Jan. 8th, 2009

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You know that great book budget you're just itching to spend? Why not come down to Creatures'n'Crooks in Richmond and spend it there?

Help us save one of the best indy bookstores around.

More than 100 authors donated prizes that can be won all through the month of January and amazing stuff to be raffled off on the event day itself.

Meet some of your favorites, including yours truly!


The Event: Saturday, January 31st from 1-4. Come for books, sugar-laden treats, and door prizes.

Who’s Involved: In short, over one hundred authors from across the country contributed to the dozen fabulous raffle prizes to be given away on the 31st. This event will be the culmination of a month-long contest in which customers will earn a raffle ticket for every $25 they spend during the month of January. (This includes phone customers). Weekly prizes will also be given away. These prizes will include signed books from authors in the field of mystery, fantasy, horror, nonfiction, and children’s fiction.

The authors attending the January 31st event at the bookstore as of this date are Katherine Neville, Donna Andrews, Ellen Crosby, Maria Lima, Ellen Byerrum, Andy Straka, Joseph Guion, John Gilstrap, Austin S. Camacho, Maggie Stiefvater, and J.B Stanley.

We are also getting contributions from big names in our field, including a vampire basket from Charlaine Harris, a character donation from Margaret Maron, gold and sapphire earrings from Denise Swanson, a Carolyn Hart prize, a culinary basket including goodies from Joanne Fluke, a Tiffany necklace and much, much more.

Information about the benefit is posted on Creatures ‘n Crook’s website as well as the organizer’s website: www.jbstanley.com.

Please help us save this charming Virginia bookstore! Call or stop in today.


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