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The most brilliant [ profile] tonilpkelner pointed me to a review of Matters of the Blood (which was just released in mass market paperback) in November's Romantic Times Book Review.

Thanks to the equally wonderful Jan Burke, who sent me a copy of the issue (plus the ARC of her upcoming paranormal, The Messenger).

I scanned the page so I could share the review with you all.

Image below )


Also in this issue, a fabulous full page ad for Juno books, including my 2 book covers and Carole Nelson Douglas' newest.

Double w00t!!

Off in a few days to Bouchercon in Baltimore.
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So, a little bit ago, I had a momentary break in my work day and decided to check Gmail.

Good thing I did.

Seems that Matters of the Bloodd is Fresh Fiction's "pick of the day".

*\0/* \0\/0/ *\0/* <--- me, doing the happy dance...

In case you were wondering, work on Blood Bargain proceeds apace. Mme. Editrix has proclaimed that the first chapters look good, which yay. Hopefully, progress this week will be better than last.

/squee and back to the work day
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Matters of the Blood is back up at Fictionwise (e-book format) and since it's been refreshed, they see it as a "new" book - so for a very limited time, it's 15% off. It's multiformat, so you can download any one of a variety of formats, including Sony Reader, PDF, Palm doc, Kindle compatible, etc. If you want to buy a regular trade paperback copy, it's still avaiable at fine bookstores everywhere.

I've just joined [ profile] fangs_fur_fey, so if you read that comm (and you should!) - sometime this week, you'll see my intro (posted by comm owner Melissa Marr). It's a comm for Urban Fantasy authors, and includes such fabulous people as [ profile] jackiekessler, [ profile] jeanne_stein, [ profile] stacia_kane and [ profile] the0phrastus (Chris Howard). Stacia's a fellow Juno author (her first book with Juno, Personal Demons, will be out in April), as is Chris. His book, Seaborn, will be out later this year.

The trip to NJ went quite well, despite the usual delays in getting there. Friday night dinner at the fab Italian place near [ profile] starrcat's house, then Saturday with the girls and a Sunday Marriott burger on the way out. Got home early evening and was able to watch SGA, Friday Night Lights and Ugly Betty.

This weekend = finishing up the next section of Blood Bargain and yay, holiday!!

INSTABOOK REC 1: A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny) and Elizabeth Bear ([ profile] matociquala). I got my copy just before my trip so I took it with. I finished it as we landed in Newark (thanks to the delays, I had several hours). I am insta-fangrrl of this book. You Must Read NOW. (read [ profile] runpunkrun's review here) - she's so right. Bear called it best ACTW review ever.

INSTABOOK REC 2: Vintage: A Ghost Story by Steve Berman ([ profile] mroctober). It's on the preliminary ballot for the Andre Norton award and deservedly so.

fangrrl squee: < 2 days until TORCHWOOD!

ETA: are you reading Shadow Unit? If not, why not?
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So, according to this post from Dear Editor (a.k.a. Paula Guran) - there's a new Juno page up at Fictionwise.

Why, you say, is Matters of the Blood not there, when it was there before and was even a fantasy bestseller? Answer is: we don't know.

The books were resubmitted by Paula to put them under the Juno imprint in their database, and she definitely reuploaded Matters, but it's just not showing up yet.

So, if you got this major hankering to buy it in e-book format...please wait. :) It will be there again, soon.

Thank you kindly.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled day.
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I have once again confirmed my, my conviction, that chickwriter trying to drive in DC is doomed to get lost and end up in some skanky part of town.

How Chickwriter Avoided Dying on the Streets and Lived to Sign Books )

After surviving the OMG CITY! ordeal (really, I'm not that bad about the city, just when I am dumb and decide to drive when there's perfectly good public transportation) - I get home and voila! Advance Check for Blood Bargain arrived. Yippee!

And then of course, the other set of nightmares...of the good and squeeful kind...


Now, it's off to a hair appointment, then later, another book signing.

SO, DC area peeps - even though this is late notice, if you're around this afternoon, stop by Waldenbooks at Landmark Mall. I'll be there at 1:00 and for a couple of hours.

LandMark Mall/Waldenbooks
5801 Duke St #G304
Alexandria, VA 22304

Have a great Saturday all!!


Oct. 10th, 2007 07:50 am
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So I'm back from San Francisco and still trying to deal with jet lag this a.m. as I prep to go to work.

I check my email and find the Juno Books newsletter.

Holy crap, kids, Matters of the Blood is NUMBER TWO on the Fictionwise fantasy bestseller list...right behind [ profile] naominovik. DUDES! (I'd check out the link soon, if I were you, because I'm not sure how long that's going to last).

I'm extremely tired, but this totally makes up for it.

Still way behind on LJ and on pretty much anything else. I did catch last week's Heroes last night, but not much else at this point.

Off to work in a few.
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Dudes, I'm in eBook! (along with 2 other Juno titles)

Juno Books post

Matters on Fictionwise.

Evidently, you can buy in a variety of formats, including PDF. Nifty!

/drive-by posting.

ETA: links fixed
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Spent Saturday sleeping in prep for Sunday's signing trip. Seems I can't do more than one event a weekend, or I'm just tuckered out.

Drove over to Donna Andrew's house Saturday evening and had dinner at a lovely Japanese place (yummy sushi!). Ran into Barb Goffman, Agatha award nominee, who then joined us for sushi, sake and lovely writerly conversation.

Stayed over at Donna's so we could get an early start to Richmond and Creatures 'n' Crooks Bookstore. The lovely Ellen Crosby joined us and we had a fabulous trip down 95 - NO TRAFFIC! (the gods were with us).

Had brunch at the lesbian coffee bar around the corner (yummy food) and then a fabulous signing. We were joined by [ profile] ellenbyerrum, and Richmond author J. B. Stanley. Loads of great people showed up and we did quite well.

Of course, I made out like a bandit buying books:
Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box
Kat Richardson's Poltergeist
and of course, copies of Donna's latest: The Penguin Who Knew Too Much and Ellen C's latest: The Chardonnay Charade. I already have a copy of Ellen's B's Grave Apparel.

The trip back was less easy - loads of traffic on 95, but we were able to cut out some of it by taking a back way to Reston so I could drop of Donna and Ellen C.

Home now and tired. Work in the a.m.
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So, Saturday - I had a book signing in Fredericksburg, VA - about 45 miles from where I live.

Not too bad - book signing is at 2:00. I figure I can leave by 12:30 and get there in plenty of time. Not so much.

Even though I'd been warned about I95 South traffic, (and I allowed myself extra time on top of the extra time) - I was still a half hour late. 95 was bumper-to-bumper for the majority of the trip. A 50 minute trip took more than 2 hours. YUCK!

That said, the bookstore made up for it. Although I wasn't doing a reading/signing, but just a signing (where they put a table out in the middle of the store) - I still did pretty well.

One of Charlaine's fans came specifically to meet me, because he'd seen her blurb on my book cover (Thanks, Charlaine!!). Several other stopped to chat, including an adorable 16 year old boy, who writes every chance he gets and wanted to talk about writing. He bought a book, too. :)

Most of the folks that came up to me were guys, and every single one of them bought a book. A few folks were from Texas (a LOT of us in this area, it seems!) I thoroughly enjoyed the signing. The store was incredibly busy - long lines of people buying books; entire *families* in the store, buying, reading, browsing. Chris, the manager, told me that their store was one of the top stores in the region.

I guess folks in and around Fredericksburg, VA read. Yay for them!

The trip back was uneventful, except I made a mistake and took the open HOV lanes - mistake because there is no exit for me, so I took an earlier one (after I realized that) and got lost in Springfield. Thanks to my GPS and a Rite Aid store manager, I blundered my way back to 395. ::g::

When I got home, I found a lovely fan email, which is something that always brings me great joy. I *love* hearing that someone read my book and fell in love with my characters. I'm totally in love with them, so I'm glad that other people are, too. Best author perk, EVER!!

Sunday was utterly a day of rest. I woke up early, watched a movie (Catch & Release) then promptly fell asleep on the recliner, only to wake when a thunderstorm hit. It was so dreary out, I spent a great deal of the day napping.

The nifty news portion of this post:
My wonderful cousin, Jeff Mariotte, was awarded two Scribe awards this weekend at ComicCon.
• Speculative Fiction, Best Novel Original—30 Days of Night: Rumors of
the Undead by Stephen Niles and Jeff Mariotte
• Best Novel Original—Las Vegas: High Stakes by Jeff Mariotte

The awards are given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Jeff is a brilliant writer and utterly deserves this recognition. So YAY, Cousin Jeff!!!
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Thanks to all of you that wished many attendees at my signing last Saturday, but alas, that was not to be. Evidently, the fine folks of Warrenton, VA, had other things to do that didn't involve books.

The store was practically empty. I think there were more sales staff than actual shoppers. Elaine, the CRM, was great, and I got to spend a lot of time with
[ profile] qe2 - which, hey, definitely made up for the no-shows.

Summer: 1 Lima: 0

I spent a quiet day Sunday, only to wake up at 1:30 Monday morning with a stomach bug. Yikes! Did go to work for half a day, mostly to kick start the final phases of a project launch. I spent the rest of Monday in bed.

Up today to go in to work, still a bit iffy in the digestion area, but better. Plus, I *have* to get this site launched today.

In perusing blogs this a.m., I discovered that Fred Saberhagen died last Friday. He was a strong influence in leading me to what I wanted to write and was an amazing writer.
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I'm Warrenton, Virginia bound for a book signing at first solo chain store signing.

I'm meeting the adorable [profile] qe2 for lunch at 1:00, then the signing is at 3:00 p.m.

I imagine I'll make it home in time to grab the Series 3 finale of Doctor Who. EEEeee!!
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All - thank you to everyone who send comments and emails and such re: my dad. You guys are wonderful.

He's doing great! I talked to him a couple of times yesterday - he was up and walking around first thing in the a.m. - and by up, I mean, he gets disconnected from all the tubes and gets a nurse to help him. ::g::

He sounds fabulous and is recuperating well, per docs. If things continue to go well, he'll be home sooner than later.

::keeps fingers crossed::

My mom is tired, but happy that he's doing so well.

On another and really cool note: I got another fan email today, which is just teh best thing evah! ::g:: It's just so awesome to get a reader's reaction to your work, especially when it comes from out of the blue.

Still crazy @ work, but hey, what the heck.

Happy Solstice to all!
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A few more Matters reviews for a lovely restful day.

from Guilt in Black Panties
from Heartstrings Reviews
from BookLoons Reviews

What I'm reading: Just started A Cold Dish, by Craig Johnson, an author I met at Mayhem.  He was a fascinating speaker and I heard nothing but praise for his books, so I bought all three.

Recreation: spent the day watching season 1 Gilmore Girls, a show that I know only sporadically, but now that it's closed canon, I can finally catch up. I'm enjoying it immensely. And wee!Jared: adorable.

Spent a little time clearing out one of the smaller bookshelves and logging books on Library Thing. Still have a ton to go.

Tomorrow, it's day 1 of vacation and day 1 of writing madness.
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My sister, [ profile] birki_lib , spotted Matters at a local Barnes & Noble.

She and my BIL played book ninja, facing out 2 of the copies and putting the other two on an endcap.

I <3 my family!

Photos behind the cut )

Got a bunch done toward Blood Bargain yesterday. Thanks for all the help re: Welsh language. I've got some great resources now.

I'm finding that working on the new Macbook (still nameless) is brilliant. I'm using Scrivener - an application specifically for writers and recommended by Jennie Crusie. So far, so good.

Working on the 20 items of personal canon meme, as it applies to the Matters universe - amazing what's in my subconscious...
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You know, even though I spend pretty much 7 days a week online, it never ceases to astound me just how quickly time escapes and all of a sudden, it's a week later or so and I've not posted a single word.

Yes, I'm busy at work and well, writing, but still. One would think that all those groovy thoughts that make their way into and out of my head throughout the day could be actually posted, instead of just thinking about posting. Oh well.

From today's listings in Whedonesque
No Bones About It: David Boreanaz Turns 38 Today.
Happy Birthday to our favorite cocksure FBI agent/broody hot vampire!

(needless to say, when I skimmed this headline, I read a certain adjective quite differently...::g::) In any case, happy birthday to David B, who it turns out, went to high school at a school where my mom taught. Of course, it was many years later, as my mom taught there in 1970ish(?).

Some TV show thoughts - non spoilery
Heroes - how can one TV show be so brilliant? So many things happening, so much angst and squeeful occurrences. I'm not at all spoiled for anything, which makes it even better.

Yay for the Supernatural renewal!! I can't say this restores my faith in the PTBs, but I'm happy that we're not losing the boys.

Work is work and things are progressing. Sadly, I'm losing my most senior programmer at the end of the week. We'll survive, but he's a great guy and a fabulous asset to our team.

What's going on in my writing world
I'm off to Mayhem in the Midlands next Thursday, then when I return, I'm taking an ENTIRE WEEK off - to write, to ponder, to rest. I haven't done that in more years than I can remember. Maybe 10? I'm participating in a fabulous panel at Mayhem, called: Vampires Have Feelings Too: Making Fantasy Characters Work
in a Realistic World. My co-panelists are Dean James and Lee Killough, both who write brilliant books.

Matters seems to be doing well in the sales arena. I'm so happy to know that people have spotted it in bookstores across the country. My editor/publisher are in turn, happy with me because I've agreed to produce three more books for them in the same world. Book 2, now officially Blood Bargain, is due to them by November, so I'm cracking a whip on myself. Book 3, tentatively titled Blood & Bones. is due next May. Book 4 is...well, an unknown quantity at this point.

Matters will be released in mass market paperback later this year, which makes me even happier.

June 21, look for me at the American Library Association Convention. I'm staffing the Sisters in Crime booth at 1:00 p.m. Not sure if I'll be doing anything with my publisher that day, but I expect I might be.

June 30, I'll be signing at Borders in Warrenton, VA. More details later.

Of personal computing
Blanche, my lovely iBook has left the nest, and now resides with co-worker E's mom, who received it as a Mother's Day gift. This does not leave me without a laptop, however, because I succumbed to the lure and purchased a brand new MacBook. It's soooo shiny!! I've not figured out a name, though. Any thoughts?

On memes
I totally skipped over the personal canon meme, like an idiot - then yesterday, was reading [ profile] synecdochic's contribution and realized this was a cool way to get some background info written down for my own characters. I'd love to read a few more, though, so if you've done one, or read one you liked, I'd love a link!

Wow, I feel like I've just done a total brain dump! WHEW.

And it's only Wednesday.

She's back!

May. 8th, 2007 02:38 pm
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Wow, although I *meant* to come home early on Sunday, I never did. Ended up staying late so I could have dinner with SF and Dana Cameron, and then stayed post-dinner for drinks and brain-picking with Dana. Well worth it!

Malice Domestic was a blast, as always. More so this year because Matters is everywhere! My publisher, in the person of John Betancourt, was kind enough to take me to lunch on Saturday and was pimping my book wherever he went during the con.

I got to meet some lovely folks, plus was on hand to cheer on good friends Toni L.P. Kelner on her Agatha win for Best Short Story and Nancy Pickard, for Best Novel. It's so fabulous when folks you know win.

Our panel went extremely well and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Me, I'm totally pooped! Spent all of Monday trying to veg out and get rested so I could be ready for work this a.m. - not so much. I did rest, but my brain is still on con-time. ::g::

Before I forget - a special congratulations to Charlaine Harris, who will be the GOH at Malice next year on its 20th anniversary. Should be a fabulous time!!

Other highlights:

  • Traveling to Barnes & Nobel at Potomac Yard with starrcat and SF (we were looking for the Supernatural comic) and seeing my books in the wild. (I don't have a pic, b/c I don't own a camera but I did sign the copies!)

  • Getting to meet Toni's fabulous hubby, stevekelner in person. We've known each other via online for years, but never had met. I've known Toni since about 1998 or so.

  • Seeing the advanced copy of Many Bloody Returns, an upcoming anthology edited by Toni and Charlaine and getting to squee over the dedication.

  • Spending time with Alexandra Sokoloff - whose book is fantastically creepy and beautifully written.

In conclusion: A photo of Matters in the wild in San Antonio - my dad emailed me the pic just a few minutes ago.

Behind the cut )
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Just got my Edgar Award announcements:

Life on Mars – Episode 1, Teleplay by Matthew Graham (BBC America)

The Wire
Season 4 picked up an Edgar for Best Television Feature/Mini-Series Teleplay

The Edgar Awards are given by the Mystery Writers of America.

The entire list of nominees and winners

In other news, the book signing at the Olsson's was very nice - if sparsely attended. Evidently, the store's only been open since December. Lovely lovely store and great manager. Sadly, my own books were once again *not* there, but I brought my 8 remaining author copies along.

Sold 2 and left 2 there for sale.

Hopefully, this was a store snafu and isn't a further sign of things to come. That's now TWO Olsson's events where they did not have my book.

Le sigh.

Off to bed now so I can actually go to work in the a.m.
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Local DC area folks - if you're around Thursday evening, stop by and see me and my 3 buddies at the Olsson's Books in Crystal City at 7:00 p.m.

We're reprising our event at the Alexandria Public Library...this time, they *should* have copies of my book.

I'd love to see folks there!!

The review - I got a lovely email today from Sheila Leitzel, Editor in Chief at - cool name, huh? I admit, I've never heard of them before today, but they totally loved my book. This is one of the coolest reviews I've ever gotten.

I am floored and so very, very happy.
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The weather is FABULOUS, finally! Although, I'm working and not exactly able to enjoy it. Still, there is sunshine and it's not cold. :)

I created a Web site for my professional self - via Google Page Creator. Not because I don't know how to code, but because I don't want to have to deal. Google uses a simple interface that makes it easy to make page updates.

I'm working on pointing my domain name there.

I decided to link to my LJ, simply because this is where the more frequent updates and info happen. The site is primarily for static content and info on my appearance schedule.

Unlike many of you, I've not yet seen last night's Supernatural, I'm saving that for Saturday. Still trying to catch up on all my other shows. :)

Why am I not watching tonight, you may ask?

Tonight, dear friends, is one of my most favorite nights of the year: GREAT BIG SEA concert!!!

I'm going with the darling [ profile] beledibabe, my co-worker J and her hubby (a former co-worker). We have BRILLIANT seats - 2nd row (or 5th if they use the orchestra pit seating). I'm also wearing my Canada, Which I Dig jersey.

In conclusion.
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So I got up earlyish today for my hair appointment. By the time Y, my fabulous hairdresser got to the cut part of color & cut, I'd developed a vicious sinus headache. Ick.

So I came home, watched a funny dark comedy called Keeping Mum (starring Maggie Smith & Rowan Atkinson), took meds, skimmed LJ and then took a nap.

Much better!

This evening, I curled up in the recliner for a dose of Jane Austen (tonight's feature: Persuasion* with Amanda Root & Ciaran Hinds), then decided to browse my RSS feeds before I go lay down again (darn headache is back).

I'm glad I checked Google Reader - I found my book listed in the New Books, First Week of April on the Locus site. Okay, this is WAAAAY cool. I've read Locus on and off since about 1979, so I'm totally gobsmacked. Hee!!

Also of the good, heard my friend Elaine Viets is recuperating well, though slowly. The prognosis is quite good. Thanks to all those that sent good thoughts her way.

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the evening reading and happy that good things are happening.


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