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Evidently, there's some sort of obnoxious virus going around. One that makes a person feel like they've been run over by a truck and that there's a heavy iron weight on one's chest and hey, no breathing allowed!

Yes, I've got it. Slept all weekend, slipped into virus land sometime Sunday and stayed home Monday. Heroically (or foolishly) I tried to go to work on Tuesday (today) and by 9:30 realized that I was not only foolish but really really D.U.M. dumb. Could barely concentrate on anything. I went straight home and to bed, only to be interrupted by a client calling me on my cell and then by the apartment management stopping by to change out the HVAC unit filters and check smoke detectors. Great service, but sheesh, I was in a fog when they were here.

Feeling a wee bit better now and not sleeping, so I guess that's progress!

Planning to make it into work tomorrow.

I'm horribly behind on LJ and on just a lot of things. This stupid virus saps all my energy. I supposed I can get caught up by the weekend. I'd BETTER feel better by then, as I have a pamper afternoon scheduled at the salon. Something I rarely do, but am treating myself to on Saturday: hair cut/color and European facial.

Hope everyone stays well and am looking forward to seeing fellow fangrrls next month!
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Mostly, I've spent the weekend fighting a cold. It won and I'm now ensconced in my recliner watching Oz, because well, it's there and I have the DVDs.

My head is about the size of the Great Pumpkin and I just want to curl up and sleep but I can't breathe properly.

Boo hiss. I thought I'd avoided the office Death Cold. Guess not.

omg, COLD

Sep. 10th, 2007 08:47 am
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And not the wow, the temperature is dropping because it's September kind.

About halfway through my SGA Season 3 Prep for Season 4 marathon viewing yesterday (totally loves S3 all over again!), I realized that the discomfort and not-breathing wasn't just a oops, stirred up too much dust when moving books kind. Oh noes, this is a full-fledged no-holds-barred late summer chest cold.

I woke up miserable. Coughing, hacking, chest congested and achy. Took a shower, figuring that would help. Even started getting ready to go to work, but after the third coughing fit, I figured that would be a bad idea.

Called JP and managed to get out a sentence in between coughs. She's sick, too, but in the latter stages. Problem is, I think people are contagious before they realize they're sick, so I bet she or someone else at the office started this round.

(in case you noticed my music listing, I'm totally in love with all the fannish wonderfulness that has sprung from Ces' latest magnum opus, including [ profile] aesc's brilliant and mad language skillz and [ profile] sheafrotherdon's recordings of same. Fandom is so fucking brilliant!)

BTW, since I lose at posting - I had a fabulous birthday celebration at [ profile] beledibabe's last week (Labor day). Movies (I pimped her into Bon Cop, Bad Cop and she pimped me into Sahara); Her hubby A grilled burgers and we had a lovely dinner...then CAKE! I spent the actual day of my birthday (Tuesday) gloriously lounging about and reading. Made for a great short work week.

Sadly, there was some laundry angst on Thursday evening (cleaners started laundry, building turned off water and I ended up with a tubful of stinky wet clothes, which I then had to haul down to the laundry room on Friday night and spend 3 hours re-washing.) There was also some stupid hormonal angst (ain't menopause grand?) - but that, too, shall pass.

In any case, I'm going back to bed with Dayquil, tissues and a good book or three.
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Well, not really, but it sounds better than my insides are rebelling and you really don't want to know the details" day.

Am missing company holiday party on top of it all. Was all Grinchy about it yesterday, then got excited again. Now, I'm just resigned to the fact that I wasn't meant to go.

The snow really does look pretty out there.
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Belated birthday wishes to [ profile] ellen_fremedon - hope your day was the best! 

Today is the natal day of [ profile] hackthis and [ profile] linnakat! May you spend it doing fabulously fun things! 

Me - I'm crawling back into my sickbed. I seem to have caught a cold, with a bonus of fever. :( No doubt I'll feel better tomorrow - just in time to go back to work.

Le sigh.


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