and yes, that makes me old ::g::).

Instead of RAM, (of which I have plenty), storage became an issue. When 250 GB drives weren't nearly enough, what next?

A couple of years ago, I bought my first Terabyte drive (!!)--and it didn't break the bank. Today, since my last remaining LaCie drive bit the dust, I bought a replacement: 1 TB Iomega external hard drive: $143.00. Yep, that' PEANUTS. With Amazon Prime, shipping was free and the drive actually arrived a day ahead of time.

Tera1, as it's now named, is happily sucking up my iTunes library (all 500GB of it) and will become my primary iTunes drive. Mondo, the other terabyte drive, will become my primary backup drive. LimaMedia, the weenie 500 GB drive holds a conglomeration of files that I share between my iMac Priscilla and Mab, my Macbook air. (Yes, I name my computers and my drives...sue me).

I also have Mozy backup, which, sadly, since Comcast cracks down on 250GB/month transfers and higher, means I can't do a full backup of all my files. Plus, I'm sure they're throttling, but that's a whole other story. On Mozy, I back up all crucial files - copies of all my Kindle ebooks, copies of all my writing files and backups of address books, photos and things that I couldn't replace.

I also keep a copy of all writing files (current and past) on Priscilla, on Mab and regularly backup to a flash drive which I carry with me.

Am I anal? Yep. Is it overkill to back up so much stuff? I don't think so. First, it's totally cheap to buy more drives and second, if something were to happen, I know I can recover my writing, my photos and crucial data.

If I lose iTunes library, I'd be sad, but frankly, eventually I could re-buy everything and manually re-load all the CDs, since I still have those. If I lose my writing files, I know I have several places I can recover from.

I may be insane, but I sleep better at night, knowing my stuff is safe.

On an entirely other note, Mme Editrix posted a copy of the full Blood Bargain cover. Book is due in stores in a couple of weeks.
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There are many wonderful things in the world.

  • [ profile] naominovik's books were optioned by Peter Jackson (read Naomi's post) There is not enough squee in the world to describe how happy I am about this. Yes, I know that "option" does not equal "movie", however, if anyone has the desire, the tech, the cred to get this done, it's Peter Jackson.

  • David Hewlett is incredibly awesome - as a person, as a forum mod, and as a fellow geek. Thanks, David, for being so freaking cool.

  • I'm moderating a panel, entitled "We Write Dead People" at first ever MWA Mid-Atlantic writing workshop. (scroll down on the page - it's the 2nd event listed). I'm debating how to approach the topic - my copanelists are: another writer, a forensic taphonomist, and the funeral home director. I'm really psyched, though - I'm begining to re-discover the joy of being a writer. Maybe even getting back the mojo.

  • Fandom really is a cool place, because: Ponies!

  • SihayaB and I got some lovely feedback on a story we wrote together (and by that I mean SB did most of the writing part. It's a couple of years old, so fun to get f/b.

  • I just ordered the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid - so I will be able to hook up my region-free DVD player to Priscilla and get TV signals via the device, too. Since I no longer have cable and they finally turned off the cable signal. Basically, this means that my TV will be obsolete.

  • I'll be in Boston in October for a work thing. I've got possibly one night free. So, Boston area peeps? You game for dinner somewhere? (I'm not sure which night yet, either Sunday, October 8 or Monday, October 9)


In new cover art for the re-issue of Matters of the Blood (incomplete - just the art part without the text) The book is still scheduled for March 2007 release.

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