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I'm keeping a low profile this weekend, mainly because in 10 days, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law arrive for turkey day and their first visit to me since I moved to the DC area.

Since I live in efficiency-land, they're all staying in a nearby hotel and plans are to do the touristy thing while they're here.

Next weekend, I'm off to NJ to visit with [ profile] starrcat and whomever else shows up. Just needing to get away for a couple of days before the 'rents descend. I'm taking my spankin' new Sony Reader with me. Spent all day Saturday setting it up and copying files. I now have 475 "books" - which means, the pre-loaded books and excerpts and a bunch of lovely fiction. It was a little tough to get set up, the Connect Reader software only works on PC, so I brought home my work laptop and got it set up there. My fic files are on a flash drive, so that was fairly easy. Only real caveat is that the Connect Reader ties up a LOT of resources on the machine and froze up several times before I got the hang of how to transfer files.

I really like the format - it's the size of a paperback book and the text can be made small, medium and large. There are some minor usage details that I'd have changed, but nothing that made me want to throw the thing against a wall. At some point, I'll check out the e-bookstore, but not until I'm ready to spend more $$.

Other fun things:
Just got added as a Library Thing author - be sure to stop by and comment (you can do that on my profile page). My page looks so lonely. ::g::

Yay to the CKR Bravo interview - what a lovely lovely man. Thanks to those of you that made it possible for me to watch it...over and over again...yes, I am an obsessed fangrrl, why do you ask?

Just finished reading Lois McMaster Bujold's A Civil Campaign. Really happy that I finally dove into this series. Also just ordered a bunch of books from my cousins at Mysterious Galaxy (my favorite indy bookstore).

The day's been all rainy and gray here, which is fine by me, since I've been cocooning - reading and resting. At some point, it's naptime, even though I have yet to watch Friday's BSG ep. Will do so sometime tonight.

Cheers to all. :)
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I'm back, she says, and all cabled up with Intarweb access - totally of the good.

Celebrate Banned Books Week - why don't you buy one of these listed or check it out of the library?

ETA: Oh yeah, a really good article by the author of The Geography Club, a lovely YA novel about gay teens.

For Rocky Horror cultists and aficionados: Shock Treatment is being released on DVD!

I spent most of Saturday musing on where Book 2 (now officially Blood Bargain) is going and will need to go to make it work. Also read more in the Vorkosigan series by Lois McMaster Bujold. Why the heck hadn't I discovered these already?

I managed to catch Studio 60's premier episode and am loving it so far. <3s Aaron Sorkin.

My DVD set of The Book of Daniel just shipped! (again, of the very good!)

Alas, I will not be at Bouchercon with my mystery peeps this year. (of the sad)

SG1 - haven't seen the ep

SGA - yes, more, please. I'm not liking the hiatus thing at all, but am pleased to know that there are ways of not waiting.

Eureka - very glad they've been putting the episodes on iTunes - just caught up last night through last week.

A bit of medical news - not bad )

Dr. House, where the heck are you when I need you? I am officially a diagnostic mystery.

That is all for today.
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Feel free to totally skip the whingeing. Really.

The power went out about 10:00 p.m. last night. No worries, I have a flashlight. I can handle a wee power outage...except, not so much with the wee and more of the OMG, it's still fucking out.

I Slept horribly as it got extremely warm and humid inside b/c no power = no a/c.

This morning, I wake up to, you guessed it, no power still.

Freezing cold shower, then a 10-story walk down to the ground the DARK with my flashlight because the emergency lighting doesn't last past a couple of hours.

Many storms wreaking havoc all over the place, but hey, I got to work. Work, which is on an "iffy" grid, is actually fine - no power outages. Go figure.

Once at work, though I find that I have no team today. One guy is on vacation. (this I knew). The other guy called in. Arrgh. And this is the last week of the month, and the last week of our fiscal year. :(

The weather is still sucky - thunderstorms predicted all week - just started to rain again.

Tried calling my apartment building - only got the weird busy signal, which usually means no service. This does not bode well.

Good thing is, I followed the 5 Ps - I packed an overnight bag, with changes of clothing and toiletries and put Blanche in the backpack along with my PDA and assorted power cords. So, if I have to camp out at a coworkers, at least I have clean clothes, a computer and stuff to read.

Of the good:
Over the weekend, I watched Entourage, season 1 (thank you, Netflix); Kinky Boots (really cute) and caught up on The Closer and Saved. I did not, however, get any writing done.

I still want a do-over, though. ::points to new icon:: Tardis, please take me away!!
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I'm still ticking, still just fine. Doc visit on Friday yielded nothing but a bit of anemia, a sinus infection and a request to follow up with more bloodwork. Uhm, seriously, I *write* about vampires, I don't want to hang out with them. ::g::

Thanks to all of you that sent me get-well wishes, it was a crazy crazy week last week!

I spent the weekend fighting with Word, trying to get my edits back to my editor. Seems like the stupid "track changes" function wanted to just remove chunks, when I hit "accept all changes". ARRGH. I ended up spending nearly three hours having to go change by change and accepting them individually. Sigh.

Note to self: never use "track changes" on a manuscript EVER again.

Watched Transamerica on Sunday (yay Netflix) and enjoyed it immensely. Spent the rest of the day vegging.

This week will be full of work stuff that I need to get done before Friday b/c yay, Con.Txt!! In my infiinte not-wisdom, I reserved a room for me and [ profile] bheerfan for Friday and Saturday nights, not realizing that I probably wanted to come stay on Thursday. (yes, yes, I know, I did this LAST year, too. The brain, she is losing it.) So in any case, I'll be there first thing on Friday morning. Looking forward to hanging with folks I rarely get to see in person and meeting new folks.

Now that my edits to Matters are done (at least until I get more feedback), I'll be concentrating on Book 2 - which I believe I'm going to go back to calling Blood Bargain. I've screwed around with titles and I really like this one best. I've already done a lot of preliminary work, notes, etc. - filling in holes about Keira's world, how things work, etc. Now I get to the tough and most exciting part - writing the damned thing. I have about 35,000 words from a previous incarnation of which I can salvage most of it, but really, it's the sitting down and doing it. Ah well, the trials and tribulations of authors. ::g::

If I don't post again, catch many of you at Con.Txt!!
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It might be [ profile] bheerfan's birthday, but I got a pressie today, too - Black Powder War, the third in [ profile] naominovik's fabulous trilogy.

I'm so tempted to RUN home and read, but I must work tonight on revisions to Matters and some notes I jotted down over the weekend for Book 2, now titled Unnecessary Evil. Getting back into the swing of writing all the time will be tough, but I tend to work better when I have deadlines looming.

I should be getting the contract this week, and then will return back to them shortly thereafter.

There's something energizing about attending a convention, whether mystery, SF/F or just fannish. Conventions and gatherings of like-minded peeps tend to make me want to dig right in and be creative, making words dance. I regret not having brought my laptop to Mayhem, but maybe it worked out for the best. I don't know. Editing a printed ms (e.g., Matters) is not something I've done for a while and it required me to really concentrate. I'm so used to reading/editing on screen, that I was a bit taken aback by the slow process. I do think this allowed me to see things that I wanted to tweak - maybe more easily than reviewing on screen? I don't really know.

My query to an agent fell flat - got a very quick rejection note. :( Oh well, once I'd re-read my query, I realized that I hadn't mentioned that the upcoming contract would be for the Matters reprint, and the next 3 books. Eep - my bad. I'm not sure if it makes sense to send a reply (this was all via e-mail), and explain. Or if I should query the next agent on my list.

Sigh. I hate this part.

In any case, life goes on. The writing goes on. The contract will arrive and then things will happen.

One of the next things I need to do is to look up 2007 SF/F cons, especially any within driving distance. Since I hadn't yet made any concrete plans for mystery cons, this is a good time to figure out which SF/F cons I need to attend. Definitely think that Balticon will be on that list, since it's right nearby. I don't know if I mentioned it, but my work will be marketed as paranormal romance, so I need to set my sights on venues that will have fans of this genre. Probably need to look at Romantic Times, too and possibly Romance Writers' annual convention, too. I'm a member of RWA, but haven't been one for long. Over the past 7 years, I've been so tied into the mystery community, it's time to get myself back out to non-mystery events.

If any of you have any suggestions as to good genre type cons that have author guests/speakers/participants, please let me know.
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Thanks to all of you lovely people that sent me notes, commented on my entry, etc. re: my publisher news.

I'm so psyched!

[ profile] viggofest, yep, I dug out the pirate flag, and it's definitely yours. ::g::

My apartment looks like a bookstore exploded in it - more or less. I've got at least 3 or 4 tote bags of books I'm taking in to work for the gang, not to mention at least 2 that are for me alone.

I've managed to do a lot more this morning than I'd planned:

(1) Quick trip to Borders to find missing Sherrilyn Kenyon book: check (I snagged the brand new one at BEA, but was missing Sins of the Night, 2 books back. I'm such a stickler for reading stuff in order, I had to go get this, plus Charlie Huston's first book, Already Dead.)

(2) Staples stop to buy new laser printer: check (My very nice Lexmark printer is still in great shape, unfortunately, the toner cartridges just won't work for me. They last up to 2500 pages and cost $90+ - since I tend to print out at least that many pages in a month when I'm writing, that's cost prohibitive. Upgraded to a Brother HL-5140, which has high-yield toner cartridges that will do 6700 pages and cost less than the Lexmark cartridges.)

(3) CVS stop for sundries: check

(4) Set up new printer and print out copy of Matters for editing/taking to Omaha: check

(5) Read through email and post to LJ: check

Now it's decompress, nap and reading time. I'll pack for Omaha later.
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Often, it's little things that make my day, make me do the happy dance.

  • This morning, I read this lovely write up of Mountie and Soul, by [ profile] bethbethbeth. A wonderful way to start my day and utterly rekindled my love for the goofy/brilliant/amazing wonder that is Due South.

  • Traffic was nearly non-existent and it's not raining.

  • I got to work to find that I have a reserved parking space! w00t! Not that it's all that much of a big deal, but I'd asked the previous Director of Admin for more than a year if she could check with the building folks about this. It's a little extra each month and I'm willing to do this. Mostly because there's a whole new crop of asshats that tend to either take up 2 spaces, or park so much on the line, that, effectively, it's the same thing. Yeah, I could go park on Level 2, but it's the principle of the thing. I've been parking in the same 1 or 2 spaces for 4 years now and get PO'd when new office tenants hog the best spaces. /rant In any case, I mentioned the reserved space thing Tuesday evening to a certain person, and by this a.m. - voila - my very own space.

  • Today is my Friday as I'll be at BEA all weekend, working the MWA booth. I get to spend quality (and quantity) time with one of my closest friends, who lives in NYC and I rarely get to see. Plus a lot of time with fellow authors, including Carla, Donna Andrews and the rest of the gang. Oddly enough, or maybe not "odd" per se, for years, I've wanted to attend a BEA, but because it was never close by, nor could I really afford the fees, I never went. This year, I not only get to go, but because I'm working the entire weekend, have a free exhibitor pass. Yay, me!

  • I'm also truly psyched that my shows have evidently been renewed by the [stupidname] CW network: Veronica Mars, Supernatural and Smallville will be returning in the fall. I've not yet seen the final official announcements, but enough reputable sources have reported this. As my friend F says, "Is this the sign of the apocalypse?". I mostly have shite for luck when it comes to good TV (can you say Firefly? Wonderfalls?, The Book of Daniel?) Maybe things are changing at the networks....Nah. That would be too much to ask.

  • I'm off work Monday, post BEA weekend for decompression.

  • I work only two days next week (Tues/Weds) then it's off to Omaha, NE for Mayhem in the Midlands, my absolute favorite small mystery con. It's held at the Sheraton in downtown Omaha, a small historic hotel. Limited to 200 people (I think the most so far has been 170) and run by the Omaha Public Library Foundation, there are always lots of fun to be had. It's kind of a low-key con for me - plenty of time to hang out with friends, meet new fans and just relax.

  • Con.txt is SOON!!!

I'll probably be AFK for the better part of the next 10 days or so, but hope to get computer access at some point. You all be good, and if you can't be good, be better. ::g::
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Dudes, I must have the luck of the Irish or whomever today.

Weather's turning dicey (winds, rain, etc.). I leave work at 6:30 and get about 2 blocks from home and, oh noes! the traffic lights have no power!

I peer through the trees - damnation - my apt. complex has no power. All well and good, I don't mind hanging in the lobby for a few, but I really really really need to use the loo...and I live on the 10th floor. Taking the stairs is not an option.

I hesitate, thinking I might go on down to Borders, use their loo and buy a cuppa, but what the heck, I'm here, I might as well go on in and figure I can use the loo in the lobby.

The very SECOND I got to the building door, the power came back on.

I win at life! [insert Paul Gross arms here]

In other news, keep your fingers and toes crossed, there may be good news on the publishing front soonish. (After BEA) All depends on some paperwork.

Speaking of BEA - if you're planning on being there, stop by to see me. I'll be at the MWA booth most of the time, at the Sisters in Crime booth Sunday from 11-2.
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There's only one thing better than being at at Great Big Sea concert - being there with great friends and in the THIRD ROW!!! Write up here in the Post.

[ profile] starrcat, [ profile] darthrami, [ profile] strange_selkie, N and his wife, B and JM and her hubby were all in attendance to chair dance, sing and clap mightily for the boys from Newfoundland. It was a fabulous concert, ending on the 2nd encore, as the boys came to the very edge of the stage, and quietly sang an a capella, and un-mic'd Old Brown's Daughter. They'd done this at Wolf Trap last year, but it's a whole other experience when it's only a few feet away.

My crush on Alan Doyle remains unabated...although, getting to see Sean McCann's brothers, both lovely to look at, was quite fun. :)

Starrcat and I spent Saturday roaming around, a great breakfast buffet at the Royal in Old Town, followed by a visit to my office, then book shopping and a lazy afternoon. Dinner at Lebanese Taverna with Donna Andrews and Marcia Talley rounded out our evening.

Sunday was supposed to be brunch with [ profile] beledibabe, then farewell to [ profile] starrcat, but unfortunately, my insides decided otherwise. I dropped [ profile] starrcat at the airport way early and then went home and crawled into bed. Spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading [ profile] naominovik's newest, Throne of Jade.
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a.k.a. random musings from [ profile] chickwriter

WWBD? Start a church, evidently!

We loves Friday, my precious, we do. Especially when I get to leave work early and go to see Great Big Sea! I'm still kvelling over the fact that I'm in the THIRD ROW!!

There's nothing like watching TV when you can't sleep...especially Smallville and Supernatural. Uhm, maybe that last wasn't such a good idea, but at 2:00 a.m., it was the only idea. My thoughts on either/both - mostly yay to the SPN and the set up for next week's season finale. Some Jossing going on, but this has been discussed elsewhere and with more coherence. (the links are interchangeable for "elsewhere" and "coherence" - b/c I'm certainly not that today.)

My SV Thoughts - a bit of meta and some spoilery )

Work is bringing in Five Guys burgers for all - yippee!!

I'll be AFK for the weekend, as I'll be hanging with D - still no clue as to what to do tomorrow. Planning dinner at Lebanese Taverna later in the early evening, but nothing so far for daytime. Museum strolling may work, but depends on her knee situation - recent surgery may not allow much walking. Weather should be good, so maybe just a drive around town? I dunno - DC area folks - any ideas?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

ETA - d'oh - I almost forgot - I'm wearing my new t-shirt today - designed by my co-worker and fellow geek. Check it out on CafePress I got the black one.
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A most happy birthday to [profile] z_rayne - hope your day is fabulous!!

And apologies and belated birthday wishes to [profile] nifra_idril - somehow, in the craziness of this past week, I missed your day. I hope it was special and fantastic!!

Today has been a catch up day - when you're away from work even as few as 2 days, things pile up.

D comes on Friday, and then it's GREAT BIG SEA!!! w00t! with third row tix and fine company to boot (will be going with D, [personal profile] darthrami, [profile] strange_selkie, N, his wife B and a couple of other coworkers.

D's my enabler - the woman who got me into Buffy, into due South (with help from [personal profile] beledibabe! and who is one of the people I dedicated Matters of the Blood to. Between her, [personal profile] beledibabe and [profile] allaboutm_e, I got back in touch with my inner fangrrl and was able to connect with my SF/F roots. They are the best women evah!

I know I promised to post the recommended reading list that I handed out at Malice, but I've been crazy busy. One day, soon, really, I will. ::g::
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First off, I'd like to wish the happiest of birthdays to [personal profile] lynnmonster!  Hope your day is full of wonderful things, Lynn!

A quick overview of Malice as I'm still a bit overtired.

Friday was a haze of seeing old friends, meeting new ones and me buying stuff at the live auction. (eep!)

Hooked up with (read as: hung out and bothered/entertained the Buzzy Multimedia gals, Joy and June. As always, they were fabulous! I ended up spending a great deal of time there - which was awesome, as that was the perfect place to meet up with other folks. :)

At our nearly!midnight panel (tm) ;-) - a slew of us discussed the paranormal - in mystery, in writing in general, in life. I'd put together a recommended reading/watching list for the audience, fifteen copies, as I expected only a handful of attendees. I was so wrong. There were well over fifty people there. I was so psyched! (FYI, I'll post the list a bit later today, in case you're interested.) The spooky atmosphere was provided by Donna Andrews, who graciously brought us some fabulous props, including wrought iron candle holders (with the requisite candles); bats, spiders, and other things that go bump in the night. Most of the panelists dressed appropriately. Michael Sean McGowan and I wore t-shirts from Buzzy (mine read: I'm not staring at you, I'm studying my prey). Charlaine Harris wore her custom-made fangs and a shirt that said "I'm not dead yet"); Lillian Stewart Carl wore ghostly gear, as did Pari Noskin Taichert and Deni Dietz. Barbara Hambly wore a lovely dark flowy shawl. Shirley Damsgaard, came as a witch. We were all congratulated at the end of the panel - and I have NO idea what I said/did/asked...I winged all of it, as I'd had little time to prepare. It'll be interesting to hear the audio when I get the CD in a few weeks. :)

I slept very little that night, despite the fact I was up for most of Thursday night. Malice always affects me like this - I get all hyped up and energetic and can't seem to come down.

Saturday started with a 7 a.m. brekkie with the brilliant Dana Cameron, [personal profile] beledibabe and others, followed by more gabfesting and the 9:00 a.m. Sex & Strumpets panel, which was a hoot. My Crossing Genres panel was directly following - hard act to follow, but I think we pulled it off. Didn't hurt that we had a brilliant moderator and the incomparable Barbara Hambly and the equally lovely Lillian Stewart Carl were panel-mates. Kudos to them and the other panelists for sticking with this after the previous night - we were all so wiped!

The rest of the day was spent hanging out at the Buzzy booth, the MWA table and wandering the dealer's room.

The banquet was lovely, except the awards presentation was a tad bit dry and rushed - found out later that the committee chair (who presented) was overly nervous. I have some ideas about next year's presentation that I'm sending the board.

I skipped the traditional post-banquet bar scene, as I could barely keep my eyes open. Got to my room, changed into my sleep shirt and managed to read 100 pages of Charlaine's newest, Definitely Dead before passing out. No spoilers, but I can say that I'm glad that my character (Maria-Star Cooper) is not only still with us, but is a bit more prominent in this book. (let's all pause a moment for a bit of fangrrl squee!!!!!!)

Sunday started with packing and hauling stuff to the car, then a lovely brekkie, chatting with Charlaine and then hanging out in the dealer's room until the bitter end. I'd planned to stick around for the Dead Dog Dinner, as I do each year, but by the time for the traditional afternoon closing tea, I realized that I'd best just go home.

Thank goodness I took today off, because I'm still really wiped. Plan to take a bit of a nap in a few.

Of the good
- met up with some fellow refugees from Quiet Storm and talked to them briefly about their plans.
- got to see loads of friends - both new and old

Of the great
- Nothing official yet, nor will I divulge details, but there could be good writing news ahead :)

Next month - BEA and Mayhem in the Midlands!
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My friend and fellow author Susan McBride posts on an interesting topic in today's Book Tarts. Evidently, there is a new and rather exclusive club in Dallas for "the Beautiful People" - literally. If you're not beautiful, per their criteria, you don't get in.

Along the same note, I was perusing the Librarians' Internet Index today (I get the RSS feed), and saw this fascinating exhibit about body modification.

So, the age old question remains? What is beauty? Yes, most definitely it's in the eye of the beholder, but what qualifies the folks in Dallas, or in any other culture for that matter, as judges? For me, beauty encompasses a great many things, not the least of which is personality. If someone is not traditionally pretty/handsome, but their very demeanor sparkles, that immediately puts them into the "beautiful" category. Same in reverse. Plus, anyone who's had enough cosmetic facial reconstruction to resemble a store mannequin automatically isn't beautiful to me - in fact, it's way on the creepy scale.

I'm not being facetious, PC or anything other than genuine here. To me, external beauty is a compilation of factors, not anything to do with societal norms. I've always been this way. That said, I do have a marked preference for cleanliness - the best personality, prettiest face in the world won't overcome filth - greasy unkempt hair and moldy teeth are so not attractive.

In my book, a Felicity Huffman or a Callum Keith Rennie win out over a Barbie/Ken clone any day. So, in fact, will Camryn Manheim and Robbie Coltrane. I'm not denying the pretty, b/c I can be as shallow as the next person, ogling Angelina, Claudia Black, Paul Gross, etc., but also in those cases, none of these folks are shallow and brainless.

I wonder how many of the Dallas "beautiful people" have a happy life? Or, is being shallow and concerned only with fitting in to an unreal expectation enough? What scares me is what happens to their families, their husbands/wives/children, if they're not beautiful enough? (Yeah, I get that this club is primarily for singles - but hey, so, if you're that "beautiful", does this mean you need to hang out here to get a date?).

Your thoughts?

BTW - it's International Women's Day - so, even more interesting that I found this today.
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Welcome to the first day of March, which is nothing like the eleventh of March, but we'll leave that day to Leslie Nielsen.

Things that have amused me today:
Sarah Weinman's post about some other post re: author's dress codes

Jon Jordan of Crimespree Magazine put in his .02

Me, I'm all atwitter, I must now unpack and repack my suitcase for ConDor, because, horrors! I forgot the pantyhose...Uhm. No.

As I replied to Jon's post, I'm of the SJ Rozan school of dress. Black on black, with blue jeans as an accent. I do, however, tend to skew my dress to the audience. At a mystery con banquet, I dress in my nice black slacks and/or my fab black velvet pants/jacket. If I'm presenting at a panel, I go for the black jeans and some sort of jacket, usually over a plain black tee. At an SF/F con, I pull out the fannish t's to wear under the overshirt. At a fannish con, it's all about the comfort, dude, because I'm so not the fashion maven. I fail at dress-up, always have. There was a brief, if insane moment in the late 70s, while in college that I went for the hair/makeup thing. It didn't last long AT all. I was into sensible shoes before the Robin Williams/Billy Crystal riff.

Seriously, trying to standardize what writers should wear just makes me want to laugh. Because slaves to corporate "business casual" type wear: not so much. Part of what makes us tick is creativity and individuality - whether it's feather boas and glittery shoes or my Joss Whedon is My Master Now t-shirt. It all goes.

In other news:

  • Work is still beyond busy. I've not made it home earlier than 8:00 any night this week or last. It's a good kind of busy, mostly, but still.

  • I'm off to San Diego on Friday a.m. at the unbelievable hour of half-past not!dawn (e.g., 6:27 a.m.) - of the good, I get into SD at 12:45 and then it's party, paneling and hanging with my SF/F homies. My return flight on Monday is at the same ungodly hour, but I'm back home at a reasonable time and can nap.

  • I'm not taking Blanche to SD, so I'll be offline for four days. This is almost inconceivable, but I'm trying to travel light.

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Today, it's still grey and looking like rain-ish, although according to local weather reports, we're not expecting any, nor are we expecting snow. This is a good thing. I can deal with grey skies, after all, it's only ONE WEEK until I leave for ConDor and San Diego. ::ignores tales of Escapade bound f'list::

The week's been busy with work stuff, some great (a project that's gone well); some not-so-great - we're losing our Director of IT and our tester.

Last night, I joined TKL and some other co-workers for T's hubby's b-day dinner at Lebanese Taverna, one of my favorite restaurants. A bottle of wine, a bunch of mezze later, I was one happy camper. S (T's hubby) invited me to join them in Thursday night gaming. Tempting as that may be, I'm passing, but reserving the ability to change my mind. I'm just afraid if I get caught up in this, it will be too easy to avoid writing. Plus, for me, Thursday is not the new Friday, because dudes, I'm too old to maintain at work the next day after a night of drunken debauchery and gaming. ::g::

Finished reading Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal , by Christopher Moore and am just over halfway through The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. My first exposure to Chris was via Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story. If you haven't guessed already, he's a brilliant writer who combines wit, cleverness and humor with a rocking good story. I have all of his books, purchased at Creatures'n'Crooks in Richmond during one of my own book signings. That's the drawback to signings, you often end up spending way more than you should.

I had to buy a new cell phone yesterday - the freebie I got with my service crapped out on me. The salesperson was fabulous and helpful(!) - amazing thing that. I ended up with a Nokia model. Too many bells/whistles for me, as I don't really need all those extras, but it's impossible to buy just a plain phone anymore.

This weekend, I plan to pack for ConDor, because I'm anal that way. Other than that, I've got a couple of ideas floating in my head, not sure if they'll be short stories or novels or what, but I'll give them some room to grow and see what transpires.

If you're going to Escapade, enjoy, post often and make us hate you jealous live vicariously. If you're not going to Escapade, have a fabulous weekend.

ETA: oh yeah, I'm operating on little to no sleep today - due to the idjit neighbor man (whom I've never seen) who's wife/SO/sister/mother/whomever he so fondly addressed as "Bitch" in the wee hours of the a.m. while pounding/kicking the door, locked him out. I know security came up several times and he finally stopped, but SHEESH!
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A man in a gorilla suit just walked by my office.

No, I'm really not hallucinating.

It's one of my co-workers, who, some 4 years ago, showed up at a staff meeting, shaven-headed, with Neo sunglasses, black pants, black T-shirt, black frock coat. His resemblance to Keanu was duly noted...after the shock.

Evidently, he'd always wanted a gorilla suit, so he bought one.

In other news, the big work project has been handed off to the client. Yay, yippee, and all of that.

I did the grocery run at lunch, so I don't get tangled up with all the "OMGIt'sGonnaSnow" idjits.

It's FRIDAY!!! And I can catch up on my shows, b/c I didn't watch *any* TV this week.

I'm taking a mini-vacation from life for the weekend.
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So I'm watching Supernatural over the weekend and the girl that's playing Cassie looks really well she should. She was a Slayer in Training.

Lest we forget, Amy Acker and Julie Benz have taken their bows.

Another Jossverse moment - anyone seen the latest Domino's pizza commercials? It's starring James C. Leary, better known to the world at large as Clem, the floppy eared demon.

Really really wild small world moment? Cousin Jeff Mariotte's post about said commercial the *same* day I got the small version of this photo of me and James from Moonlight Rising '04.

Jeff thinks James is stalking me. heh.

Oh, and by the way - I have a new default icon.
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And I'm [ profile] beledibabe's bitch... (well, mostly)

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Expensive cheeses/deli meats Because I'm worth it. I love a good triple cream Brie, prosciutto di Parma, Serrano ham. I'm a deli snob.
Literary: all of Jenny Crusie's novels They're fluffy. They're witty. They're brilliantly funny and totally hot.
Audiovisual: Smallville They're really really pretty. <3s Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Alison Mack
Musical: Cheesy love ballads They speak to the incurable romantic in me.
Celebrity: Callum Keith Rennie If you need me to explain, you just don't get it.

Now I tag:-

[ profile] estrella30 [ profile] byob_kenobi [ profile] brooklinegirl [ profile] bheerfan and [ profile] aerye

to complete this same Quiz, It's HERE.

If I tagged you, feel free to ignore, although I'd love to see what you say. ::g::

I was going to do work at home this weekend, but as I started to look at it yesterday, I decided that no, I didn't want to. So, I've spent the weekend indulging in watching SG1 episodes (thanks, [ profile] bheerfan!); making a copy of S:AAB disk 1 for [ profile] aerye, reading [ profile] brooklinegirl's pizza AU (brilliant!) and just vegging. It's been great.
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A brilliant start to February!

-- day much quieter and much less anxiety producing than, say, any day in January
-- left at 4:00 p.m.

-- Met up with [ profile] beledibabe at Barnes & Noble on 12th St. NW in DC. The plan: to have an early dinner and then go to the Jenny Crusie event at the Smithsonian.
-- Found a great notebook at B&N - spiral bound, black cardboard cover with silver gilt lettering "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars". Lots of little silver stars and a crescent moon." Had to buy it.
-- Dinner at Harry's - a restaurant/bar just across from B&N. Lovely drinks, lovely burger, WAY too much food. Getting to spend time with [ profile] beledibabe: priceless!

-- Jenny Crusie is now and will always be one of the women/writers I revere greatly. She didn't get published until age 41, and has published 16 books so far and is on the NYT bestseller list. She adores pop culture. She's a huge Buffy fan, plus she's a total hoot! Her humor is snarky, sarcastic and utterly witty. I resisted reading her when my sister shoved a paperback into my hands some 5 or 6 years ago. (My sister is a *wonderful* person and for the most part, our reading tastes are the same, but she has a tendency to read a few things I don't particularly like.) The book was Anyone But You, just now re-released in hardcover. At the time, it was a paperback original issued by Harlequin. I nearly split my sides laughing. However, the joke was on me. It's a simple story, but with vivid characters and a wonderful style. I've devoured every book since.
-- Jenny signed my hardcover copy of Bet Me, and I gave her an inscribed copy of Matters. All was great. :) Didn't get home until 10:00. Took Metro, then had to wait for a bus for about 20 minutes, but no big. Better than driving and trying to park. Better than $20 for a cab.

Read a lovely write up on MSNBC the other day - talks about how the movie resonates so much with straight folks because it's about loneliness. Here's the link.

* as in Jenny Crusie, not Tom. Spelling deliberate. ::g::
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Just read on that NBC's dropped the Book of Daniel - effective immediately.

Too damn bad. This was a brilliantly funny show - all 4 episodes of it. I loved the characters, the twisty fun story lines and the idea that you could have humans in the clergy - with all the faults, the angst and silliness that accompanies humanity.

I knew it was too good to last.

ETA: To add insult to injury. WB/UPN merges to form CW - WTF? Sigh. What happens to Veronica Mars?


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