Feb. 28th, 2009

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A contest!
For whom?
For you!

Do you love Supernatural? Jared? Jensen? Sam'n'Dean? Metallicar?

Then you're in the right place.

Yours truly (that would be moi) will give away one (1) free (gratis!) copy of the brand new, just-on-the-shelves anthology In The Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural.

Why? Because (a) it's a fabulous anthology with (b) fantastic authors and (c) I have an essay in it (Another Roadside Attraction, page 237). (Yes, I will totally sign the book...or not, whichever the winner prefers)

The winner will be chosen totally at random from anyone who comments to this blog post answering the following questions: (I promise, there are no wrong answers!)

(A) In the last 3.5 seasons, what would you choose as your favorite episode and why (in 50 words or less).

(B) If you could create a new character in the Supernatural 'verse and (assuming you were an actor), play him/her on TV, who would the character be? Name, occupation and what role does this person play in the 'verse.

(C) What fabulous '80s song, blues song, jazz song, any song has *not* yet been part of the Supernatural soundtrack but utterly belongs there? (tell me the song title and artist)

(D) Dean? Sam? John? Someone else?

RULES: (yes, we have to have them)

(1) you must tell me who you are (be logged in to LJ, openID or, if you don't have an account, leave at least your first name and last initial in the post - so if you win, I can say Jane D or superfan, you've won!!

(2) You must answer all 4 questions.
[/end rules]

I will ship anywhere that can receive physical mail. Yes, that means outside the US and Canada. If you're waaaaaay far away from me, I may choose a slower postal service because, despite the impression that writers make tons of money, I am not rich. ::g::

So, answer away. Feel free to pimp this contest to all and sundry.

Contest closes at midnight (duh!) February 28, 2009.
All results are final.
No robots need apply.


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