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... or a reasonable facsimile.

My darling cousin, [ profile] allaboutm_e, emails me the other day, asking if by chance, I'd posted recently about something I recevied from her. I was puzzled, as I'd not received any packages.

After some sleuthing (basically, checking with my apartment management, only to find out that the new post person has been messing up the mail), I discovered that a box had been waiting for me at the front desk for a few days. I brought it to work this a.m. and opened it.

pic below the cut )

M'e sent me a Lex action figure. Now, Lex is ensconced on my desk, next to the BSG minis that [ profile] brooklinegirl sent me and the other minis I got via eBay.


Oh, and I might have ordered this the other day.

Yeah, just what I needed. ::g:: Too bad there's not a Draco.
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SciFi Guy created a video salute to the ubiquitous Urban Fantasy covers from tramp stamps to unbuttoned jeans. I'm chuckling, as he included one of my covers in the mix. Hee!

Just a month and half until Blood Bargain hits the shelves! I've already been Klausnered. As usual, she gets some of the details wrong. (for values of some that mean "most"). Ah, well, at least I'm in good company. ::g::

Of the amusing & interesting:
Whedonesque reported a photo of James Marsters in a Jayne hat

My boss blogs on the value of your e-mail.

[ profile] cleolinda continues to recap True Blood.

I have stopped watching Heroes. Srsly. Season 3? WTF? (to quote Jackie Kessler)


Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!
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Thanks to Smart Bitches, Trashy Wenches.... (it's a totaly SFW ad for a porn channel - see how many references you get).

Today, we be all talking like pirates, arrgh. Of course, my pirate talk tends to be more Jossian in tone (grrr. arrgh). ::g::

Lovely, gorgeous fall weather outside: sunny, breezy and not at all warm. Too bad I'm stuck in the office all day. I'm not much of an outdoors person, but when fall hits, I love the idea of lounging outside, perhaps in a hammock, with a good book and a long, tall drink.

I've been procrastinating setting up my DVR for the new TV show debuts. I'd best get on that tonight or risk missing something. What shows are you all looking forward to? (new or old) I'm definitely going to check out Moonlight and Pushing Daisies, and look forward to the return of Heroes, Friday Night Lights, SGA, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. Oh, yeah, and the back half of Blood Ties!!


Watched the first 3 SGA Season 3 episode commentaries last night. Enjoyed them, but where are Joe and David??? None of the first disk shows have actor commentaries. :( Also got my copy of A Dog's Breakfast yesterday. I've seen the movie already, as I bought it on iTunes when it was available, but am looking forward to all the lovely extras. <3s DVDs

What's up in October for me?
Some signings, all local at Borders type stores.

October 19: B Dalton # 1106, Union Station, Washington, DC 20002 4:30 p.m.
October 20: Waldenbooks @ Landmark mall 1:00 p.m.
October 26: Borders Express @ National airport at 4:00 p.m.

I'm attending Dying to Write, a conference held by the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of MWA on October 27, then on 10/31, I'm flying out to Saratoga Springs for World Fantasy. I'll get to meet some of my fellow Juno writers there, plus hang out with loads of my SFF friends and my darling cousin [ profile] allaboutm_e and her hubby, Jeff Mariotte, 2 people I rarely get a chance to see. I'll even (finally!) get a chance to hang out with Chris Golden. We've known each other via email for some years now, but have yet to be at the same event. This is going to be a blast!
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This morning, I watch the Ugly Betty finale before I go off to work.

This evening, when I get home, there's a new video ad email from iTunes, telling me that West Side Story is now available. (yes, the 1961 movie)

I repeat: Coincidence....or is the universe trying to tell me something? (LIke I have to buy the damned movie now so I can get the Sharks/Jets song out of my head?)
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gakked from [ profile] the_starfish

1. Go to
2. Click on "Maps".
3. Click on "Get Directions".
-- From: New York, New York
-- To: Paris, France
4. Read direction number 23.


Sad news about [ profile] thamiris, whom I did not know, either on LJ or in RL, but I adored her fiction; and of Kurt Vonnegut, one of the greats. RIP to them both.
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So just a few days after MJ, where the lovely and talented [ profile] lamardeuse was facilitating learning a 2nd language (and by that, I mean learning how to curse in Joual, punctuated by scenes from Bon Cop, Bad Cop) - I see this news item.

I repeat: coincidence or some weird karmic synchronicity?

[ profile] lamardeuse, I think I need a written Joual curse primer. ::g::

I am still battling the Crud, which has morphed into the Cough-that-will-not-quit. My co-workers are being most patient with the ugly resounding hacks and honks from my office.

TGI...Almost Friday! I canceled my hair appointment on Saturday to stay home and pamper my abused respiratory system. Besides, I have new books to read - like the brand new Dresden novel, White Knight and the latest Laura Lippman What the Dead Know.
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Of the amusing from CBC News:

Inuktituk Old Testament Nears Completion

Back to work, now.
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My world map )

Yeah, it's Monday.


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