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The fannish fun continues. I got home tonight to a package waiting for me. The package was from my wonderful cousins and co-owners of Mysterious Galaxy, Maryelizabeth Hart ([ profile] allaboutm_e) and her darling hubby, Jeff Mariotte.

In the envelope:

A ginormous Tyvek CW tote bag from Comic-Con 2008--one side touting our boys from Supernatural, the other touting Smallville.

Inside the bag, 2 Middleman pins.

Photos below the cut )

Need I say I totally, utterly squeed?

I LOVE being a fangrrrl!!!

Again, thanks so much, cuz!

ETA: Oh yeah, I got my Season 3 Supernatural DVDs, too. So Yay again!
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The con was fantastic - kudos to the concomm!!

Better reports than mine can be found on the LJ comm (as I'm totally d.e.d. DED!) - but I had a fabulous time, despite coming home with the Con Crud.

Meeting the international contingent ([ profile] lamardeuse, [ profile] calathea, [ profile] engenda, [ profile] china_shop and others) was beyond great. Getting to meet folks whose journals I've been reading, but hadn't met in person was just as great: (note, I will so probably forget someone, so please excuse!) - [ profile] astolat, [ profile] cesperanza, [ profile] pearl_o, [ profile] aukestrel etc. (see, I *told* you my brain is gone!!)

[ profile] qe2, my darling sweetness, it was so fabulous to spend so much time with you!! Ditto for the rest of the fangrrls I hung out with. Shay, Beth, Raffe, and the usual suspects - it's not a con without you guys!

Friday was a blur, as was Saturday, punctuated by the SPN panel modded by [ profile] estrella30 and co-modded by me. (And by co-modded, I mean sitting there pointing at people to talk)

I was able to get on an earlier flight on Sunday and get home by 1:00, which was very good, since the crud was already beyond creeping and into full-blown ickiness.

Spent Monday sleeping and then today at work, with the sore throat, full-blown cold mode.

I can't wait until this weekend, so I can sleep. ::g::

SOOO behind on LJ and other stuff.

ETA: OMG, how on earth did I miss meeting [ profile] mmmchelle and [ profile] crysothemis - I know you all were there, I read your posts. I suck at fangrrling.
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(1) There is great news on the stepdad front. The catscan results are back and the cancer is in only one place and quite treatable. They are meeting with the docs on Friday to discuss next steps.

(2) I got my Callum bear!!!! The lovely folks at the BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre even included an 8x10 (the same photo thats in the Ebay Auction listing.

(3) I also got my Surfacing 'zines. Just in time for my NJ trip. w00t!!

(4) Tonight is my book signing/event at the Alexandria Public Library.

(5) At Mayhem in the Midlands, I will have the great pleasure of interviewing the Toastmaster, Nancy Pickard, a woman whom I adore and respect greatly.

(6) On Friday, I'm winging my way to NJ to visit with [ profile] starrcat and the DS gang.

(7) In one week and one day, MJ!!!!!
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... being able to work from home when you're still feeling a bit sinusy
... a new default icon
... OMFG UGLY BETTY!!! What a fabulous episode!
... a new Ianto mood theme, courtesy of [ profile] spacemonkeyluvn (via the torch_wood comm)
... a bunch of fun new icons (scroll down until you see Ugly Betty) - all the bottom ones are new, courtesy me, and [ profile] shayheyred for the "Oh Girlfriend" one
... some very pretty John Barrowman wedding photos, link courtesy
...Supernatural: Playthings - this show is just...gah

In conclusion: TGIF!
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] synecdochic, she of the lovely writing, and a happy 40th to Joe Flanigan, he of the...well, just lovely. ::g::

::chickwriter debuts new icon in honor of the occasion::

Go here for more Joe.*

In other news: TGIF! - which is a really good thing, because the last couple of nights have been plagued with insomnia. Wednesday night was all about work stress. Last night, this a.m. - jeebus! The muse struck with a vengeance. Nothing to do with my book-in-progress, but a wee snippet of a thing that will be unveiled tomorrow in celebration of another set of twin birthdays. (yes, you know who you are)

Now that I've been up for 2.5 hours already, it's 8:00 a.m. and nearly time to go to work. OMG, COFFEE!

* ganked from [ profile] seperis


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