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Serenity and Doctor Who!

Serenity took home the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form
Doctor Who: The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances for Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form

If you expected Emmy wins, well, there's that whole no TV thing, I honestly have no clue who won those. ::g::

I discovered that somehow, I've managed to lose my TV remote - not a huge thing, but the easiest way to say, lower the volume when I plug in a DVD, because the actual buttons on the TV itself leave a lot to be desired. It's an oldish model, nigh on 6ish, still in good condition, but when I bought it, just after moving here, I was broke and bought the cheapest of the cheap. It's a 20" RCA with no bells and definitely no whistles. I probably need to upgrade the TV, but in the meantime, a trip to Best Buy is in order so I can get a universal remote.

Since I haven't actually been in the market for a decent TV, you all have any suggestions for a model/brand that isn't horrifically expensive? And by that I mean in the $200-$300 range. I'd really like one with component video/audio input, so I can hook up my DVD player without the little Radio Shack adapter box thingy. Also, since my apartment is so small, I need something in the 24" - 27" range. Suggestions welcome! (computers, I know. TVs, not so much)

I'd hoped to do some DVD organizing this weekend, as I picked up some more of the nifty wire-mesh DVD storage boxes at Target. Not enough yet for my entire collection, but enough to move most of the DVDs off the big gray plastic Rubbermaid shelves and hopefully, put them in some sort of order. Instead, I was utterly lazy and did nothing of productive value. I really do need to move them, so I can rearrange the books and maybe *find* a few that have gone missing. Not permanently, because I know I didn't give them away in the book purge, but just misplaced. There's no real rhyme or reason to the piles, and I hope to get there soon. Can you tell the Sun's moved into Virgo? I get this way around my birthday every year - time to organize, purge, put things in order. I'm hoping it lasts. ::g::
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(subject line stolen without shame from [ profile] bheerfan in a YIM convo)

In the "OMGWTF" of the SG1 cancellation, saner heads in the TV industry have posted lovely articles, such as this one by Matt Roush, TV Guide's champion of the SF/F programming. I don't know Matt, but he & I often agree about programming, shows and the overall industry.

I like his take on the whole show cancellation - he's right. As unfortunate as this is, it's had a good long run. Let's help them go out in style by watching the rest of the season and support good SF/F programming on TV.

Don't forget, SciFi will be airing The Dresden Files starting in January!

Work is...well, work. Busy as usual, a bit stressful. 'Nuff said there.

I just discovered a tasty and healthful treat - no, really, I did. Kashi Granola bars, pumpkin spice flavor. Picked up a box at Target yesterday and they are tasty! Just had one as a snack. Normally, I only eat things like this out of guilt or a need to feel that I'm not ignoring healthy foods. But this, I like in spite of the healthy. :)

and OMG, OZ!! Season 6 is finally being released on DVD. Release date, 9/5 - the day AFTER my birthday. In any case, I will be ordering.

ETA: oh yeah, for you Prison Break watchers, here's a great photo. (Not that I *wouldn't* watch the show, it's that I haven't, yet. So I don't want to start on S2...yes, and I was late to Oz, too, so there, [ profile] viggofest.

Prison Break ads on street
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Just realized I've not posted in a while. Time flies when you're, well, busy.

Of the WAY good, my publisher just signed a contract to produce mass market titles (SF/F) with Dorchester Publishing, home of Hard Case Crimes which was co-created by [ profile] naominovik's hubby, Charles. Yeah, the publishing world is really a SMALL SMALL place. I squeed with joy when I read this, because I met some of the Dorchester folks at BEA and they were fabulous people!

Also heard that my parents, my sis and BIL plan to visit for Thanksgiving. They are planning/plotting now and I hope that it works out. I won't have extra time off, and can't really afford to go to Texas, but it will be fun to have them here.

Really looking forward to viewing the newly posted vids that you all have been squeeing about, but must go home first. Really wish I could have joined in the VVC fun, but alas, this is a con that I'm unlikely to make in any year. The timing is just bad for me.

In any case, it's fun reading the con reports and getting to experience it vicariously.

Plans for the rest of the week:
Season 4 of Footballers Wives
Going to see my buddy Laura Lippman at Borders Bailey's Crossroads on Weds. (so sad that we live so close and yet, I don't see her except for at her book signings or other events)

Thanks to all of you that posted so many lovely comments about my whinge last week. My energy levels are still iffy, but I'm feeling more hopeful. Work is busy and a bit stressful, but I'm keeping my head above water. I've got a follow up appointment on Friday with the blood sucker...ahem, hematologist. We'll see what he says then.

Here's hoping the rest of the summer (what's left of it!) goes smoothly.
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Even when I was a kid and young teen, when all the girls were swooning over David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman, I was a bit different. MY version of the cool guys weren't necessarily the recognized celebrities (e.g., movie stars, TV stars, Famous People(tm), rock stars.). To me, the really cool ones were the ones that made things work - you know the techies, the roadies, the ones that swarmed behind the scenes, makiing the magic happen. Okay, I get this, I'm a geek fan. Even though I can fangrrl Callum, Viggo, Joe Flanigan and the rest of them, I have a soft spot in my heart for the unseen heroes.

Why am I going here? Because last night, [ profile] bheerfan and I went to see the best combo in the world - a geekish celebrity; a guy that encompasses all that is cool to me: Alton Brown. Even though I'm not much of a cook, (and by that I mean, at all), Alton Brown and Good Eats has been a favorite of mine since day one. It wasn't just a recipe show. Not just a chef parading around a kitchen that no sane person owns, showing off things that most people won't ever cook. This was about Food and the Science of Food and How Things Work. ZOMG, a total geek love affair was born.

So when I found out that Alton Brown was coming to the Smithsonian as part of the Resident Associates programming, I was nearly first in line to buy tickets. We had a blast. Alton B is brilliantly funny, entertaining and a total hoot. We also got to preview video from his upcoming special show: Feasting on Asphalt. If he weren't already married with kids, and if I weren't totally waaaay too old for such, I'd want to marry him and have his little foodie babies. The new show starts on Saturday, July 29th on the Food Network.

Getting a literary way.
I've been corresponding with a New York Agent, to be known as NYA, in the hopes she'd rep my contract for the Matters reprint. I'd e-queried via their agency site, and dropped some names (with permission). (One of the agencies senior agents reps a couple of friends of mine.) NYA senior passed this along to NYA junior, a relative new agent to their firm, but with some years experience at another firm. NYA junior declined to rep this after reading MoB, but I got the BEST REJECTION EVER.

I've graduated to a really really good place as a writer.

No form letter, no "not for us", but instead, first a lovely email with feedback and the decision to decline. Then, after I responded, thanking her for her time, I got this (slightly edited for irrelevant info):

From [NYA]
To: [me]

Thank you...,

I think you have a very bright writing future ahead of you.
.... You have inventive characters and a great writing voice though, so I do hope very much you'll keep writing. (And I'd LOVE to see your next one.)

[end email]

Seriously folks, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to rejections. Needless to say, she's the first on my list when the next project is finished.

It's not a yes, but it's the next best thing.
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I really really really could still be sleeping now.

Thing is, the grocery order will be arriving sometime between now and 11:00 a.m., so I need to at least pretend to be awake.

OMG, okay, weird serendipity here - as I'm typing the above, the grocery guy gets here. Wonder if that's how my day will go?

...So I'm up waiting for Callum Keith Rennie to arrive...

::looks around, pretends to not listen for a knock on the door::


::la la la, just sitting here reading email::



Damn. Don't guess that worked. ::g::

David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?

I am loving the SGA Season 2 DVDs (Region 2) - there is commentary so far on ALL the episodes! Although, Peter Deluise and Gary Jones commentary - uhm, dudes, enough with the potty jokes, because what are you, 12? And why Gary Jones, I have no idea, b/c Walter, the gate tech from SG1 has nothing to do with SGA.

I've only listened to one of their commentaries all the way through. They don't talk about the episode, just make really dumb jokes. I totally prefer when either of the Martins team up with Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett - the commentary is fantastic. I've gotten through the first 2 DVDs so far - just watching the commentaries and the extras. I think the next disk is on the menu for today.

SGA Premier

Oops, there be spoilers here )

The weather is icky - all grey and pressure-y, so my head is pounding with the requisite sinus headache. All the more reason to cuddle up to the DVD player and watch geeky things.

ETA: oh yeah, the Little Sis is now on LJ: [ profile] birki_lib - NOT that she has any entries or anything yet, because she's angsting over the re-write of her portfolio. Stupid faculty kicked back 46% of the class entries, which mean 46% of the people have to rewrite the document that will determine whether or not they graduate. And it's due Monday. She's a bit stressed, so send her lots of positive vibeage so she can get her MLS and finally get to be a librarian. :)
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"I want to be very clear about something: Gynecological exams are never sexy. Absolutely never. Understand me: never. If only you had a cervix."

For those of us who value good writing, I recommend Pod-dy Mouth, a blog by an incognito published author. She's taking self-published titles and doing a Miss Snark. (from whom I snagged the above link)

In other news, today is my little sister's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday, Laura!! It's hard to believe that you've joined my decade - I still remember the days when you were "Little Lima", hanging out at the pool, graduating from high school, getting married. That was just yesterday, right? ;-) In any case, hope the day is FANTASTIC!

It's been a productive few days for this Lima. Freecycle Guy picked up the majority of the books/tapes on Saturday, and is coming by tomorrow for the balance. I had dinner Saturday night with [ profile] beledibabe, who brought me the coolest Honourary Mountie pin that she'd snagged from the Folklife Festival from one of the Corporals that we saw last week at the Smithsonian presentation. Saturday a.m., I got up at the asscrack of dawn (okay, 6:30 a.m.) because I needed to write...and write I did. About 5,000 words of backstory and history that was sorely needed. I'd been flailing over these characters and now I think I have a handle on them. I'm also fairly well along on the revised chain of events. Some things are going to go, some are staying. In any case, most of the scenes/events have to be shuffled around to accomodate the new plot threads.

This is the part of writing I LOVE - the world-building; the event-building, the creation of characters. Even though most of the 5,000 words will never make their way into the finished book, I created four people, gave them names, histories, backgrounds, emotions. I know why they do the things they do, which to me, is essential in writing believable characters. One of the best at this is Laura Lippman, who crafts amazing people - even the tertiary characters have life. You know they exist beyond the pages of the story. I am grateful to the events in my life that have not only thrown me into her company, but allowed me to call her friend. She is not only one of the best writers around, but a fabulous person and I hope to learn from her.

The absolute hardest part of the writing for me is to let myself get through the first draft. I'm a bit of a perfectionist in making the words work together, making everything fit, that I lose track of the fact that I need to actually complete the story. My first book clocked in at just over 91,000 words. I'm about a third of the way there, but am tearing those existing pieces apart and re-building. Some days, it's easier than others. ::g::

Today is going to be much of a no-writing day, as RL intervenes with day job duties. I have one of my favorite set of clients arriving in a few minutes for 2 days of meetings as we finalize a massive project. Tonight, we're all going to dinner, which will be fun. Even though I'm working the day job, my brain is still ticking with plot threads, dialogue and characterizations. Just last night I figured out how I could tie all the various plot pieces together and how I could connect the motives of each of the characters. This...this is what makes it all worthwhile.
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My last minute dinner plans were the last minute. So, instead of dinner with a friend, I came home to pull out more books and VHS tapes to give away.

I had begun this decluttering phase just before the great blackouts of oh, 2 weeks ago, with the intent of paring down my books to the bare minimum (which, as an avid reader and a writer, that's a lot more than some ::g::). I also realized that it was way past time to rid myself of the dozens of commercial VHS movies I still had. Uhm, I don't even *own* a VCR anymore!

Due to the power failures, this initiative was shelved (pun intended) but not for long. I spent some time this past Sunday afternoon, clearing out a baker's rack that I used as a bookshelf, piling books into the very handy Peapod delivery grocery bags.

There were more than I thought, as things were piled rather deeply, but I netted about 5 bags.

In talking to a co-worker today, she reminded me that Freecycle was a good option. So I posted. In less than an hour, I had my first response. A guy is willing to come take the books and tapes off my hands.

That said, I knew that this was a most excellent reason to tackle the various plastic crates and hidden boxes o'books in the closet. Also, a couple of small shelves needed pruning.

I just stopped, because I've run out of bags/boxes.

Final count:
14 boxes
18 bags

I haven't tackled the stacks of books in the 2 closets on the shelves (it's a really tall closet with deep shelves. About half of these will go. The other half are inscribed first editions that will eventually go out on a real bookshelf.

I'm beginning to think my apartment is somehow related to the Tardis, because dudes, I have no earthly clue how all this FITS!

My plan is to remove all the clutter of the small shelf units and plastic crates, move the DVDs that are now several rows deep on the big gray storage shelves and eke out some sort of order.

I'll probably have another big purge, but I'm wiped.

I'm feeling very accomplished and relieved.

Now, if only freecycle dude shows up tomorrow.

::keeping fingers crossed::
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Despite the fact that it's like walking through a sweat bath outside, my evening couldn't have gone better.

Left work early (always a plus!) to meet [ profile] beledibabe and her hubby for a quick dinner at Harry's, a small restaurant/bar in DC. Walked over to the Smithsonian in the aforementioned sweat soupy air (the words "I'm melting" did actually get spoken by moi). We arrived at the Ripley Center lecture hall at the precise hour, seating ourselves in time to see the three Mounties (2 men, 1 woman) dressed in red serge clomp across the stage, their high browns echoing on the wooden floor. Their hats, already in place, sat side by side downstage, perched at the edge--a brilliant stage setting.

It was true love for [ profile] beledibabe and me, as a slide show presentation unfolded, each of the Mounties in turn stepping up to the lectern and giving their part of the history and duties of the RCMP. The presentation itself was interesting. I loved some of the photos they used, but itched to correct some of the misspellings in the slide show. Both C and I laughed when it turned out that only a handful of the folk in attendance had heard of the Musical Ride, and of those, several of them were officials representing Alberta. (This was all part of a series of events celebrating Alberta, in conjunction with the Folklife Festival and part of the Resident Associates programming.)

I was beside myself when I realized that I could identify much of the insignia on their uniforms. OMG, I am SUCH a Mountie groupie!

I'm utterly in the need for some due South re-immersion and some Fraser love.

All in all, a successful night.
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As of 5:15 p.m. EDT, my apartment complex is still sans electricity. The building management is about to put the hurt on Dominion Power (formerly known as Virginia Power, but now at the lovely URL of - wtf?) - in any case, they're extremely anxious to get the power restored. They are, however, firing up the generators so we can use the elevators.

I heard from [ profile] beledibabe, who is home with electricity but no Internet. She wants you all to know she's well and is hanging out hoping to get reconnected sometime soon.

Evidently, we're going to get more rain. Le sigh.

I'm just praying for the restoration of building power and that we KEEP it.

ETA: I procrastinated at work to charge up my laptop battery and my Palm battery, then stopped by the grocery to buy a cheap cooler and some dry ice. Sometime between 7:30 and 8:00 - the power came back on. It was on when I got here. A few of the apartments are having issues with some of the areas in their apartments, but mine is fine. It's damned hot in here and it's going to take some time for the a/c to cool it off, but I have ELECTRICITY!!
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[ profile] beledibabe tells it like it was...even though she's in Maryland and I'm in Northern Virginia.

Unlike her, I, once again, am still without power this morning. I trudged down the same 10 flights of stairs, this time with a bag of groceries (primarily my cold cuts, cheeses and such), in addition to the overnight bag and the laptop bag. According to the news, more than 60,000 homes were without power last night. Today it's down to 27,000 (in NoVA). Supposedly, we're going to have our power restored by this evening. I certainly hope so.

I'd really rather spend tonight at home.

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There is now power at my building. I can go home tonight.

\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

(Evidently, the electrical room flooded, which caused all the problems. This is a HUGE deal. When this happened a couple of years ago to one of my clients - and they are in a huge professional building in downtown Bethesda - it took them 3 days to fix, so this wasn't an unusual time frame.)
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A man in a gorilla suit just walked by my office.

No, I'm really not hallucinating.

It's one of my co-workers, who, some 4 years ago, showed up at a staff meeting, shaven-headed, with Neo sunglasses, black pants, black T-shirt, black frock coat. His resemblance to Keanu was duly noted...after the shock.

Evidently, he'd always wanted a gorilla suit, so he bought one.

In other news, the big work project has been handed off to the client. Yay, yippee, and all of that.

I did the grocery run at lunch, so I don't get tangled up with all the "OMGIt'sGonnaSnow" idjits.

It's FRIDAY!!! And I can catch up on my shows, b/c I didn't watch *any* TV this week.

I'm taking a mini-vacation from life for the weekend.


Oct. 12th, 2005 07:14 pm
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...of me, more's the pity. I've been slammed by the cold from hell. Was halfway okay this a.m. - sniffly and a bit congested, but not bad.

Somewhere around 1:00 it slammed me against the wall and not in a good way. I went home freom work early and crashed. Just woke up.

Had my blood drawn first thing this a.m. for pre-surgery. First nurse was nice enough but OMG, if she ever comes near me with a needle again, I'm running. I have two giganto bruises because of her. Second nurse was wonderful and stuck me with no problems.

My EKG was normal and all is copacetic, except for the ColdMonster.

Last night was awesome. We did the Spy Museum thing for our monthly MWA function. [ profile] beledibabe and I especially enjoyed the Hollywood spies exhibit. Emma Peel's leather trousers! Sean Connery's shoes from one of the Bond movies! Badges and other props from Man from U.N.C.L.E.!

Afterwards, a group of us went for dinner at Zola, a rather posh place next door. It was utterly decadently yummy. I started with a lovely crab/corn chowder, followed by scallops and ended with homemade hazelnut ice cream.

Tonight will be rather plebeian. I think I'll make some soup and pamper myself until I feel better.


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