Jun. 20th, 2009

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Over at [livejournal.com profile] fangs_fur_fey , the topic of the month is Research. I posted my take on this over here.

Book 4 (BLOOD HEAT) is in progress, a steady drip of words, shaping into the story that will become a book. I had a wonderful epiphany yesterday while at our local Barnes & Noble, having lunch with a colleague. I'd gone there to buy maps--one of Texas and one of Wales. I've got a ton of online resources, but I wanted the visual of a road map that I could open up, scribble on and perhaps even cut up.

The Texas map is for BLOOD HEAT, which will take place back at the ranch (to steal a cliche) and in nearby Guadalupe County, at Canyon Lake.  The map of Wales is dual purpose: a future trip being planned by me, [profile] birki_lib  and my BIL and for a future book (assuming I sell more of this series).

As J and I were eating, I was discussing if/how I could have a particular scene happen on screen. Did it belong in the book? Should it have already happened? We were also discussing Texas high school football (which had come to mind, as my car audio book is currently Living Dead in Dallas, and I'd just gotten to the scene where Sookie goes to the local football game and sees Bill with Portia. That in turn, led me to think about Friday Night Lights, and how I could incorporate this icon of Texas tradition into one of my books. Even though Keira and the gang live in a small town whose school is too small to support a football team, it's highly unlikely they're not exposed to the insanity.

Then it struck me. I could set the character interaction I needed at a nearby HS football game, with added bonus of introducing a crucial plot point. SCORE! (or, I suppose I should say TOUCHDOWN!) I promptly grabbed the paper tray liner, borrowed J's pen, and scribbled down the essentials. Cracked me up, because this is the first time I've written down something like this on the proverbial nearby napkin (or equivalent). I *always* carry at least 2 notebooks and several pens...in my backpack. But, since we were just going to grab a quick lunch and do a map run, I only had my mini-bag with me, not wanting to haul around the backpack. ::g::

Now, I only have to figure out why there'd be a football game held in June (exhibition game? fundraiser for uniforms/band equipment?)...and I suppose that I'll have to do some more research. Despite my long-term Texanity, and my somewhat unwilling partitipation in pep squad at one of my schools, my knowledge of football is extremely limited. Thank goodness I have friends that are more interested in sports than I am. Thanks to J's help, I know that one of the characters I'm going to introduce in this scene will need to be a running back (based on his size/build).

Words scribbled for the day, so I'm going to watch a movie then take a nap. Damned rain came back so I'm totally lethargic and feeling lazy. SUN, PLEASE!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


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