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or not.

The other night, as I sat in my recliner, surfing on my laptop and watching a TV show via iTunes on my iMac, there was a mini power brownout. By mini, I mean a quick flash of uh oh, then normal. Problem was, at the time, I was downloading a shedload of audiobooks from iTunes. (All the Charlaine Harris books are/were on sale!).

My downloads slowed to a much so, it was nearly as if I were on dialup speeds.

I spent the next 2 hours trying all sorts of configurations, rebooting modem, rebooting computers, etc. etc. ad nauseaum. I left it with the iMac wired directly to modem, and the downloads still crawling along.

By the next morning, things were still slow, but most of the books had downloaded. I then tried to re-hook up my route, but there was no joy in Mudville. Mighty router had struck out. Network connection = yay. Internet: not so much. Panicked, because it was Thursday before a holiday weekend and omg, SO not spending a weekend without WiFi, I ordered a new Belkin router with rush delivery (still cheaper than retail!).

It arrived about 1/2 hour ago. I'm all installed, wireless and have also connected my new 1TB external hard drive (my 3rd).

I LOVE cheap technology!!

I'm settling in for a lovely quiet weekend of reading, catching up on my shows, watching ST:TOS remastered editions and oh yeah, reviewing galleys for the reprint of Matters of the Blood.

Sad that I can't be at my parent's for a mini-Lima fest - my cousin Maria Eugenia and my sister & BIL are converging on San Antonio this weekend. Was a spur of the moment thing for them, but alas, $700 plane tix were too rich for my blood - especially for a quick weekend visit. Seeing family will have to wait until September and [ profile] fencon .

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!

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It's no secret to those of you who know me that I am a technophile. If it's a gadget, electronic and falls into whatever I value as "cool", it's likely that I'll want one. It's also no secret that I am a pop culture-holic and love TV, movies, books, etc.

One of the brilliant things about current technology is the fact that I can get TV shows via iTunes and other legitimate sources online and watch on my nifty iMac.

The caveat to that is that these files are BIG, as in 1 file is umpteen times larger than the first hard drive I ever had (20 MB...and yes, that makes me old ::g::).

Instead of RAM, (of which I have plenty), storage became an issue. When 250 GB drives weren't nearly enough, what next?

A couple of years ago, I bought my first Terabyte drive (!!)--and it didn't break the bank. Today, since my last remaining LaCie drive bit the dust, I bought a replacement: 1 TB Iomega external hard drive: $143.00. Yep, that' PEANUTS. With Amazon Prime, shipping was free and the drive actually arrived a day ahead of time.

Tera1, as it's now named, is happily sucking up my iTunes library (all 500GB of it) and will become my primary iTunes drive. Mondo, the other terabyte drive, will become my primary backup drive. LimaMedia, the weenie 500 GB drive holds a conglomeration of files that I share between my iMac Priscilla and Mab, my Macbook air. (Yes, I name my computers and my drives...sue me).

I also have Mozy backup, which, sadly, since Comcast cracks down on 250GB/month transfers and higher, means I can't do a full backup of all my files. Plus, I'm sure they're throttling, but that's a whole other story. On Mozy, I back up all crucial files - copies of all my Kindle ebooks, copies of all my writing files and backups of address books, photos and things that I couldn't replace.

I also keep a copy of all writing files (current and past) on Priscilla, on Mab and regularly backup to a flash drive which I carry with me.

Am I anal? Yep. Is it overkill to back up so much stuff? I don't think so. First, it's totally cheap to buy more drives and second, if something were to happen, I know I can recover my writing, my photos and crucial data.

If I lose iTunes library, I'd be sad, but frankly, eventually I could re-buy everything and manually re-load all the CDs, since I still have those. If I lose my writing files, I know I have several places I can recover from.

I may be insane, but I sleep better at night, knowing my stuff is safe.

On an entirely other note, Mme Editrix posted a copy of the full Blood Bargain cover. Book is due in stores in a couple of weeks.


Jul. 29th, 2008 09:13 pm
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My lovely, lovely iMac (still a hot babe at < 2 years old) has been having Issues over the past couple of days.

Monday a.m. while I was trying to open a photo in iPhoto, the screen went black - the computer was still on, but no display.

I had to run to work, so I shut it down manually. When I got home last night and rebooted, everything seemed fine.

Tonight, when I got home, the computer wasn't asleep: very abnormal. Things seemed sluggish and none of the backup routines were running. I tried all sorts of things to make her better, but eventually resigned myself to the fact that I might have to (and am now) wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Leopard.

Very very odd. Couldn't find a lot of info on the support site/blogs. Possibly issues with the video card? Who knows. I'm rebuilding and only going to reinstall the minimums to see how she runs over the next few days.

If things don't get better, perhaps I need to replace her. Which will truly suck because I just shelled out for Mab (the new name for Morgause) the MacBook Air - which I love dearly but was never meant to be a desktop replacement.


Unhappy about all of this because last night I decided to register for World Fantasy 2008 in Calgary and figure out a way to afford to go this year. After all, the them is Mystery in Fantasy and Horror: exactly what I write.


On top of which, my possessed work laptop, the Lenovo from HELL can *not* be replaced under warranty as Lenovo will ONLY replace the whole machine within 17 days of purchase. DUDES. It's just at 1 year old and I have spent the greater part of that year fighting the damned machine.

Damn. Sigh. Sigh Again.

::crosses fingers that things will work out::

It's a DAMNED good thing that I have everything backed up.
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I'm buying a new IMac for myself as a birthday pressie to me.

Thing is, that until yesterday, I knew what I wanted - 20" iMac with max RAM. But yesterday, Steve Jobs pulled a fast one and released the *new* iMacs, with Core 2 duo processors and wait, there's more, a 24" screen. Yipes!

Honestly, I did try to order one yesterday, but the online store was giving me grief - some sort of bizarre checkout loop. After I got home, I measured my desk ([ profile] beledibabe, you remember the desk you helped me put together?) - it's got a nice little shelf across the top, which means the 24" iMac would be too large for the desk.

That said, my enabler at work, J, reminded me that I could always figure out a way to use the 24" - plus, if I get this piece of hardware, it negates the need for a TV entirely. And considering that Comcast has neglected to turn off cable access, even though I returned the digital box to them and canceled my account, I'm figuring it's fair game.

In any case, it's a thought - so I ran over to the Pentagon City store at lunch to look at the machine in person and buy one. The answer: "They're in the back but haven't been unpacked." No matter how I tried, salesguy was totally not interested in going back to get me one, not even if I was to pay Right Then. I called the Clarendon store once I got back to the office - they have the 17s and 20s in, but no 24s yet, and the others won't be out on the shelves until morning.

In other news, my birthday weekend was fab! Started off Saturday with a gathering at [ profile] beledibabe's - there was yummy food and brilliant company, including [ profile] bheerfan and several non-LJ folks. Pressies ranged from the sublime (Anne Taintor calendar for '07; 2 bottles of Chimay), to the ridiculous and so appropriate - PotC action figures with sword slashing action(tm)!...and the requisite bottle of stage blood, black roses and teeny prop coffins. ::g:: There was a lot more loot, but it's at home and I'm not.

Sunday was quiet - spent the day resting...and by that I mean sleeping.

Monday, the day of the natal anniversary was quiet. Phone calls from mom and sister, relaxing with books and just being alone and quite happy about it.

Speaking of natal days, today marks the birthday of dear cousin Jeffy, best know the world as Jeff Mariotte - author of a zillion tie-in novels and some really excellent fiction! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CUZ!

The work week has been insane and the month may be more of the same. I'm trying to not freak out about it.

Today I got the Best Buy Supernatural DVDs, because thanks to my f'list, I learned that there was a bonus disk, which yay! Also, my Oz Season 6 set arrived, again with the yay!

Segueing back to the original thought - should I splurge and get the 24" iMac and figure out where to put it later? Or get the 20" machine, which will fit - sort of. (In actuality, the 17" fits perfectly on the desk, the 20 will be a close fit, too.)

I wait with bated breath for your thoughts (since obviously, my purchase is going to have to wait). ::g::


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