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We interrupt a busy evening of answering interview questions (for book promo) to quote the inimitable Stephen Fry, re: language:

But above all let there be pleasure. Let there be textural delight, let there be silken words and flinty words and sodden speeches and soaking speeches and crackling utterance and utterance that quivers and wobbles like rennet. Let there be rapid firecracker phrases and language that oozes like a lake of lava. Words are your birthright. Unlike music, painting, dance and raffia work, you don’t have to be taught any part of language or buy any equipment to use it, all the power of it was in you from the moment the head of daddy’s little wiggler fused with the wall of mummy’s little bubble. So if you’ve got it, use it.

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I repeat: I adore this man.

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You are all SOOOOO fired!

Why didn't you TELL me that there are audio CDs of the Harry Potter books narrated by Stephen Fry. How did I not KNOW this?

I've been listening to the Jim Dale version of Half-Blood Prince and now am imagining how different Stephen Fry would sound. I think I'm going to have to acquire the Fry versions.
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I adore Stephen Fry.

From his recent post:

Americans are no more irony illiterate than Britons or anyone else

We see a lot of New York City and Los Angeles on British television, and we see a good deal of sneering at religious cults, eccentric sex therapists and semiliterate politicians, but for those of us who have spent any time in the country, these are no more indicators of life in America, or conclusive characteristics of Americans than films about braying dukes and vomiting ladettes are clinching definers of all things British.

Yes, with a side of A-men!

Read the rest of the post wherein he talks about his travel and his take on music.

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