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In celebration of the rebirth of my BLOOD LINES series and the continued success of all our Juno authors, several of us have banded together to offer free books.

The catch? 

The contest is the Juno version of Jeopardy!(TM) - We'll give you the answer, you give us the questions. All the answers can be found either on the
Juno Books site, Juno Books twitter account or Juno editor Paula Guran's Facebook account...or, within our books. :)

Persons with the most correct answers will win FREE BOOKS!!!! (In case of ties, we'll use the random number generator)

The contest will be open until August 30, 2009, after which we'll count up the winners and notify you via email.


1. In Maria Lima's Blood Lines universe, the town of Rio Seco was so small, it not only didn't have a Dairy Queen, it didn't have this.

2. In a quote from Lori Devoti's Amazon Ink, "She will not hurt the little bunny. Just give him what?"

3. In Linda Robertson's Vicious Circle, the damn wærewolves dumped these kind of boxes on the lawn.

4. Stacia Kane's protagonist in Personal Demons and Demon Inside is named:

A: Mary Chase

B: Mary Pacey

C: Megan Chase

D: Elaine Robinson

5. Carole Nelson Douglas' basic recipe for the cocktail Brimstone Kiss, contains:

-- 2 jiggers Inferno Pepper Pot vodka

-- 1 jigger DeKuyper "Hot Damn!" Hot Cinnamon Schnapps

-- 2 jiggers Alize Red Passion

The added ingredient for version 2 of the drink is this bubbly favorite.

6. Juno Books, originally an imprint of  independent press Prime Books/Wildside Press, is now an imprint of this company, a division of Simon & Schuster.

7. Juno Books publishes fantasies featuring a strong female protagonist set in a contemporary (or a very few years in the future) world quite like ours except for the intersection/transgression of the numinous (that which is "wholly other") with/upon the mundane. This type of books is commonly called this type of fantasy.

Good luck!!!


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