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More fannish goodness!

I got a package today from [ profile] starrcat - inside - a SIGNED photo of Great Big Sea. Yes, I squeed like the fangrrl I am.

Photo below )

This has been the Best Birthday EVER!
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The fannish fun continues. I got home tonight to a package waiting for me. The package was from my wonderful cousins and co-owners of Mysterious Galaxy, Maryelizabeth Hart ([ profile] allaboutm_e) and her darling hubby, Jeff Mariotte.

In the envelope:

A ginormous Tyvek CW tote bag from Comic-Con 2008--one side touting our boys from Supernatural, the other touting Smallville.

Inside the bag, 2 Middleman pins.

Photos below the cut )

Need I say I totally, utterly squeed?

I LOVE being a fangrrrl!!!

Again, thanks so much, cuz!

ETA: Oh yeah, I got my Season 3 Supernatural DVDs, too. So Yay again!
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So I get to work today and [ profile] 50mm shows up with a pressie from Dragon*con...a signed (to me!!) photo of Gareth David-Lloyd.


I'll try to take a pic of it tomorrow so I can show it off.

[ profile] 50mm, you TOTALLY rock!
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Just when I thought I'd end the day on a desperate plea for my missing zebra (work stuff, really not worth re-treading) - I get home to find a fun card from [ profile] toomuchplor and [ profile] iykwim with a fabulous pin made from my BtVS "Cuppa" icon.

Another envelope contained a Doctor Who Adventures magazine with a 2007 calendar forwarded to me by my lovely cousin, [ profile] allaboutm_e.

You all really perked up my sagging spirits. Thank you all sooooo much.

A couple of packages arrived via UPS, thanks to some impulse purchases and fulfilling of gift cards.
-- A copy of an SF anthology called The Future Is Queer*
-- A DVD that [ profile] lamardeuse forced me to buy b/c of pretty pretty Joe Flanigan (yes, omg, I am such the fangrrl)

All said: my evening makes up for the sucky sucky day.

Love you ALL!

ETA: oh, and THIS!

* I've been perusing anthologies recently, just to get a flavor of what's out there in short story land, primarily SF/F flavored.
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A lovely gift arrived in today's mail, even though it's not my birthday.

Charlaine Harris sent me the ARC of Chris Golden/Amber Benson's Ghosts of Albion:Accursed. w00t!

I've already pre-ordered at Mysterious Galaxy, but want an inscribed copy, so I'd have had to wait until Chris and Amber sign there much later in the month. Now I have a copy to read ahead of time. ::g::

I <3 my enabler friends.

A bit of synchronicity:
I was reading some of my rss feeds today via bloglines and discovered a mention of an author advance survey by Tobias S. Buckell. The post wasn't anything new, but I liked his style so decided to link up his blog to my feeds.

A post from earlier today mentions [ profile] alg's LJ and recommendation re: a book. Now, she doesn't know this, but I met her a couple of years ago at an MWA symposium. We both were wearing the exact same style of glasses. At the time, I hadn't yet sold Matters to a publisher and was hoping to submit to her. For one reason or another, it never happened, and Matters was sold to a different publisher.

I read her post, and lo and behold, who's name do I see bandied about but [ profile] pearl_o's! In investigating, I also find that she's friended [ profile] engenda and [ profile] girl_clone.

I've just friended her, because, dude, her interests include Callum! and she thinks Claudia Black is tres hot, which, yeah.

Back when I saw her presentation at the MWA event, I couldn't get over how much she reminded me of me when I was younger (attitude and a bit in the looks, but she's much cuter). I'm thinking that her being a Callum fan just cements it. ::g::

Like I always say, small freakin' world.


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