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I spent today writing, napping, reading and writing some more. BLOOD KIN has broken 52,000 words and today's word count was just under 3,000. Yay for me!! I even like the new direction the story's taking. It was a tough writing week, but the mojo seems to have returned (Thanks, Toni!!)

I have to admit, I totally succumbed to the new Kindle2 shine. I ordered mine on Monday, before midnight, so it's supposed to arrive on 2/26 (2 day shipping). Even though there's no SD port, the 2GB storage is WAY more than enough. I just backed up all my files on my current SD card and Kindle, and 776 files later, I only had 253 MB. LOADS of more room on the new Kindle. Plus, it seems to be better designed. Yippee!!

Also of the good, thanks to a heads up from storm_grant, both my current books are on the fantasy bestseller list on Fictionwise.

Screenshot below )

Seems it's been on there more than a week, so w00t!!

How are all of you?
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My story: I will tell you it.

In 2000, I moved to the DC area from San Antonio, TX. That's when I began writing fiction seriously.

In 2004, my first short story, The Butler Didn't Do It, was published in Chesapeake Crimes I, and garnered an Agatha Award nomination for Best Short Story.

In 2005, version 1.0 of Matters of the Blood was published by the same publisher that did the anthology. A few months later, said publisher fell off the map and many authors were angry because we never got paid...I had a 3 book contract. ::grrr arrgh::

In 2006, thanks to John Betancourt's attending my panel @ Malice Domestic, Juno acquired Matters as a reprint. The trade paperback edition came out in March 2007.

In 2008, Matters was once again reborn, as a mass market paperback, followed by the 2nd in the Blood Lines series, Blood Bargain.

Now, in 2009, the Blood Lines series will once again be reborn as part of Juno/Pocket - as per the schedule below.

Juno/Pocket schedule for 2009:
* June 2009: Amazon Ink, Lori Devoti (first of series)
* July 2009: Vicious Circle, Linda Robertson (first of a series)
* August 2009: Demon Inside, Stacia Kane (second of series)
* September 2009: reprint Matters of the Blood, Maria Lima (first of a series)
* October 2009: reprint Blood Bargain, Maria Lima (second of series)
* November 2009: Blood Kin, Maria Lima (third of series)
* December 2009: Vampire Sunrise, Carole Nelson Douglas (third of series)
* January 2010: Hallowed Circle, Linda Robertson (second in series)

I'm a very lucky woman.

Oh, the e-book version of Blood Bargain is now available at Fictionwise.
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Folks - I've been sitting on this for WEEKS! I found out at Xmas and wasn't allowed to make it public until Simon & Schuster sent out their press release. Which they did. Yesterday afternoon. After the inauguration. How freaking cool is that?

Press release:


New York, New York (January 19, 2009) – Louise Burke, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books, has announced a new co-publishing agreement with Juno Books, best known for contemporary fantasy novels that emphasize strong female protagonists in richly imagined contexts. Juno will become an imprint of Pocket Books, publishing one title per month with the first release, AMAZON INK by Lori Devoti, slated for June 2009.

Juno Books began its publishing program in Fall 2006 and quickly became noted in the fantasy fiction genre for such breakout successes as Carole Nelson Douglas and Stacia Kane and garnering critical acclaim for many of their titles.

“Pocket Books and Juno Books are a great fit,” said Louise Burke. “We’ve seen great growth in this category, are delighted to now have a dedicated line, and look forward to helping to cultivate a wider audience for Juno’s terrific roster of authors.”

Juno Books Editor Paula Guran said: "I'm tremendously excited about the opportunity to help take Juno to the next level through our association with Pocket Books. Both Juno and fantasy readers in general will gain immensely by sales and marketing reach of Pocket Books and Simon & Schuster, while still getting the best of our editorial sensibility."

Pocket Books Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle will work in concert with Juno Books Editor Paula Guran.
[end release]

What this means for me:
-- the Blood Lines series will be published by Pocket Books/Juno from now on
-- copies of the current 2 books may be hard to find right now as the agreement went into effect January 1, but my understanding is that both books will be reprinted at some point later in the year.
-- Blood Kin will be out in November (book 3)
-- because it's Pocket Books, those of us with Juno will more than likely get a great deal more exposure in the bookstores

So, much with the yays!!!
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Amber of Amberakatze's Book Blog interviews me here. If you stop by, you can enter the contest to win a signed copy of Matters of the Blood.

In other news, I've been working on Book 3, now tentatively titled Blood Lines. Intrigue and all sorts of family and other kinds of plotting abound. This is going to be twisty and fun. Many thanks to [ profile] beledibabe who helped me brainstorm last weekend. She's always so brilliant at this.

Now, I think I'll go back to watch the Two Towers, extended edition.

Happy Sunday, all!
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So, book 3 (as yet untitled) is still in the thinky planning stages. Part of it is that I'm waiting for final editorial on Blood Bargain, which may or may not affect things in Book 3. Ah, the woes of an author. ::g::

I've updated my book page to include the cover and ISBN for In the Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural, one of the fabulous SmartPop series by Benbella books. My essay, Another Roadside Attraction, The Role of the Trickster in Supernatural will be published in the book (due out March 2009).

I'm very excited about this, as those of you that know me, know how much I enjoy fannish meta. To be able to do this for Benbella was a dream of mine, ever since I read Seven Seasons of Buffy, several years ago. Now, it's coming true!

One update to my schedule: I am *not* going to be at Creatures 'n' Crooks on August 23. Seems I've overbooked myself and had to bow out. I will, however, definitely be at Bouchercon.

I'm hoping to figure out a way to make it to Calgary for World Fantasy this year. I enjoyed myself so much last year, I want to attend. However, 2 trips to Western Canada in as many months might just not work out. Keep your fingers crossed.

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I may be home with a massive sinus headache, but the gods they are good to me.

Sean, chief editor of Wildside Press has posted my final book cover on his blog.

I spent the greater part of the weekend fighting off some sort of sinus something. It won and I am home from work with the headache that would not quit, but I don't care, because my book cover is fab and, if the printing gods are good, I shall have copies in my hot little hands next week for my event at the Alexandria Public Library.

Now, back to bed.


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