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 Happy solstice to you all and hope the sun brings you brilliance in your life!! I'm hoping the sun finds its way to this soggy, moldy Mid-Atlantic area. :)

For all you dads out there, especially my own amazing stepdad, hope your Father's Day is fantastic!!!

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I was going to say something pity and meaningful, but after reading Neil Gaiman's blog post, I'll let him say it instead since it's way better than what I could have done:

I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you dream dangerously and outrageously, that you make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked. And most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now) that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.

Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic 2009.
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Hola, peeps! How's everyone spending the last Saturday of the year?

I'm chez moi, trying to shed the Cough That Would Not Die(tm). Round 3 of meds and more codeine. I *know* it's just a matter of time, but boy, howdy (to use a Texian phrase), it's a total PITA!

I've been drinking green tea with honey/lemon, sucking on OTC cough drops and taking meds. At least I got some sleep last night (whew!).

I spent a lovely quiet Xmas day at home, nursing the cough and reading. I had a lovely invite from JP to join their extended family for a great dinner, but sadly, my cough makes it nearly impossible to be in company. It's annoying to others and quite hard on me. :(

Oh well, I'm hoping that 2009 will be the year that the Lima gets well. I keep taking my vitamins and supplements and crossing my fingers!

Of the amusing: XKCD and Google trends. [ profile] theamusedone, I *know* which one you're responsible for!! ::g::


Dec. 21st, 2008 09:00 am
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Happy solstice all!

I wish each and every one of you the best of the season.
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Last month, I was a guest blogger on Amberkatze's blog. This month, after reading Blood Bargain, she's giving a copy away to a lucky commenter.

Why don't you pop over there and join in the fun?

And don't forget, if you would like a holiday card from moi, please be sure to fill out your snail mail info here.
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Traditionally, today is a day of giving thanks in the U.S., for everything we appreciate. Me, I try to do it throughout the year, but it's also cool to have one day to celebrate our good stuff.'s all very schmoopy!! ::g::

The Lima's List:

Thanks to my amazing parents, sister, brother-in-law, stepbro, step-sis-inlawish, and all my extended family, whether of blood or choice. Family is the most important thing in the world. You all are the best!

Thanks to John, Sean and Paula at Wildside/Juno for taking a chance on me. You all rock beyond the telling of it.

Thanks to JP, my team and all the folks at Matrix Group (my day job). You are all fabulous and make me happy to have a job I enjoy.

Thanks to all of you, for being my friends, fellow fannish folks and fans of well, moi, because it's all great. I have met many of you in person, which is cool. I am joyful and grateful for having you all in my life.

I wish you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.

I'm off in about an hour and a half to Union Station for a train trip north to visit [ profile] starrcat. Feast and be merry!!
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Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to all!

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday about the arrival of my author copies. I'm still in major squee mode. I don't think this is *ever* going to get old. :)
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Wishing all of you that celebrate, a Happy Independence Day!

I'm off in about an hour to Union Station, where I'll take the train to go visit [ profile] starrcat. Tomorrow the gang will join us.

Traveling with me, will be Morgause, my new MacBook Air. JEEEMINY, she's gorgeous. Nameless, the MacBook has now gone to a good home.

I'm hoping to get [ profile] starrcat's router hooked up so I can have wireless access at her place. ::g::

Cheers and happy holiday!
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I'm very behind on LJ, but I did just pimp myself out at [profile] livelongnmarry , fandom support for marriage equality. I'm offering 2 signed books (each of the 2 books in my Blood Lines series).

Stop by, tell your friends, help us pimp this great community and this cause. You don't have to have a LiveJournal account to bid, just make sure to post your contact information should you win.

Information on bidding and such is at the user info page for the community. Also, HAPPY CANADA DAY. (Yesterday now!)

UPDATED! A very kind person has chosen the "Buy it Now" option so I'm upping the stakes (as it were) and offering 2 more sets of autographed books. Please come bid!
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You know how you can fall in love with a character? (I mean in the meta way, not the I-want-to-have-your-babies way).

Today, while working on Blood Bargain, I had an epiphany. I'd been struggling with part of the book, trying to trim down the exposition and just make stuff happen, dammit - as my internal editor was beating the proverbial stick against my head. When all of a sudden, I'm in the middle of merging two scenes together, and the magic was happening and I realized why: one character.

Not my protagonist, Keira Kelly, whom I adore in so many ways, but dude, face it, she's got issues. Not Adam Walker, hot vampire lover. Hot, but wow, his issues beat the crap out of Keira's, hands down. And face it, without their issues and angst, there would be no story, because half the fun is giving them hell so then there can be a great payoff.

Not Bea, who is a fabulous friend, but due to circumstances in this book is much more peripheral.

Who does that leave - yeah, Tucker - Keira's brother, friend and confidante. I've come to realize that Tucker is the Duck McDonald of Rio Seco (if Duck had an infectious grin and sarcastic sense of humor). Tucker's angsty issues are long since resolved. He's settled in himself and knows who he is and what he wants. Thus, a perfect sidekick/shoulder-to-lean-on for Keira. Plus, he's also quite easy on the eyes, and for whatever reason, makes the writing go easier.

It's really odd sometimes when creating a world, creating characters that some of them just seem to take on a life of their own - that is, become more prominent than intended. In the original drafts of Matters of the Blood, Tucker was kind of an afterthought. I wanted Keira to have a family member around that she honestly liked, not just tolerated. Somehow, his tiny role turned out to be a lot more substantial. So much so, that I knew he had to stay in Rio Seco and not go back to the clan.

Once again, Tucker is bailing me (and Keira) out of some tangly stuff. Good thing he's around, eh?

On a side and rather amusing note: After I finished up my day's writing yesterday (Sunday), I started up Witness, which I haven't seen in years. I had a total fangrrl squee moment when it started - not over Harrison Ford, but dudes, Jan Rubes is in it as Eli, the old Amish farmer. I squeed aloud and yelled, "Mort!" at the screen. Six degrees of Benton Fraser, anyone?

In any case, I enjoyed watching the movie again.

I've treated myself to some new audiobooks for post-writing enjoyment today. I just bought Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time (read by the author) and Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (also read by the author).

I've noticed that I seem to enjoy audiobooks more if it's something I've already read and enjoyed. I'm looking forward to listening to both of these.

Hope you are ALL having a fabulous holiday. I'm definitely enjoying the time off from work and am happy with my writing progress, so yay, holiday!!
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[ profile] brooklinegirl, the card arrived yesterday to much squee and hysterical giggling. It's PRICELESS! (I fail at the card thing. I *have* them...I just can't seem to, you know, address and mail them. Le sigh.

My plans for the 4-day weekend are simple: Write. Talk to no one. Write some more. Drink eggnog with Cuban rum (yes, really from Cuba). Write some more.

There will be sleep somewhere in there, but no day-job type work as although we're open on Monday, I took the day off.

On a side note:

Dear freakish Lima brain, why, pray tell, do you spin weird and amazingly complete stories (with color visuals) during dreamtime? Why also, then are they usually suspenseful, thriller type tales rife with spies, and time travel and much with the Bourne-type guns and chases and whatnot? Because, really, you know I *don't* write that genre, nor am I interested in doing so.

Please, dear psyche, enough with the bloody gory wee-hours cinema already.

The Weirded Out One

To my wonderful f'list: Wishing all of you and yours a blessed solstice and a fabulous holiday season!! May it be all that you desire.
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So, hey, Internets - I'm still here, believe it or not.

What I've been up to )

Oh, before I forget, I finally posted my World Fantasy pics on a mini-Web gallery.

Geez, has it really been more than a month? What the heck happened to the time? Le sigh.

Oh well!

Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukwanzamasolstice!!

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay free.
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Well, that was loads of fun...not.

Been spending a quiet weekend writing, thinking, watching episodes of Burn Notice. About a third of the way through the final 2 parter, poof - no electricity. I peeked outside - seemed the entire complex was dark.

Thank goodness my laptop had enough ambient light to let me find my lantern flashlight thingie. Spent about a half hour in the dark, still watching episodes (yay for long battery life on Nameless!).

Got the lights back briefly, and then once again, nothing for another half hour, 45 minutes. One thing I do know--my mini book light I just bought is awesome. Lets me read my Sony reader without any other light around. :)

Electricity seems to be back now and I'm crossing my fingers.

BTW, Burn Notice rocks!

Sadly, only one more day of holiday weekend left.

ETA: Oh yeah, about holiday gifting - I'm all about what John Scalzi said earlier today. Really. (including the bit about the car ::g::)
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Hope all the US based folks on my f'list are having a wonderful holiday and spending it just the way they want to.

I'll be at home today, spending time with my characters and making them do things they may not want to do. ::g::

If you're feasting, enjoy! If you're just enjoying time off work, revel in it! If this is just a regular day for you, hope it's a good one!
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Ring in the new!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

I'm spending the evening just like I wanted: home, tucked into my comfy chair with good books to read and a movie or two to watch.

May everyone's 2007 be fabulous!
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No, not Tom Baker, but that's how many of us are at work today. It's D.E.D. dead. Building is locked, so we're just here. La la la. I have one requirements doc to write, which I've been procrastinating about, but other than that, nothing much else.

Tried to do Target during lunch as I need some additional DVD shelving - why, yes, I *am* stupid. D'oh! After seeing the parking lot, we turned around and went to a restaurant instead.

Darling cousin [ profile] allaboutm_e commented with my Booksense link - so yay!! My book, now available for pre-order from my favorite indy store. :)

Spent the long weekend mainlining Bones - got through the remainder of season one and a few episodes into season two. Note to self: seeing maggots right before going to bed is not a good thing.

Is it 6:00 yet?
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In response to an email query from me, (based on a question from lamardeuse from last month), my stepdad (retired USAF) did some additional digging after his initial response.

If you're writing about the USAF and need this info, feel free to poach:

Where officers train )

Holiday eCards:
I sent ecards to a bunch of you all - well, at least to people that I have email addresses for.

If you got a notice without the card, that basically means that AOL or your ISP is being mean. (I sent the cards via .mac iCards). * In any case, hope your holidays are fabulous and full of lovely fannish things!

I did want to send out snail mail cards, but alas, there just isn't enough time. I'm trying to not stress about that, so I'm going to just sit back and drink more tea and continue to watch Bones first season, thanks to the enablingest cousin ever, [ profile] allaboutm_e.


Love to all!

*I'm now using the card image for an icon, so at least you'll get to see that.
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There are gifts, and there are GIFTS!!

Among the latter:
-- Sleep with a side of Death - [ profile] beledibabe got me 2 volumes of the Sandman
-- [ profile] bheerfan got me a TARDIS!!! (okay, keychain size, but it has the sound and everything!)

We left work early (for us - before 5) and then coworker E and I journeyed to Shirlington for Thai and a movie: Curse of the Golden Flower.

Dinner was brilliant and the movie was everything you want in a dynastic soap opera drama martial arts film: betrayal, denial, multiple secrets, love, incest, fratricide, costumes, stylized fighting, the Chinese interpretation of the Battle of Helm's Deep - it was exactly what I needed.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Gong Li and Chow Yun Fat.

Home now for the remainder of the 3-day weekend, which is a Good Thing, indeed.

Oh yes, and one of the BEST pressies ever: My sister got the library job she wanted. They called her this morning and she starts on 1/15. Go, her!
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Happy Solstice, Everyone!

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light;
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ring Out, Wild Bells

Peace, love and joy to all.

ETA: and because this, too, was fun: (thanks to [ profile] gblvr)

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Reverend Countess Chickwriter the Bloody of Lower Wombleshire
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
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Because I must follow [ profile] reginagiraffe's fine it was too funny, not to:

My Christmas Song )

In other news:
TGI--oh wait, it's only Wednesday. Damn.

Oh well, the week will be done soon and three-day weekend!! (yes, I know it's Christmas, but I don't much celebrate as exchange gifts, much of which I've already done).

I have little to say about SGA's newest ep: the Game, other than "squee!!!". If you want some really well-thought out meta, check out [ profile] rageprufrock's take. (Warning - quite spoilery!)

Made a quick run to Whole Foods at lunch for Veggie Booty and a few items. Plan to go nowhere this weekend: just relax, think, write, recharge.

I've gotten a couple of lovely holiday cards from some of you. Many thanks!! (And I'm beginning to think penguins are definitely "in" this year - our company holiday cards have them, as did several I received in the mail).

Hope everyone is enjoying/surviving/whatever the holidays!

* to totally rip off [ profile] tx_tart


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