Jan. 20th, 2009

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My note to Shrub on his exit: don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Only a FEW hours left!

I'm sitting in my DC area apartment (in Northern Virginia) listening to the helicopters traveling overhead, seeing the empty highway out my window (closed to traffic at 3:00 a.m. this morning), knowing that history is about to be made just a scant few miles north of me.

The crowds on TV are heartening. Watching Colin Powell on MSNBC: a class act! The Mall is amazing! Nothing but people everywhere. Families from all over traveling on a bus for hours and hours to come see our new President being sworn in. It's bloody freezing - 17F; wind chill makes it feel like 10F. But they are there.

(I'm not there because I am severely claustrophobic and a crowd of this size would probably make me insane...and not in a good way).

I'm there in spirit. I'm there in mind.

Today, for the first time in eight years, I have hope for the future of this country. I am so very happy and ecstatic that a young, vibrant, SMART person is about to lead us into a new age.
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  • 19:01 writing some more. Hopeful I'll get to a good place tonight. #
  • 19:38 Okay, in much better place. Today's count 2911. Just under 8k for the overall weekend. #
  • 08:16 Happy Inauguration Day! Home overlooks hwy. Weird to see N-bnd EMPTY. S-bnd nearly so. DC shut down for festivities. #
  • 10:50 Switched from TV to streaming. #
  • 10:56 So many people lining the streets. Lots of cops. The excitement is wonderful. #Inaug #inaug09 #
  • 11:08 Now I'm watching BCC live feed: tinyurl.com/73whl8 #
  • 11:20 So exciting. 40 more minutes! #inaug09 #
  • 11:22 Clintons arriving. #inaug09 #
  • 11:37 @FARfetched58 Yay! You can watch! #
  • 11:39 There he is! #
  • 11:44 And the crowd erupts! #inaug09 #
  • 11:47 CNN FAIL - too many people watching so now I'm queued. Staying with BBC. #inaug09 #
  • 11:49 VERY few applaud for Rick Warren. Not surprising. #inaug09 #
  • 11:54 GO ARETHA! #inaug09 #
  • 11:59 Vice President Joe Biden. FTW! #inaug09 #
  • 12:01 What a musical lineup! #inaug09 #
  • 12:05 w00t!!! Here we go! #inaug09 #
  • 12:06 President Barack Hussein Obama EPIC WIN!!! #inaug09 #
  • 12:11 is CELEBRATING! #
  • 12:19 @StaciaKane - yes, he can! His speech is smart, eloquent and to the point...*all* the points. #
  • 12:27 Brilliant speech, President Obama. Straight talking. Plain dealing. It's about damn time. Thank you! #inaug09 #
  • 12:33 And now, it's time to get the work begun. www.whitehouse.gov/ #
  • 12:51 Inaugural speech full text: tinyurl.com/9mm39n #
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