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 And let us know you're ok.

Especially if you ride Red Line. I'd like to know you made it home okay before/after crash.
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or not.

The other night, as I sat in my recliner, surfing on my laptop and watching a TV show via iTunes on my iMac, there was a mini power brownout. By mini, I mean a quick flash of uh oh, then normal. Problem was, at the time, I was downloading a shedload of audiobooks from iTunes. (All the Charlaine Harris books are/were on sale!).

My downloads slowed to a much so, it was nearly as if I were on dialup speeds.

I spent the next 2 hours trying all sorts of configurations, rebooting modem, rebooting computers, etc. etc. ad nauseaum. I left it with the iMac wired directly to modem, and the downloads still crawling along.

By the next morning, things were still slow, but most of the books had downloaded. I then tried to re-hook up my route, but there was no joy in Mudville. Mighty router had struck out. Network connection = yay. Internet: not so much. Panicked, because it was Thursday before a holiday weekend and omg, SO not spending a weekend without WiFi, I ordered a new Belkin router with rush delivery (still cheaper than retail!).

It arrived about 1/2 hour ago. I'm all installed, wireless and have also connected my new 1TB external hard drive (my 3rd).

I LOVE cheap technology!!

I'm settling in for a lovely quiet weekend of reading, catching up on my shows, watching ST:TOS remastered editions and oh yeah, reviewing galleys for the reprint of Matters of the Blood.

Sad that I can't be at my parent's for a mini-Lima fest - my cousin Maria Eugenia and my sister & BIL are converging on San Antonio this weekend. Was a spur of the moment thing for them, but alas, $700 plane tix were too rich for my blood - especially for a quick weekend visit. Seeing family will have to wait until September and [ profile] fencon .

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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The following post contains many non sequitors. Consider yourselves forewarned.

My RL world keeps being busy, busy, busy. I've had some time to tweet, but little time to actually keep up with LJ, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I mostly just scan these days.

Hope you're all well--too many bad things happening to friends these days, with illness, death and the state of the U.S. economy - yikes. I'm mostly just trying to keep my head above water.

Just finished a guest blog entry for Lori Devoti's Full Moon of Werewolves, a month-long series over at her blog. I'd guested there before, for her 30 Days of Vampires (an interview). This time, I wrote an essay. It'll be posted on Saturday, April 18. There are loads of great essays and interviews already posted, so go on over there and read!

Starting work on book 4 (tentatively entitled: BLOOD HEAT). Mostly in the hunting and gathering phase (i.e., notes, thoughts, links, photos--my virtual corkboard).

I'm hoping I can work on a couple of proposals this weekend - new projects that C and I have been discussing. Really, really nifty and not in my usual to speak. ::g::

Looking forward to doing a little reading, something I can't do much of when under deadline. Just got the new Jim Butcher and Jaye Well's Redheaded Stepchild.

During the final stages of writing BLOOD KIN, and during copy edits, I tended to listen to all sorts of varied music - from my Child Ballad mix to 80s metal to all out just everything Freddie Mercury, to Sarah McLachlan and Regina Spektor. Now, that it's done, I've suddenly gotten the urge to re-listen to some audiobooks. Cued up on the iPod now (thanks to's ongoing re-reviews of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan series), I'm listening to the Vor Game. Funny how my listening tastes change. (I'm REALLY psyched that I'm a guest author at FenCon this year and LMB is the GOH!!)

Dreamwidth, where art thou? Sadly, I've not yet received an invite code, but am there under an OpenID. Once I do get a code, or, when Beta = open, I'll start up an account there and crosspost. I've no intention of leaving LJ, mostly because I've got a permanent account, and since this is my official "author" blog. I may just use the DW one for personal and fannish posts.

On that note, I have no idea how it got to be 10:00. I just finished dinner (mac/cheese from TJs, yum!) and at some point, need to go AFK, so I can spend some unwindy time reading.
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Hola, peeps! How's everyone spending the last Saturday of the year?

I'm chez moi, trying to shed the Cough That Would Not Die(tm). Round 3 of meds and more codeine. I *know* it's just a matter of time, but boy, howdy (to use a Texian phrase), it's a total PITA!

I've been drinking green tea with honey/lemon, sucking on OTC cough drops and taking meds. At least I got some sleep last night (whew!).

I spent a lovely quiet Xmas day at home, nursing the cough and reading. I had a lovely invite from JP to join their extended family for a great dinner, but sadly, my cough makes it nearly impossible to be in company. It's annoying to others and quite hard on me. :(

Oh well, I'm hoping that 2009 will be the year that the Lima gets well. I keep taking my vitamins and supplements and crossing my fingers!

Of the amusing: XKCD and Google trends. [ profile] theamusedone, I *know* which one you're responsible for!! ::g::
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Thanks to everyone who came to my book launch party on Tuesday night. It was a great success and I enjoyed meeting you new folks and getting to chat with old friends and fans. I should have some photos to post soon.

It's been a bit of a crazy week with projects due at work and holiday stuff, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the great cards I've received from [ profile] beledibabe, [ profile] brooklinegirl, [ profile] mrsronweasly, [ profile] doll_revolution, [ profile] aerye, [ profile] tex, [ profile] starrcat and [ profile] birkilib. If I missed listing you: I suck at lists. Please forgive. I LOVE getting cards. All the ones listed above are displayed in my office, on my shelf or on the walls. I love to share my dorkiness with my staff. :)

I sent all my cards out - the last batch went out in today's mail. w00t!! If you signed up to get one via my LJ post, those went out last week, so you should have them by now. If you *didn't* get one and were expecting one, please shoot me an email and I'll apologize profusely, blame my muddled brain and send one out immediately. ::g::

FYI - if you are on Facebook, I've created an author profile page, separate from my regular Facebook profile. My buddy J wanted to become my fan, and to do that, I needed to set up that page. So, I maneuvered the not-so-great UI and managed to figure it out. Go, me.

Been working on Blood Kin, the work in progress formerly known as Book 3. Loads of intrigue, plots and all sorts of fun going on. Whee!! It's eating my brain, so anytime said grey matter isn't occupied with work stuff, it's off in Keira's world, making things up and doing awful things to characters. I love it!

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!!
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So I get to work today and [ profile] 50mm shows up with a pressie from Dragon*con...a signed (to me!!) photo of Gareth David-Lloyd.


I'll try to take a pic of it tomorrow so I can show it off.

[ profile] 50mm, you TOTALLY rock!
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More later.
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Thing the first:
Thanks to [ profile] theamusedone giving me a heads up, I now have my very own DVD set of the Two Fat Ladies, one of my favorite PBS series back in the day. I loved their mix of cooking/history/comedy.

Thing the second:
Nifty interview with Felicia Day on Lifehacker.

Thing the third:
I got my first item from the livelongnmarry auction - a lovely hand-knit scarf in Slytherin colors from [ profile] ehmaz. Now, if it would only get to be winter so I could wear it!

Thing the fourth:
For those of you in the general DC area and in the Web trade, our company is having an open house Friday afternoon. LMK if you have questions.

Thing the fifth:
A summer cold is a vicious beasty and can only be subdued by loads and loads of sleep, cold meds and more sleep. Am mostly over it now.

Thing the sixth:
The darling and always amusing [ profile] brooklinegirl sent me a random envelope with Canadian goodies. I LOLd when I opened it. So much fun!

Thing the seventh:
The Supernatural essay book is up on Amazon and can probably be pre-ordered from your favorite indie store. Yours truly will have an essay in there entitled: Another Roadside Attraction: the role of the Trickster in Supernatural I really like the cover. METALLICAR!

Thing the eighth:
Trader Joe's ROCKS. They now (locally) have these lovely frozen meals for people like me - things like Tilapia with asparagus tips; Chicken Pomodoro, etc. Nuke and eat. AWESOME.

Thing the ninth:
I have bowed to necessity and registered for World Fantasy 2008 in Calgary. The always adorable Jeanne Stein has graciously offered a bed in her room. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to do the plane thing. I realized that I really needed to go - since this year's theme is Mystery in Fantasy and Horror. How could I not? Plus, GOHs is Barbara Hambly, whom I adore muchly and have paneled with at Malice Domestic. Any of you all going?

Thing the final:
I am very behind on a lot of things. However, SGA amused me greatly; Burn Notice continues to amuse me. Looking forward to a new episode of The Middleman.

That's all, folks!

::tries to catch up::

* a.k.a.: there's no rhyme nor reason to today's post
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Where I'm not:

(1) Comic-Con...but my teaser sampler books are thanks to [ profile] allaboutm_e, who graciously asked for 50 of the samplers to give away at the supernatural themed panel.

(2) Conestoga...but my teaser sampler books are thanks to [ profile] fangs_fur_fey (Particularly Jeaniene Frost and Rachel Vincent for volunteering to lug the loot) and the Con-within-a-Con. 10 samplers sent for stuffing bags/giveaways.

(3) Turkey/Greek Islands...where one of my clients will be starting Monday.

(4) Ireland...where my staffer Liz will be starting Monday.

(5) Vancouver...where I'll be starting August 30.

Which leaves me with: Home for now, on my way in to work in a few and then tonight: Dark Knight with JM, her hubby and roomy Tony, whose birthday it is.


Also fun: Namechecked on the company blog!
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What I did this weekend and the first part of the week:

-- attended a Sisters in Crime lunch on the subject of vampires
-- updated my Web site
-- Added an RSS feed to my Web site
-- watched Harry Potter movies on DVD
-- bid on several items in the [ profile] livelongnmarry charity auction
-- won several items in said auction, including: a hand knitted scarf in Slytherin colors, a tourist package from Jasper Nat'l Park in Canada, a set of Aussie goodies, and a customized set of Moleskine notebooks (go, me!)
-- raised $120 for Marriage Equality in my own auction (THANKS!)
-- slept...a lot (that would be Mon/Tues, when my body decided to play games)
-- went to work (Weds)

ETA: Oh, hell, but wait, there's more:
-- upgraded my IPhone 1st gen to 2.0 (so far, so cool); did NOT stand in any lines
-- bought Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog on iTunes and watched the first ep -Hee!!
-- Discovered The Middleman (yes, yes, I know - you all keep TALKING about it!); it's a total hoot. I bought all the eps available on iTunes and gorged all day Sunday.

Still behind on LJ, but hopefully will get caught up.
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Note to self: Don't make fun of the fact that your parents found the remnants of a bird post-demolishing by cat...or else you might find a squashed, very flat mouse corpse under your own recliner. In your 10th floor apartment. Without requisite cat to bring dead prey presents.

ETA: In another state...halfway across the country from said parents and said cat.

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I can haz BROWNIES from the most wonderful awesome [profile] qe2 ! Got home from a rather frakked day (just stupid stuff) and there was a BOX for ME!! Whee!!! Inside, gooey rich brownies with pecans. NOM!

Other things of lovely:

David Hewlett & Jane Loughman get married. (link ganked from several folks) - Srsly, how are they both so awesome? Baz looks like he's having a great time with mum and dad.

My car will go to the car doctor in the a.m. and get fresh oil, a state inspection and then the Lima will go to the hairdresser in the p.m. and get the shaggy mane cut into a semblance of normalcy.

I can haz drugs! My RX for a particular med ran out last week, the night before my check up appointment. Thing is, they called to reschedule. I'd asked the receptionist to have someone call it in (Thursday a.m.) - but lo, no call. Friday a.m. I woke up with pinkeye, so I totally spaced it, then it was the weekend. But now, I have drugs. This is a good thing.

My paperbacks of Harry Potter (UK) are on their way. I ordered the mass market paperbacks as I've donated the hardcovers (no room to store!). I really, really wish JKR would agree to ebook editions. :( Damn, woman, I've already bought 2-3 copies EACH of the books (various editions, mostly hardcover). I'd really love a way to take them all with me when I travel on my Kindle. ETA: Take them on my Kindle, when I travel. ::facepalm:: SHEESH, you'd'a thunk I could do this English thing...

TWO MONTHS and 4 days until my Vancouver Voyage! I'm so looking forward to vacation! < 2 months until Great Big Sea!!!! And next weekend, I take the train to visit [personal profile] starrcat . Whee!!
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Woke up this a.m. with a painful left eye. When I looked in the mirror: red, inflamed, sensitive to light.

After a visit to the urgent care center: yep, pinkeye. Evidently a particularly virulent form to have come up so quickly and so intensely. I have meds and have been instructed to disinfect everything, as it's highly contagious. Plus, hey, bonus sinus infection!


At home when I really need to be at work. I'm not supposed to be on the computer much (!!!) because my eye is so inflamed, so I'll be off to rest in a bit.

Hope everyone is having a better Friday than I am.
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I was at a client meeting all day yesterday (Monday), so missed out on most of the day's news. I was so behind on things that I thought the Steve Jobs keynote was today. When I got home last night, I saw that I had been mistaken.

"Apple pwns me. So very, very much. (I'm already a .mac user, so I get a free upgrade). Too bad I can't say the same about the phone...although, with that new price point, I think I'm going to have to get it for the GPS alone.

Today, on my way home from work, I got to the intersection at Wythe and Washington. Lights weren't working properly (red blinking to me on Wythe; yellow blinking to the omg rush hour insanity on Washington). Did I freak? Not so much. I pulled in to the Exxon, filled up at omg $4.55/gallon. One of the mechanics there came over to get some of those free paper towels and said "hi" to me. I smiled and greeted him back as I watched the dollar numbers go higher on the pump. He noticed my tires were all really low (hard to see on Big Red because of the fancy tires). Although he was on his way home, he turned off his car, had me pull over to the bay and filled my tires with air. He didn't charge me, so I gave him a $20, because he deserved it. Dude could've just ignored it and gone home for the day.

The book cover for Blood Bargain is now up on Amazon and in finer indy stores.

You can also see the updated mass market paperback cover for Matters of the Blood.

Whee!!! I can haz book covers!

The storms have hit and supposedly, the insane heat wave (100 degrees F) will break. ::whimpers::

In 2 days: FANGRRLS!!
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I'm considering using the title of this post as a new tagline, because lately, that's kind of what I've been doing.

Literally: I got home tonight at 10ish, after a very long RL work day. (We had a huge site launch). When I got here, I thought, "hey, I'll make myself a sandwich, read a little LJ, then go to bed."


I do have bread--about half a loaf. Thing is, I thought I'd try out a new flavor. Turns out, it has raisins in it. I loathe raisins. I loathe sweet bread for sandwiches, especially if said sandwich is cheese and salami. The flavor combo is of the fail.

So, I improvised. Two slices of swiss cheese. Two slices salami. Instant pseudo-sandwich. A side of goldfish crackers for carbs. Tres yummy.

To make this post at all relevant to anything you all might want to read about, I will call your attention to the writing profession. A great deal of the time, I find myself making sandwiches without the right kind of bread. I toss a plot idea onto the screen, keep writing, and realize later--D'oh. It totally doesn't work. Or perhaps, part of it works, only if I add something else to frame it. Yeah, this causes me to rewrite, but that's the beauty of creating. It's not set in stone until we turn it over to the print vendor, after my editor puts on her seal of a approval.

As I'm creating, I'm reworking sandwiches all over the place and finding new flavors. It's a voyage of discovery and learning, and realizing that sometime, not having the right kind of bread leads to really cool stuff.

I'd be a lot more coherent if I wasn't so darned tired. ::g::

ETA: See, I did forget something! Huge congrats to fellow MWA writer Brent Hartinger who scored a Lambda Award win for his book, Split Screen. w00t!!
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Hai, internets!! I'm still here, although I'm waaaaay behind on reading for fun. And by reading I mean all values of reading including LJ, blogs, new books, etc.

Work has entered an extremely crazy, yet quite challenging (in a good way) period, requiring me to put in some pretty long days. It's definitely all for the better as we've combined 4 teams into 2 and I (along with the other long-term project manager) have been promoted to Director. We've hired a new project manager to be on my team, so once she starts and gets up to speed, things should slow down to normal for me. In the meantime, I'm juggling twice the client load. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and I can assure you, it's not a train. ::g::

Got hooked on Grey's Anatomy sometime over the last few weeks and have, as of last night, watched through the end of season 4. (yay for iTunes and DVDs). It's made up for not having any new TV. At least SGA will start back up in July. :)

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you all at Con.txt in a few weeks. It will be the only con I attend this summer, until I go to Bouchercon in the fall. (World Mystery Con). I was hoping to do World Fantasy again, but alas, it's in Calgary this year and I don't think I can do two trips to Western Canada in 2 months. (My Vancouver trip is the first week of September).

Spent Memorial Day weekend just lazing about and watching Grey's Anatomy. Had plans for Sunday, but alas, the sinus headache won, so I ended up just napping a lot. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend (for those that observe it) and I hope to get caught up on LJ at some point in the near future. :)
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Work has been a bit hectic these days so I'm way, way behind on the more social stuff - like posting, reading LJ and such.

But, the mood struck me last night to post a variety of links of interest as I go through my RSS feeds. [sidebar: alsdkadjfladkjf stupid eljay posting interface didn't update the post like I wanted; then, when I edited and fixed, kept reverting back to the original post. ARRRGH. So I've had to reconstruct.]


Some people are just plain assholes award

Gene Hunt: vampire?

Henry Jenkins: behind the glass - discussion of slash and a cool [ profile] thingswithwings vid.

John Scalzi's new gig.

[ profile] fangs_fur_fey have some lovely stuff going on, from interviews to the fascinating Monday topic-of-the-week post.

Sidebar 2:
Note to [ profile] hyperfocused, and [ profile] cereta who played the question meme with me. If you want a copy of the teaser sampler for Blood Bargain, e-me (mylima AT Gmail dot com). Send me mailing info and I'll get it out to you. :)

If anyone else still wants to play - feel free - the post is here. I've got a bunch of the teaser books so come on and play!

Last but not at all least, a VERY happy birthday to

[ profile] resonant8
[ profile] ekaterinn
[ profile] raveninthewind

Hope your respective days were extremely special!

Sigh, I had this lovely paragraph written about how my inconvenient and annoying insomnia last night led to me being really productive on the day job front (e.g., allowing me to catch up on some mundane, tedious, yet extremely necessary tasks...say, somewhere around midnight). But the stupid eljay interface ate it all. Both versions. So the short version: Couldn't sleep. Got up. Worked. Back to bed. Slept.

TGIF to all and I sure hope I can wake up!! ::g:: (the groggy me is not to be trifled with!)
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I'm fact, I was home early afternoon on Sunday. The "doofus" part comes from having overreacted a bit to the pest control announcement from the building management and getting it straightened out by Sunday a.m. (turns out - not so much with the fumigating and more like, squirting some gel in the bathroom and kitchen - d'oh!)

Appreciation and thanks to DA and Mary who graciously offered their room on Sunday night should I need it. Although it would have been fun, I was in dire need of solitude by Sunday noon. I adore my friends and enjoy the heck out of meeting fans and making new fans, but like Lindsay Davis said in the Sunday panel: writing is a solitary profession. Although I do have a day job, I find that being alone and quiet recharges me and I really needed that.

Saturday at the convention was great. My panel: fabulous! Quite a few people complimented me on it afterwards and throughout the rest of the day. Kudos to my fellow panelists!

Had a sort of picnic lunch with my publisher, John Betancourt, and some friends. B brought in sandwich makings, chips and fruit and the 4 of us sat in the hospitality room, ate and chatted for about an hour. Because of where we were sitting, I ended up winning a great basket o'goodies in the charity silent auction. It was nearing close of auction and, as a lark, I put my name down and bid up the final bid by $5. I won the basket. :)

Got to chill in my room a bit later in the afternoon, with [ profile] beledibabe, Jan Burke and Pat M. Then we went down to the banquet, which was quite lovely.

Directly after the banquet, I went upstairs, got packed and was able to crash at a reasonable hour, which meant that Sunday was hassle free and I could get up and make a 7:30 breakfast date with SF and Dana Cameron. Got to hang out with Dana for a bit and talk about social networking (for a possible blog entry for later) and then went to a fabulous panel with all the GoHs.

Then: home. Home is a great place to be. :)

Monday, I spent lazing about, reading and napping. Today, it's off to the day job.

Overall, Malice was a blast and quite successful for me. The samplers were a huge hit. I think we went through at least 300 of them, if not more. I met some lovely folks, including a woman who writes for the Dallas Morning News and may interview me. (how cool is that!?), and Michelle from the UK, a television producer who worked on one of the Torchwood eps. We spent a great deal of time in the book room squealing like the fangrrls we are.

Also made a lovely new friend, Marie Claude from Quebec.

All in all, a great con. Now, back to RL. :)
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Hi, Internets!!! I'm still here, still kicking and very much alive. Just been a wee bit busy at the RL job. I'm still juggling 2 production teams. We've hired one Project Manager and are still working on #2.

Things are insane, but handleable. :)

This, however, really was a pretty awesome crazed week. First, we have Monday and the sinus headache of the damned. I got to work early, managed to tough it out until 10:45 a.m. and then succumbed.

It's been rather muggy around here, though the temps are way cool and lovely outside, the inside temp at my apartment is extremely warm. Greenhouse effect FTW! Oh wait, that's good in WINTER. Not so great right now when I have no a/c yet (building usually flips the HVAC system over sometime at the end of April) and no way to open my 2 measly windows because of the ongoing and annoying brickwork. The windows are both sealed from the outside. Seeing as how I'm on the 10th floor, not so easy to just run out and unseal. ::g::

I've survived - thanks to Internet tricks (cold cold water soaked washcloth and a small electric fan) and the fact that it rained for a couple of days.

Today was the height of OMFG you are going to be GONE for 2 work days, quick, can you look at this, send me a reply, tell me status of XX, omg, talk to me, please. Plus all sorts of fun and games with tech.

I get stuff done, check in with da BossLady and head home to finish packing for Malice Domestic (I'm going to the hotel around 3 tomorrow). When I got to my door, I find a notice - hey, we're going to spray for bugs on Monday. Just an FYI and say, you can't be here when we do it. Say what? Monday? No frakin' way! That's my post-convention recuperation day. I was going to come home Sunday, pass out and laze about all day on Monday so I could go to work less con-fused. ::g::

Okay, no worries, I'll just update the hotel reservation and add one more day. Except, nope, no rooms left at con rate and so sorry, dude. Arrrgh.

I've sent a plea out to a group of friends, some of whom might be staying an extra night, begging a bed. Hopefully, someone will come through. I so hate to do this last minute, but hey, had I had some notice, I might could have actually *planned* something! Sigh.

Oh well, I'll figure something out. If all else fails, I'll just go to work and save my day off for another day. (Hey, universe, that would so be my *last* choice, 'k?)

Book 3 - as yet untitled - is coming along nicely - that is, the pre-writing gathering of thoughts, of research, of planning and such. Since I'm spending the weekend in the company of some of my favorite writers, I'm hoping we'll get some time to do some idea-exchanging. Got to love cons!

My Kindle is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Now to stop buying books (at least for a while). I've purchased about 20 books so far, some new items (John Adams, Small Favor by Jim Butcher) and bought e-copies of favorites for re-reading. Hope to start a great list of To Be Purchased soon. This is totally not going to replace my print library, but to allow me to supplement since I have such a small living space. In fact, my copy of [profile] stacia_kane's Personal Demons just arrived and I'm bringing it to the con with me. I hope I'll get a little reading time!

I just realized this morning that I'm going to miss tomorrow night's episode of Supernatural, because the hotel does not have CW! EEEP!!!! I guess I'll have to be very careful around LJ when I do get to check in over the weekend to avoid spoilers.  Oh well, perhaps I'll just stay in the bar and pretend it's not really on. ::g::

Hope everyone's week is less insane than mine and more fun!

Oh yeah, ETA: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!!
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Google alerts picked up on this article in the Lima, Ohio news a bit ago.

I'm highly amused. The poor journalist had this fabulous theory about where Kent Krueger got the name of Henry Meloux's long lost love, positing that it was symbolic of Kent's early years in Lima, Ohio.

He seemed a bit crushed to find out that the character was named after me. ::g:: (due to a charity auction some years ago)


I have spent the day lounging about - reading, napping, watching some Season 8 SG-1 (so not a favorite season) and now to watch Doctor Who.

Life is good!

ETA: link fixed adlakfjdlkfjdl;kj; LJ posting interface!


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