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Hola kids, fangrrls, fans and general public types.

My wonderful editor, Ms. Paula Guran, has updated the Juno Books site and posted a page about Blood Kin and an excerpt from the book. Go. See. Read!

In other news, work continues to be busy. Book 4, working title Blood Heat, is in progress. Been keeping a fairly low profile overall. Just darned tired. Sleep is a good thing.

Currently reading: Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge ([ profile] blackaire). My only real reading time is before work in the morning. I'm loving this book so much, I've practically had to set a timer to make me stop reading so I can leave for the office. Get it. Read it.

Just bought a ton of new books, but sadly, won't have a heck of a lot of time to read them until after Blood Heat is finished. Oh well. Life of a writing chick. ::g::

Happy Thursday, all!
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Here it is, folks - the brand spanking new cover for Blood Kin. *

behind the cut )

If you care to see the full thing (front & back) - go here.

*Courtesy of fab editor, Jennifer Heddle @ Pocket Books, who sent me cover flats, along with the copy edited ms.
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Didja miss me? OMG, I've been SOOO BUSY. With day job stuff and copy edits on BLOOD KIN, there has been no time to just sit and relax.

Major project got launched on Monday (which is the reason I exited MJ early - really miss you guys!!!) and we've been working late hours throughout the week for post launch stuff.

In the meantime, right before I left for Boston, the copyedits came. Not a ginormous amount of work, but since the book had to be rushed, there were some fixes needed, plus another chapter to be written. I spent most weeknights just skimming through the easy stuff (repeated words, awkward phrasing, clarifying bits), then last night, a 7 hour marathon to finish, as I wrote to the accompaniment of Queen and Sarah McLachlan.

At 3:37 ack emma, file done, spellchecked, emailed and backed up.



The only reason I'm actually up is that my body will not stay asleep past 9:30 a.m., no matter how hard I try. Oh well, there's always time for a nap later.

I'm going to spend my weekend watching movies (Slumdog Millionaire is waiting for me), catching up on my shows and reading. (new Harry Dresden hot on my Kindle!) It's raining, but I don't care, because I'm going to be a sloth.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, Passover, Easter, etc.

Oh, and, speaking of peeps...the annual diorama.
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"THE END" - best words in ANY language for a writer.

I have now finished my draft of Blood Kin and have just now sent the file to my betas for review.


It doesn't suck...I think.

Now, to catch up on Supernatural, BSG, and all sorts of TV. AND I CAN READ BOOKS!!
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I hadn't realized that my last post was a while ago, mostly, because I've been writing. Go me!

I have been Twittering my progress, but I figured I'd post it here. 6100 words in the last 3 days. w00t! I'm hoping to make 10K by then end of tomorrow (which is the end of my 4-day weekend).

I'm taking a mental break right now. My pattern these last couple of days has been:

  • Wake up early (before sunrise!)

  • Have something to eat while reading email.

  • Write for about 2-3 hours.

  • Take a break and watch Dead Zone TV show (which I'm watching for the first time, thanks to Netflix)

  • Read a while/surf/read LJ, etc.

  • Write some more.

  • Read more and then sleep

  • (A side note for SGA peeps: pretty funny to see the actress who played Katie Brown in an Dead Zone ep. Canadian actors FTW!)

    I totally missed the Inauguration concert yesterday b/c I didn't realize that HBO would open up for us mere mortals who don't have the channel. I have been trying to see it on, but it's only streaming at specific times, which really sucks. What's the point of streaming if you can't see it at your own time? :(

    I'm staying in for the Inauguration tomorrow, despite the many lovely invites I've gotten from several folks. I really want to make my word quota on Blood Kin and, although I'd love to share the glory with friends, I think I need to sequester myself or I won't make it.



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