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Spent Saturday sleeping in prep for Sunday's signing trip. Seems I can't do more than one event a weekend, or I'm just tuckered out.

Drove over to Donna Andrew's house Saturday evening and had dinner at a lovely Japanese place (yummy sushi!). Ran into Barb Goffman, Agatha award nominee, who then joined us for sushi, sake and lovely writerly conversation.

Stayed over at Donna's so we could get an early start to Richmond and Creatures 'n' Crooks Bookstore. The lovely Ellen Crosby joined us and we had a fabulous trip down 95 - NO TRAFFIC! (the gods were with us).

Had brunch at the lesbian coffee bar around the corner (yummy food) and then a fabulous signing. We were joined by [ profile] ellenbyerrum, and Richmond author J. B. Stanley. Loads of great people showed up and we did quite well.

Of course, I made out like a bandit buying books:
Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box
Kat Richardson's Poltergeist
and of course, copies of Donna's latest: The Penguin Who Knew Too Much and Ellen C's latest: The Chardonnay Charade. I already have a copy of Ellen's B's Grave Apparel.

The trip back was less easy - loads of traffic on 95, but we were able to cut out some of it by taking a back way to Reston so I could drop of Donna and Ellen C.

Home now and tired. Work in the a.m.
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So, Saturday - I had a book signing in Fredericksburg, VA - about 45 miles from where I live.

Not too bad - book signing is at 2:00. I figure I can leave by 12:30 and get there in plenty of time. Not so much.

Even though I'd been warned about I95 South traffic, (and I allowed myself extra time on top of the extra time) - I was still a half hour late. 95 was bumper-to-bumper for the majority of the trip. A 50 minute trip took more than 2 hours. YUCK!

That said, the bookstore made up for it. Although I wasn't doing a reading/signing, but just a signing (where they put a table out in the middle of the store) - I still did pretty well.

One of Charlaine's fans came specifically to meet me, because he'd seen her blurb on my book cover (Thanks, Charlaine!!). Several other stopped to chat, including an adorable 16 year old boy, who writes every chance he gets and wanted to talk about writing. He bought a book, too. :)

Most of the folks that came up to me were guys, and every single one of them bought a book. A few folks were from Texas (a LOT of us in this area, it seems!) I thoroughly enjoyed the signing. The store was incredibly busy - long lines of people buying books; entire *families* in the store, buying, reading, browsing. Chris, the manager, told me that their store was one of the top stores in the region.

I guess folks in and around Fredericksburg, VA read. Yay for them!

The trip back was uneventful, except I made a mistake and took the open HOV lanes - mistake because there is no exit for me, so I took an earlier one (after I realized that) and got lost in Springfield. Thanks to my GPS and a Rite Aid store manager, I blundered my way back to 395. ::g::

When I got home, I found a lovely fan email, which is something that always brings me great joy. I *love* hearing that someone read my book and fell in love with my characters. I'm totally in love with them, so I'm glad that other people are, too. Best author perk, EVER!!

Sunday was utterly a day of rest. I woke up early, watched a movie (Catch & Release) then promptly fell asleep on the recliner, only to wake when a thunderstorm hit. It was so dreary out, I spent a great deal of the day napping.

The nifty news portion of this post:
My wonderful cousin, Jeff Mariotte, was awarded two Scribe awards this weekend at ComicCon.
• Speculative Fiction, Best Novel Original—30 Days of Night: Rumors of
the Undead by Stephen Niles and Jeff Mariotte
• Best Novel Original—Las Vegas: High Stakes by Jeff Mariotte

The awards are given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Jeff is a brilliant writer and utterly deserves this recognition. So YAY, Cousin Jeff!!!
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Local DC area folks - if you're around Thursday evening, stop by and see me and my 3 buddies at the Olsson's Books in Crystal City at 7:00 p.m.

We're reprising our event at the Alexandria Public Library...this time, they *should* have copies of my book.

I'd love to see folks there!!

The review - I got a lovely email today from Sheila Leitzel, Editor in Chief at - cool name, huh? I admit, I've never heard of them before today, but they totally loved my book. This is one of the coolest reviews I've ever gotten.

I am floored and so very, very happy.
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(1) There is great news on the stepdad front. The catscan results are back and the cancer is in only one place and quite treatable. They are meeting with the docs on Friday to discuss next steps.

(2) I got my Callum bear!!!! The lovely folks at the BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre even included an 8x10 (the same photo thats in the Ebay Auction listing.

(3) I also got my Surfacing 'zines. Just in time for my NJ trip. w00t!!

(4) Tonight is my book signing/event at the Alexandria Public Library.

(5) At Mayhem in the Midlands, I will have the great pleasure of interviewing the Toastmaster, Nancy Pickard, a woman whom I adore and respect greatly.

(6) On Friday, I'm winging my way to NJ to visit with [ profile] starrcat and the DS gang.

(7) In one week and one day, MJ!!!!!


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