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Let us speak of Thursday night, shall we....

Wherein [ profile] chickwriter, due to the discombobulation of having Monday off, then having a BUSY work week, did remember not the day of the week, despite all the pre-squeals on eljay. In fact, had one asked, Chickwriter would have been hard pressed to tell which week this was, much less the actual day thereof.

Why, pray tell, is this important? Because lo, she did spend yestere'en reading and catching up on iTunes show episodes (a laudable task, on most ordinary days), and so did not recall the import of said evening, thereby missing (in its entirety) All Hell Breaks Loose Part I.

::points to icon::

Yah, I feel a bit moronic right now - yet, entirely still unspoiled, which means I must avoid LJ squee all day. Thank goodness we have our all-day client meeting and I will not be able to wander over.

Thank goodness for DVR.
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The first episode of Blood Ties, the series based on the Tanya Huff books airs in the US on Lifetime on Sunday night (opposite Dresden Files, which makes no sense, b/c duh, same audience!)

That said, iTunes has the first episode (which is part 1 of 2, evidently) available for free download. Which I did. I *had* to watch this last night, after watching BSG (which, OMG) and Dresden (enjoyed).

Of all the on-air series right now, this one means such a great deal to me. Blood Price (the first book in the series) was my entry into the world of urban fantasy/vampires that weren't evil, etc. This and subsequent books I discovered are the reason I write what I do.

My reaction to the show: I loved it. No ifs, ands, buts.

About halfway through watching the episode - I had this utterly fannish squeeful epiphany: this year, there will be THREE series on the air by THREE of my most favorite genre authors. In order of premier: Jim Butcher, Tanya Huff and in the fall on HBO, Charlaine Harris (of whom two I know personally). I cannot tell you what a total THRILL this was to realize. I must say I did let a small squeal of joy escape. ::g::

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts for those of you that watch the show. [ profile] theamusedone, this absolutely means you. ::g::

Clicky for some other thoughts - not spoilers, per se (I give away no plot info); but dealing with casting, treatment, etc. )
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I'm regaining a bit of the fannish squee, what with MJ coming up in a few weeks, plus a visit to my DS fangrrls the weekend before, there is much fannishness and lovely camaraderie ahead for moi.

Totally of the fannish goodness - Look what I just won on eBay...and by won, I mean "determined to outbid everyone". I so had to have this.* I'm all giddy with delight.

(Nan, I was soo going to get you the J2 one, but alas, got too rich for my blood, too soon).

Also of fannish squee, I just finished reading the ARC of Thunder Bay by William Kent Krueger. Kent kindly sent me the advance reading copy b/c a couple of years ago at a charity auction (I *do* gravitate to those, don't I?), I bought a character name in the book. Not only is my character in here, but she's integral to the storyline. Thunder Bay will be out in July. It's part of a fabulous mystery series that I fell in love with some years ago.

Sadly, the weather is springless; a cold front dropping the temps into the low twenties and brining a chill wind with it. Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow. Ah well.

In conclusion: HEROES!!! OMG, such love for that show.

Psst, there are more bears listed now.
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A lovely gift arrived in today's mail, even though it's not my birthday.

Charlaine Harris sent me the ARC of Chris Golden/Amber Benson's Ghosts of Albion:Accursed. w00t!

I've already pre-ordered at Mysterious Galaxy, but want an inscribed copy, so I'd have had to wait until Chris and Amber sign there much later in the month. Now I have a copy to read ahead of time. ::g::

I <3 my enabler friends.

A bit of synchronicity:
I was reading some of my rss feeds today via bloglines and discovered a mention of an author advance survey by Tobias S. Buckell. The post wasn't anything new, but I liked his style so decided to link up his blog to my feeds.

A post from earlier today mentions [ profile] alg's LJ and recommendation re: a book. Now, she doesn't know this, but I met her a couple of years ago at an MWA symposium. We both were wearing the exact same style of glasses. At the time, I hadn't yet sold Matters to a publisher and was hoping to submit to her. For one reason or another, it never happened, and Matters was sold to a different publisher.

I read her post, and lo and behold, who's name do I see bandied about but [ profile] pearl_o's! In investigating, I also find that she's friended [ profile] engenda and [ profile] girl_clone.

I've just friended her, because, dude, her interests include Callum! and she thinks Claudia Black is tres hot, which, yeah.

Back when I saw her presentation at the MWA event, I couldn't get over how much she reminded me of me when I was younger (attitude and a bit in the looks, but she's much cuter). I'm thinking that her being a Callum fan just cements it. ::g::

Like I always say, small freakin' world.


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