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In about an hour and a half, I'm heading to the airport and then due South - Miami-bound for my weekend o'relative fun.

Evidently, my cousin Gustavo is throwing us a bbq on Friday. Cool!

The plane seems to be completely full, which, arrgh. I hate traveling these days. It *used* to be fun. I'm not even taking Nameless with me, as I wanted to travel light. I have one gym bag (courtesy WFC 2007) and a small purse.

Weather at MIA is in the low 80s. Here, it's COLD. Thank goodness for layers. I'll be able to peel off the fleece in the airport and stuff it into the tote bag so I won't be drenched with sweat as soon as I arrive.

Since I'll have no Internet access while I'm gone (unless I can sneak out to an Internet cafe), I'll be offline until sometime on Sunday. (Okay, yes, I have my iPhone, so *may* check email, but don't count on it).

Be good, be safe and keep me posted if anything really cool happens while I'm gone!!
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So, hey, Internets - I'm still here, believe it or not.

What I've been up to )

Oh, before I forget, I finally posted my World Fantasy pics on a mini-Web gallery.

Geez, has it really been more than a month? What the heck happened to the time? Le sigh.

Oh well!

Wishing everyone a Happy Hanukwanzamasolstice!!

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay free.
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Wow - so many August birthdays and so little time!!

Most excellent natal day wishes to:

[ profile] arallara
[ profile] wickedwords
[ profile] janissa11

Hope you all have/had/are having a wonderful birthday!

Also, happy graduation to [ profile] birki_lib, a.k.a. my darling sis! A long time in the making, but finally, w00t!! I still remember you talking about becoming a librarian as early as elementary school.

Psst....on another note, I still have one Vox invite left. First to respond with e-mail addy gets it.

Hope everyone's Friday is fabulous. I've got a lot on my plate today at work, so I hope it goes well. Then, yay!! Weekend!


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