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I've just updated my schedule to include FenCon, an SF/F con in Dallas, Texas in September. The organizers invited me to be a guest author at the event. I'm happy to attend, as I can combine a visit to my sister and BIL at the same time.

Don't forget to come shop at Creatures 'n' Crooks during January or attend the Books & Bling event on January 31 to meet a group of great authors!

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Friday @ Malice Domestic

Early morning wake up after a loooong night of talking, laughing and reconnecting. Went down to brekkie before the others so I could collect the boxes of samplers sent by my publisher. The lovely shipping clerk, Jerome, brought them up for me and we trekked back up to my room to drop off 4 of the 5 boxes.

After brekkie, I placed the samplers out on the author promo table. They look FABULOUS!! (pictures at other words, I am a doofus and forgot to take pics, so I'll do that today).

Most of the day was spent back and forth from the hospitality room to the dealer's room (there's a GREAT t-shirt vendor that sells lovely SF/geek type shirts, too. I might have bought some.)

[personal profile] beledibabe arrived late morning, so we got some great time in, had lunch and then she had to go off to the author speed-dating event. I didn't wish to participate so I just stayed at the restaurant chatting with Donna Andrews and J.B. Stanley.

After lunch, back to the hospitality room to refresh the sampler. We were already nearly out of the first box, so I drafted Chris Freeburn to help me carry two more boxes down. After my duty was done, I ran in to the inestimable John Betancourt, chief of all that is Wildside Press. (My publishing house). He's really excited about Blood Bargain. So cool!

Took off down to the bar to meet Dana Cameron for our sekrit assignment. She and Toni Kelner had been planning this for weeks - a bunch of us got a waitress apron, 5 sets of buttons and the directive to pass them out amongst the crowd. We became waitresses at either Merlotte's or Fangtasia (guess which one I chose? ::g::) . The buttons all celebrated Charlaine Harris, as she is GOH at Malice this year.

Buttons included "Congratulations, Charlaine", "Merlotte's - Beer, Burgers, Blood", What Type Are You? True Blood; Come to Fangtasia for a bite" and "I Find Dead People". They were a HUGE hit! Charlaine was so surprised and touched. [personal profile] beledibabe and I passed out all our buttons by the end of the opening ceremonies. There's a 2nd contingent of "waitresses" due today.

By this time, I was exhausted. Little sleep in the last few days and too much mental energy expended. Beledibabe, starrcat and our friend Sally and I took off to eat an early dinner at Lebanese Taverna, then came back to the hotel where I promptly went upstairs and passed out.

I slept 11 hours.

I feel loads better today!

Oh - and one thing I forgot to mention - really cool - while we were doing the button duty outside the meeting room for the opening ceremonies, I ran into Ginjer Buchanan, who was so tickled by what we all were doing with Charlaine. John walked up then and we all three talked for a moment, John introduced me as his author, yadda yadda. Then he asked Ginjer if she'd seen the book sampler. She hadn't, so I gave her one. She flipped it open and skimmed the first couple of pages (chock full of GREAT blurbs from authors and reviews of Matters of the Blood. She smiled and said it looked good and that I'd gotten some good authors to give me blurbs. I thanked her, and John promptly told her she couldn't poach his author.  Hee! It's so cool to have a publsher that is so much behind your work. Quite a change from the Asshat(tm). It's also quite a lovely feeling to have Ginjer (who is a VERY well-known and brilliant editor) say such nice things.

Off to brekkie in a few and then my panel is at 10:30, followed by a signing at 11:30, then my duties here are DONE. I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the company of friends. Tonight is the Agatha Awards banquet.

Hope all of you are having a fabulous weekend!
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My guest blog over at Femmes Fatale is now up. Come by, read and comment. :)

ETA: linked fixed (once again a;sdlkajdlkjafds to posting interface)
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Google alerts picked up on this article in the Lima, Ohio news a bit ago.

I'm highly amused. The poor journalist had this fabulous theory about where Kent Krueger got the name of Henry Meloux's long lost love, positing that it was symbolic of Kent's early years in Lima, Ohio.

He seemed a bit crushed to find out that the character was named after me. ::g:: (due to a charity auction some years ago)


I have spent the day lounging about - reading, napping, watching some Season 8 SG-1 (so not a favorite season) and now to watch Doctor Who.

Life is good!

ETA: link fixed adlakfjdlkfjdl;kj; LJ posting interface!
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Thanks to Smart Bitches, Trashy Wenches.... (it's a totaly SFW ad for a porn channel - see how many references you get).

Today, we be all talking like pirates, arrgh. Of course, my pirate talk tends to be more Jossian in tone (grrr. arrgh). ::g::

Lovely, gorgeous fall weather outside: sunny, breezy and not at all warm. Too bad I'm stuck in the office all day. I'm not much of an outdoors person, but when fall hits, I love the idea of lounging outside, perhaps in a hammock, with a good book and a long, tall drink.

I've been procrastinating setting up my DVR for the new TV show debuts. I'd best get on that tonight or risk missing something. What shows are you all looking forward to? (new or old) I'm definitely going to check out Moonlight and Pushing Daisies, and look forward to the return of Heroes, Friday Night Lights, SGA, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. Oh, yeah, and the back half of Blood Ties!!


Watched the first 3 SGA Season 3 episode commentaries last night. Enjoyed them, but where are Joe and David??? None of the first disk shows have actor commentaries. :( Also got my copy of A Dog's Breakfast yesterday. I've seen the movie already, as I bought it on iTunes when it was available, but am looking forward to all the lovely extras. <3s DVDs

What's up in October for me?
Some signings, all local at Borders type stores.

October 19: B Dalton # 1106, Union Station, Washington, DC 20002 4:30 p.m.
October 20: Waldenbooks @ Landmark mall 1:00 p.m.
October 26: Borders Express @ National airport at 4:00 p.m.

I'm attending Dying to Write, a conference held by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MWA on October 27, then on 10/31, I'm flying out to Saratoga Springs for World Fantasy. I'll get to meet some of my fellow Juno writers there, plus hang out with loads of my SFF friends and my darling cousin [ profile] allaboutm_e and her hubby, Jeff Mariotte, 2 people I rarely get a chance to see. I'll even (finally!) get a chance to hang out with Chris Golden. We've known each other via email for some years now, but have yet to be at the same event. This is going to be a blast!
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Can pirates kvell?

[ profile] beledibabe asked me that today when I kvelled in her general direction.

"Why?" you ask, is [ profile] chickwriter kvelling?

Mostly because:
(a) The check really was in the mail (my advance check)
(b) Was IMing with my editor and was told that
--- (1) My book is considered the "A" list book for first quarter 2007
--- (2) They plan to send out between 100 and 200 ARCs*


Do any of you all know good romance review venues other than Romantic Times magazine? They'd like to send out ARC to good romance venues, but since the Juno imprint is fairly new, my publisher is collecting lists. Any help appreciated!

And I now need to do an updated author photo - eep!

* ARC: advance reader copy
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Ran to B&N at lunch for my semi-regular dose of Sci-Fi mag and other genre mags, and spotted [ profile] naominovik's Her Majesty's Dragon on the "new releases" dump at the front of the store. I got my copy already, what are you waiting for? ;-)

Still pimping Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell and Covenants by Lorna Freeman. I'm halfway through Lorna's 2nd book (The King's Own) and am not wanting to finish it because then I'll be done and there are no more yet!! EEEEE!!! /bookpanic

The weather is awesomely beautiful - high 60s and not a cloud in the sky. I was tempted to not return to work after the lunch outing. But alas, I'm still here. Saturday is our staff retreat, which means working, but it should be productive.

Watched House last night - my reaction? Pretty much the same as all of you - OMGWTFGAYERTHANAGAYTHING! 'Nuff said.

Did not watch Lost or Veronica Mars, those will be tonight. Thank goodness for the DVR.

Tomorrow I go to a new doc for the sinusy stuff. If I like this clinic, I plan to transfer all my gyn records over to them. These folks are a women's clinic that does primary care work and gyn. I like the idea of a one-stop shop.

Trying to plan out my nearly!midnight panel for Malice Domestic - the title: Things That Go Bump In The Night - not sure of who's accepted the invite to be on the panel, but we've invited any of the attendees that have written paranormal/supernatural elements into their mysteries. I'm wracking my brain for ideas for what we'll actually do - maybe readings? I'm drawing blanks. Discuss the seductive aspects of horror? Why is the supernatural sexy?

My "official" panel is the following morning at 10:00 a.m. - Crossing Genre: Is there a bridge that allows passage from one genre to another? - My co-panelists include Carole Nelson Douglas, Barbara Hambly, Lillian Stewart Carl and Lois Greiman. I'm not running this show, but I did offer up some ideas to our moderator, who is a good friend. I did a similar panel at ConDor a few weeks ago and shamelessly stole some of the questions we discussed. ::g::

May brings BEA - and I'm an official exhibitor - working the MWA/Sisters in Crime booth. I'm psyched, as I've never attended this event. So if any of you author types are there - stop by the MWA booth and say "Hi".

Just after BEA, I'm off to Mayhem in the Midlands - my favorite small con (<200 people). This years GOH is Laura Lippman.


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