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Because my sister is insane in that fun kind of way - the countdown to graduation.

She'll be exiting TWU with an MLS, a feat that needs much applause, as she will be turning 40 on July 11. (yes, Nan, that is Michael Rosenbaum's birthday ::g::)

She's hoping to get a Real Job (tm) at a nearby public library, at which she's been volunteering for a couple of years.

Yay, her!

In my world, work is of the sucktastic kind - nothing like coming in on Monday to "we need to have a conversation" email from a client. Sigh. The worst part - they were right, we had screwed up.

The rest of the day was sucked up with phone calls and stuff I really didn't want to deal with.

Some day, things may get better...or not.

The Asshat(tm), formerly known as my publisher, still hasn't removed my book from "in print" status at Ingram. So, people can still *buy* my book online and I *still* won't get any money. I'm talking to my attorney at the end of the week (we'll both be at the convention) and find out what I can do. I have my full waiver of release (full rights, the whole shebang), so technically, I believe this is totally illegal. I sent him email to the effect of "hey, when are you going to do this and dude, where's my money" - no reply for more than a week. His Web site seems to have vanished, too. Now what?

I have a feeling there will be dead publishers appearing as victims in some upcoming books.

Have mostly caught up on the 9th Doctor - only 2 eps to watch until I can watch the new series premiere ep. Did a marathon this weekend. Really way darker than I expected - and that's a good thing. I like dark.

Here's hoping the week improves in a work-type way.
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The subject? That would be me, doing the happy dance.

I got the official release of rights from my (now former) publisher today via FedEx. I'm now free - which means, my book is officially out of print (teh woe), but I'm free to shop it around to real publishers who might actually act like professionals (teh yay).

On other book fronts:
I started and devoured [ profile] naominovik's His Majesty's Dragon on Sunday. Fabulous characters, fascinating sense of place, excellent story. I didn't stop reading until I was done. Normally, I'm not so much into a historical setting. I usually prefer contemporary fantasy, but will enjoy well-done books, no matter the time period. Naomi's book is beyond well done, it's utterly brilliant.

Baltimore Noir debuts this week, with an event at the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore. It's an anthology of mystery stories, penned by the some of the best Charm City writers, including Laura Lippman.

eep - the threatened storms have arrived - I'll log off to spare any possibility of power freakouts. (even though I do have a heavy duty surge protector - I'm all about the safe over the sorry, especially when it involves my laptop!)
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At 8:30 this a.m., I mailed off my request for release and a waiver of release to my soon-to-be-former publisher, Quiet Storm.

The shite has hit the proverbial rotating blades.

As of yesterday, he's turned off his fax machine. Several (and by that I mean at least 8 or 10) QS authors have mailed, e-mailed and/or FedEx'd requests for release (following a post by Clint himself last week that he'd gladly release authors). Several others tried to fax their stuff - some were successful, until about 1:00 p.m. yesterday, the fax was operational. It wasn't until someone else tried that the fax was disconnected.

To date, only 1 person has received a reply and a release from the contract and release of rights.

AFAIK, he's not accepting snail mail that requires a signature. I sent 2 copies - one certified with return receipt and a 2nd one without the receipt requirement (per my attorney's suggestion).

At the very least, proof of sending and proof of delivery, along with a printout of his email agreement to release any QS author and return all rights should mean that I'm free (or soon will be) from Quiet Storm. It's a great weight lifted. I've done something positive, even though that means my novel and the 2 anthologies will soon be unavailable. The anthology group is working separately to get those rights back, plus the $3000 or the complete book order.

The sad part about that is the fact that in the 2nd anthology (the one I co-edited) - there are FOUR stories of the five total Agatha Award nominees. None of the booksellers that will be at Malice Domestic can get anyone to respond to their pleas for books to sell. I seriously do not get it.

So the editors and the contributors of both anthologies created a Web site, and we posted the four nominated stories, since there's fat chance of anyone snagging a copy. I'm so proud of this antho and so very happy that four of our stories made the Agatha short list.

I'll be sending my own nominated story from the previous anthology - but will wait until after Malice so these folks can garner the well-deserved spotlight.

At this point, I'm trying to figure out if I should try to re-sell Matters.

I'm over the ennui and want to move forward, whether with Matters and that series, or with a new series. Thing is, I *like* the Matters characters and world and want to do more there, so I may just work more in this universe and maybe slant more towards romance than mystery as I said before.

For a lovely post about saying stupid things in public - go read this by [ profile] alg.

In light of that, I thought about whether or not I should make this a public post. I decided that I would, mostly because I'm saying nothing that I haven't said to my publisher in writing directly, in e-mail, or over the phone. He's broken faith and breached the contract six ways to Sunday. I am sad that it had to end this way, as when I first met him, he was doing an amazing job. Businesses fail all the time, the main thing I'm upset about is the constant lying and long stretches (up to 2 or 3 months) of utter silence on his part - totally incommunicado.

In any case - time to move on and look to the future.
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I have a definite love/hate relationship with spring. On the one hand...ooh, shiny/pretty/warm. On the other: OMGWTFPOLLEN! I'm not technically allergic to anything, just have overactive sinuses. Yeah, well, wtfever.

I spent a good part of last week/this weekend trying to breathe. I use plain saline spray, some decongestant tablets and try to avoid the nasal sprays that work great, but eventually (in a couple days) rebound and make it worse. Sometimes, I cave, because sleeping without breathing just so doesn't work.

Because I was out of sorts due to the stupid sinuses, I spent the weekend lazing about, reading and vegging, and totally AFK. It was refreshing in a way, and utterly self-indulgent.

Book recs:
Covenants by Lorna Freeman - loaned my copy to [ profile] beledibabe who also enjoyed it.
Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell - pimped to me by PH at Mysterious Galaxy, who's convinced it's the next big thing. I'll have to agree. Really excellent book. If you want a preview, you can download it here. Tobias was kind enough to send me some promotional magnets that I'm passing out at work.

Publisher update:
He's finally surfaced, after two and a half months. Long story, yadda yadda, he's been away, etc. ad nauseum. Same old excuses. He's offered to let authors out of their contracts and give them their rights back. My letter should be going to him this week. Now to start all over. Sigh. I don't know whether to try to market something new, or try to re-sell Matters, which was #5 bestseller for them and has garnered a bit of a following. I don't even know if an agent or publisher would be willing to look at something that's already been done by a small press. I think maybe, since I've heard of others who've done this. I'm semi-considering working on another book entirely, more straightforward paranormal romance than mystery. In any case, I'm stepping back a little now to re-think my next steps. (I just became a member of Romance Writers of America - a group highly motivated in seeing their members succeed.

I'm really really behind on LJ, plan to catch up over the week, but if there's anything happening, I'd love to know about it. :)


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