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... being able to work from home when you're still feeling a bit sinusy
... a new default icon
... OMFG UGLY BETTY!!! What a fabulous episode!
... a new Ianto mood theme, courtesy of [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn (via the torch_wood comm)
... a bunch of fun new icons (scroll down until you see Ugly Betty) - all the bottom ones are new, courtesy me, and [ profile] shayheyred for the "Oh Girlfriend" one
... some very pretty John Barrowman wedding photos, link courtesy
...Supernatural: Playthings - this show is just...gah

In conclusion: TGIF!
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Make icons!

It's nearly 4:00 a.m. and I haven't been able to get a decent night's sleep. Drifted in and out and finally just got the hell up.

I decided I needed new icons - so, ta da!!

First, the icon seen 'round the world (b/c I am in LOVE with the new series and Cap'n Jack is hotter than a hot thing!)

Second, one I'd been meaning to make for a long time:


Finally, gratuitous icon pretty:


At some point this a.m., I'm wandering over to Malice Domestic and meeting up with friends for lunch and some fannish squee. I'll be AFK for the rest of the weekend, which means I'll have a LOT to catch up on when I come back.

Y'all behave now. (heh)
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Okay - so last night's snow, she is all gone.

[ profile] viggofest - erhm - no vampires, no young blonde girls, so, whew! Safe, now. ::g::

I've spent the morning playing with PSE, because, well, I can.

Today's icon ::points up:: I wanted to make this one after reading [ profile] rustler's Oz story, The Company You Keep. I'm all over the Oz love yet again.

The other ones I made today are here - just scroll down to the bottom. Everything after the Weasleys is new, except for the Got Lex?, which I updated.

I'm off to worship Dead Turkey Day in a bit with [ profile] darthrami and her lovely wife, plus extra folks that I haven't met yet. MMM, turkey.

OOH - shopping alert! has a TON of DVDs on sale - including first 2 seasons of Arrested Development for a seriously low price. Avoid the stores, buy online. ::g::

Happy Dead Turkey Day to those that are celebrating!!
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Dear Santa, if I'm a Very Good Girl...

I'd really like one of these for Xmas. ::g:;

Follow me to the doctor )

In other news, the woman that wanted to buy my Dell PC bailed and never called/showed up/e-mailed. Grr Bloody ARRGH!!!!

I think I'm going to try the Tylenol PM now and read for a while.

Tomorrow night: shopping for charity with [ profile] darthrami and [ profile] strange_selkie. There will be dinner involved, if not the purchase of a new lamp.
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Because I couldn't sleep, I got up and watched last night's episode of House

And because it was the slashiest episode ever...I was inspired to make a new icon.

BTW, thanks to everyone for your comments on my publisher situation. As of yesterday, the check had not yet arrived.

If it's not here in today's mail, he is so hearing from me.



Oct. 8th, 2005 02:14 pm
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Because it's raining...
Because I had to work this morning (from home, but work)...
Because I'm feeling creative...

Ta da!!


The first one is because of the lovely pic of CKR just BEGGED for an icon.

This one is just because I needed to do it:

This one is courtesy [ profile] zoetrope who created the original graphic:

Now, it's time for catching up on Veronica Mars and Rome.

ETA: if you haven't seen Serenity - please don't read the comments. :)


Aug. 16th, 2005 11:03 pm
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Because Nan made me do it.


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