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There are gifts, and there are GIFTS!!

Among the latter:
-- Sleep with a side of Death - [ profile] beledibabe got me 2 volumes of the Sandman
-- [ profile] bheerfan got me a TARDIS!!! (okay, keychain size, but it has the sound and everything!)

We left work early (for us - before 5) and then coworker E and I journeyed to Shirlington for Thai and a movie: Curse of the Golden Flower.

Dinner was brilliant and the movie was everything you want in a dynastic soap opera drama martial arts film: betrayal, denial, multiple secrets, love, incest, fratricide, costumes, stylized fighting, the Chinese interpretation of the Battle of Helm's Deep - it was exactly what I needed.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat.

Home now for the remainder of the 3-day weekend, which is a Good Thing, indeed.

Oh yes, and one of the BEST pressies ever: My sister got the library job she wanted. They called her this morning and she starts on 1/15. Go, her!
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A belated, but nonetheless happy birthday wishes to [ profile] resonant8 and [ profile] raveninthewind!

My apologies for the lateness, but I figure extending your good wishes past the *actual* birthday can't hurt. ::g::

And now, for something completely meme-y. And because the Dark Lord told me I had to.

4 movies you would watch over and over: (these are in no particular order - just stuff on my shelf that I can see...and that isn't TV Shows on DVD)

  • Latter Days

  • Shrek

  • Gods and Monsters

  • A Touch of Pink

4 places you have lived:

  • Matanzas, Cuba (where I was born)

  • Lago Vista, Texas (where I graduated high school)

  • San Antonio, Texas (where I spent a great deal of my life)

  • Alexandria, VA (where I am now)

I've lived a great many more places – we moved nearly every year since grade 1. But these will do for now.

4 TV shows you love to watch:
On air:

  • House

  • Lost

  • Veronica Mars

  • Supernatural

Off air (e.g. on DVD only now)

  • Just point me to the Whedon-verse, baybee!

4 places you have been on vacation:

  • Monterey, CA

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Paris, France

  • London, England

Again, many more, these are just highlights.

4 of your favorite foods:

4 Websites you visit daily:

4 places you would rather be right now:

  • In San Diego, waiting for the Book Mitzvah at Mysterious Galaxy

  • In Vancouver/Bridge Studios, working for any one of the cool shows filmed there.

  • On a cruise ship, populated with all my friends and family – a 10-14 day trip to Alaska.

  • At [ profile] starrcat's for a fangrrl weekend

I'm not going to tag you, but feel free to fill this out for yourself!
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Diana Ossana's letter was written in response “It’s Very Brave of Them,” an exclusive commentary: My time on Brokeback Mountain.
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Now that I have a working computer and Internet back, here are my thoughts about Brokeback Mountain.

Spoilers Inside )

I'm glad we got to go. I'm even gladder that this movie was made.
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First, Narnia - it's pretty and prettily done.

That said, I agree with [ profile] beledibabe's assessment. Just a bit too heavy-handed with the allegory.

More Narnia with sort of spoilers )

'Twas an enjoyable evening with C, but I don't think I'll go see the movie again.

Now, onto the subject of my subject line.

Evidently, we in the D.C./Baltimore area will *not* be standing in line for Brokeback Mountain, because it's not opening here this weekend. GRRR bloody arrgh.

This I do not get. Are we not a major metropolitan area? Again with the WTF?

I've not yet discovered when we are getting it. There was a poster at Mazza Gallerie, where we saw the Narnia movie, so evidently it is going to show here, but no idea when.


If I could afford it, I'd be heading NYC way. Seriously.

Oh, and GIP to me. I made this using one of the lovely screencaps provided by [ profile] oxoniensis - I thank you kindly.

C - I'll make you one tomorrow.


Here you go. This is for [ profile] beledibabe


Now I'm off to bed without promises of a great movie ahead. :(


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