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For those of you who knew who this was, Gene Pitney died while on tour in GB. (In case the subject line wasn't hint enough, he was a singer/songwriter, most well known for that song).

Work has been a roller coaster of insanity, but I'm trying to remain zen about all of it. Today, that's working better than it was yesterday.

My DVD of Brokeback Mountain arrived today, so w00t! I've spent the majority of today listening to Rufus on the iPod - hooked up to my speakers and just chilling while I work on catching up on daily stuff. I could get used to this. Have scheduled Friday as "work from home" day, so I'm very happy about that. Nothing like rolling out of bed at the last minute to start working. ::g::

On the TSTL* list for the day, because, yah, live ordnance as paperweight is really smart. Sigh. (snurched from [ profile] scott_lynch)

Didn't watch House last night, but am looking forward to more roommate fun with the boys. hee!

Current issue of Sci-Fi magazine has a lovely article and some photos from the upcoming Dresden Files, a series pilot based on Jim Butcher's books. I'm looking forward to this. I first met Jim a few years ago, just as the first audio was released (Storm Front) , he was and is a fabulous writer and interview subject. I've loved the Harry Dresden books from the start and have hooked at least 8 or 9 people in my office to the series. My book pimping is an awesome thing. ::g:: (but I learned from the best, right, [ profile] allaboutm_e?

On the writing front - I'm working on the query/synopsis of Matters to get that back out in the world, plus I have an idea for another book/series that I'm toying with. I do want to eventually get the 2nd book of the Blood Lines universe finished, too. I wish there was more time in the day/week/month and more energy. With work being as soulsucking as it's been, it's really really tough to make my brain work for fiction writing. I'm hoping that the energy from the upcoming cons (Malice and Mayhem) will help. I usually come back from those with a renewed sense of purpose.

*TSTL: Too Stupid To Live
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A brilliant start to February!

-- day much quieter and much less anxiety producing than, say, any day in January
-- left at 4:00 p.m.

-- Met up with [ profile] beledibabe at Barnes & Noble on 12th St. NW in DC. The plan: to have an early dinner and then go to the Jenny Crusie event at the Smithsonian.
-- Found a great notebook at B&N - spiral bound, black cardboard cover with silver gilt lettering "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars". Lots of little silver stars and a crescent moon." Had to buy it.
-- Dinner at Harry's - a restaurant/bar just across from B&N. Lovely drinks, lovely burger, WAY too much food. Getting to spend time with [ profile] beledibabe: priceless!

-- Jenny Crusie is now and will always be one of the women/writers I revere greatly. She didn't get published until age 41, and has published 16 books so far and is on the NYT bestseller list. She adores pop culture. She's a huge Buffy fan, plus she's a total hoot! Her humor is snarky, sarcastic and utterly witty. I resisted reading her when my sister shoved a paperback into my hands some 5 or 6 years ago. (My sister is a *wonderful* person and for the most part, our reading tastes are the same, but she has a tendency to read a few things I don't particularly like.) The book was Anyone But You, just now re-released in hardcover. At the time, it was a paperback original issued by Harlequin. I nearly split my sides laughing. However, the joke was on me. It's a simple story, but with vivid characters and a wonderful style. I've devoured every book since.
-- Jenny signed my hardcover copy of Bet Me, and I gave her an inscribed copy of Matters. All was great. :) Didn't get home until 10:00. Took Metro, then had to wait for a bus for about 20 minutes, but no big. Better than driving and trying to park. Better than $20 for a cab.

Read a lovely write up on MSNBC the other day - talks about how the movie resonates so much with straight folks because it's about loneliness. Here's the link.

* as in Jenny Crusie, not Tom. Spelling deliberate. ::g::
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Diana Ossana's letter was written in response “It’s Very Brave of Them,” an exclusive commentary: My time on Brokeback Mountain.
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Now that I have a working computer and Internet back, here are my thoughts about Brokeback Mountain.

Spoilers Inside )

I'm glad we got to go. I'm even gladder that this movie was made.


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