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Pinkeye is mostly gone (yay!).

I've spent the majority of today finishing my edits on the essay for BenBella books. The topic: The role of the Trickster in Supernatural. I sent the revision to the editor about thirty minutes ago. The book will be out in March 2009. Thanks to [personal profile] beledibabe  , [personal profile] sanj  , [profile] birki_lib  , [profile] allaboutm_e  and others who beta'd for me. :)

I did the Wordle thing with the essay - view the result after this cut.

Wordle me )

Off to read, because I can.

ETA: a;dlkajdflkadjfladkjf stupid LJ posting interface...does not work well with Macs, not even Firefox. :(
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I rarely watch Supernatural "live", since I prefer to not have commercial interruptions, but tonight, I had to make the exception.


I made some very random notes as I watched.

Here there be spoilers )

Thank goodness we *know* there's a season four.

Westward Ho

Oct. 4th, 2007 06:48 pm
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No, NOT that kind of 'ho....sheesh!

Off to San Francisco in the wee hours of the a.m. for a work trip and back on Tuesday.

I've watched the Supernatural episode, because it's highly unlikely I'll still be awake, since I have to get up at 4:00 a.m. There was lots of squee involved.

casting spoilers below cut )

Finally got to see Pushing Daisies on the ABC streaming player. It was as charming, quirky and enjoyable as I expected. Looking forward to more of the same.

Going to spend the rest of what's left of the early evening reading and looking forward to reading your SPN squee tomorrow after I arrive. (Nameless, the laptop, is coming with me so I can do some writing while I'm out).

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You know, even though I spend pretty much 7 days a week online, it never ceases to astound me just how quickly time escapes and all of a sudden, it's a week later or so and I've not posted a single word.

Yes, I'm busy at work and well, writing, but still. One would think that all those groovy thoughts that make their way into and out of my head throughout the day could be actually posted, instead of just thinking about posting. Oh well.

From today's listings in Whedonesque
No Bones About It: David Boreanaz Turns 38 Today.
Happy Birthday to our favorite cocksure FBI agent/broody hot vampire!

(needless to say, when I skimmed this headline, I read a certain adjective quite differently...::g::) In any case, happy birthday to David B, who it turns out, went to high school at a school where my mom taught. Of course, it was many years later, as my mom taught there in 1970ish(?).

Some TV show thoughts - non spoilery
Heroes - how can one TV show be so brilliant? So many things happening, so much angst and squeeful occurrences. I'm not at all spoiled for anything, which makes it even better.

Yay for the Supernatural renewal!! I can't say this restores my faith in the PTBs, but I'm happy that we're not losing the boys.

Work is work and things are progressing. Sadly, I'm losing my most senior programmer at the end of the week. We'll survive, but he's a great guy and a fabulous asset to our team.

What's going on in my writing world
I'm off to Mayhem in the Midlands next Thursday, then when I return, I'm taking an ENTIRE WEEK off - to write, to ponder, to rest. I haven't done that in more years than I can remember. Maybe 10? I'm participating in a fabulous panel at Mayhem, called: Vampires Have Feelings Too: Making Fantasy Characters Work
in a Realistic World. My co-panelists are Dean James and Lee Killough, both who write brilliant books.

Matters seems to be doing well in the sales arena. I'm so happy to know that people have spotted it in bookstores across the country. My editor/publisher are in turn, happy with me because I've agreed to produce three more books for them in the same world. Book 2, now officially Blood Bargain, is due to them by November, so I'm cracking a whip on myself. Book 3, tentatively titled Blood & Bones. is due next May. Book 4 is...well, an unknown quantity at this point.

Matters will be released in mass market paperback later this year, which makes me even happier.

June 21, look for me at the American Library Association Convention. I'm staffing the Sisters in Crime booth at 1:00 p.m. Not sure if I'll be doing anything with my publisher that day, but I expect I might be.

June 30, I'll be signing at Borders in Warrenton, VA. More details later.

Of personal computing
Blanche, my lovely iBook has left the nest, and now resides with co-worker E's mom, who received it as a Mother's Day gift. This does not leave me without a laptop, however, because I succumbed to the lure and purchased a brand new MacBook. It's soooo shiny!! I've not figured out a name, though. Any thoughts?

On memes
I totally skipped over the personal canon meme, like an idiot - then yesterday, was reading [ profile] synecdochic's contribution and realized this was a cool way to get some background info written down for my own characters. I'd love to read a few more, though, so if you've done one, or read one you liked, I'd love a link!

Wow, I feel like I've just done a total brain dump! WHEW.

And it's only Wednesday.
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Let us speak of Thursday night, shall we....

Wherein [ profile] chickwriter, due to the discombobulation of having Monday off, then having a BUSY work week, did remember not the day of the week, despite all the pre-squeals on eljay. In fact, had one asked, Chickwriter would have been hard pressed to tell which week this was, much less the actual day thereof.

Why, pray tell, is this important? Because lo, she did spend yestere'en reading and catching up on iTunes show episodes (a laudable task, on most ordinary days), and so did not recall the import of said evening, thereby missing (in its entirety) All Hell Breaks Loose Part I.

::points to icon::

Yah, I feel a bit moronic right now - yet, entirely still unspoiled, which means I must avoid LJ squee all day. Thank goodness we have our all-day client meeting and I will not be able to wander over.

Thank goodness for DVR.


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