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Work has been a bit hectic these days so I'm way, way behind on the more social stuff - like posting, reading LJ and such.

But, the mood struck me last night to post a variety of links of interest as I go through my RSS feeds. [sidebar: alsdkadjfladkjf stupid eljay posting interface didn't update the post like I wanted; then, when I edited and fixed, kept reverting back to the original post. ARRRGH. So I've had to reconstruct.]


Some people are just plain assholes award

Gene Hunt: vampire?

Henry Jenkins: behind the glass - discussion of slash and a cool [ profile] thingswithwings vid.

John Scalzi's new gig.

[ profile] fangs_fur_fey have some lovely stuff going on, from interviews to the fascinating Monday topic-of-the-week post.

Sidebar 2:
Note to [ profile] hyperfocused, and [ profile] cereta who played the question meme with me. If you want a copy of the teaser sampler for Blood Bargain, e-me (mylima AT Gmail dot com). Send me mailing info and I'll get it out to you. :)

If anyone else still wants to play - feel free - the post is here. I've got a bunch of the teaser books so come on and play!

Last but not at all least, a VERY happy birthday to

[ profile] resonant8
[ profile] ekaterinn
[ profile] raveninthewind

Hope your respective days were extremely special!

Sigh, I had this lovely paragraph written about how my inconvenient and annoying insomnia last night led to me being really productive on the day job front (e.g., allowing me to catch up on some mundane, tedious, yet extremely necessary tasks...say, somewhere around midnight). But the stupid eljay interface ate it all. Both versions. So the short version: Couldn't sleep. Got up. Worked. Back to bed. Slept.

TGIF to all and I sure hope I can wake up!! ::g:: (the groggy me is not to be trifled with!)
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First off, let me echo a few of you all and say: Torchw00t!! Last night's premiere was a shout out to all fans. Thanks ever so much, Russell T. Davies. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series, plus, hey, Doctor Who shortly!

One thing I like to do in the morning before I go off to the day job is to peruse my RSS feeds. I've got a rather eclectic mix of blogs I read: tech blogs, writing blogs, friend's non-LJ blogs, etc. Nearly every day, I find nifty and bookmark-worthy posts or links. Today was no exception.

From Wil Wheaton: the Library of Congress has posted photos to Flickr.

From Librarian's Internet Index: a Django Reinhardt biography site

Also from the LII: The Shape of Fashion and its Underpinnings 1870-1960

I tend to save all this kind of stuff to - as research bits, reference, misc things of interest, etc. I could totally *lose* myself in sites like these. (the curse of being a writer!)

Other ramblings:
When I was at [ profile] starrcat's this weekend, I found that Matters is listed at one of my favorite online comic shops: Things From Another World. Yeah, i totally squeed like a fangrrl. It was really fun to see my own book on a site where I buy my Buffy/Angel comics. Another degree closer to Joss? ::g::

Speaking of 6 degrees - some years ago, when I was still living in San Antonio, I was part of the Sisters in Crime chapter which met at Remember the Alibi mystery bookstore. I met a very cool woman there during a meeting, who asked me if I remembered what book a particular line came from ("I met him on a street called Straight"). I knew immediately I was going to like her, as this is from one of my favorite all time books: The Gabriel Hounds, by Mary Stewart. (Okay, it was either that or she asked me if I knew the opening line...I totally can't remember!)

Deanna Raybourn was then trying to break into the mystery field. A couple of years ago at BEA in DC - she (and her agent) happened to stop by the Mystery Writers of America booth, which I was staffing. She's got a fabulous historical mystery/romance on the shelves and it's just been nominated for the Dilys Award by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association. Go, Deanna! Small world and so glad for it.

Several of my other friends have also been nominated, which is way cool. Here's the complete list:
Rhys Bowen for Her Royal Spyness
William Kent Krueger for Thunder Bay (a book wherein yours truly is a character)
Lisa Lutz for The Spellman Files
Deanna Raybourn for Silent in the Grave
Marcus Sakey for The Blade Itself

I finally posted my intro up at fangs_fur_fey. Take a look if you have a mind to.

And on that's off to work I go, hi ho.
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Gakked from [ profile] cleolinda's linkspam post:

Proof of Cedric Diggory's gayness (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR GoF)


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